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Cosmic Visitors

Travis County (a)......................30'18' N., 97'42' W. Travis County, Texas, U.S.A. Found 1889 1962 Stone. Olivine-bronzite chondrite (H5), black. A piece of 2.5kg was found in 1889 , (a) . A detailed study of 52 meteorites recovered found two distinict meteorites. (a) is a H5 S4 W3 shock blackened chondrite repesented by 41 specimens with a total weight of 175 kg. Travis county (b) , a H4 S2 W3 chondrite with rare condritic clasts of H group parentage repesented by 11 specimens with a total weight of 5.9 kg.

  • (1) 168g polished endpiece @ $588.00