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Tristan and Isolde in Art

Tristan and Isolt by John Duncan

Isolde in Art

Beardsley, Aubrey (1893) "How La Belle Isoud Wrote to Sir Tristram"
Beardsley, Aubrey (1894) "La Belle Isoud at Joyous Gard"
Burne-Jones, Edward "The Attempted Suicide of La Bell Isoude"
Speed, Lancelot (1919) "Isolt With Tristram's Sword"

Tristan in Art

Beardsley, Aubrey (1893) "How Morgan le Fay Gave a Shield to Sir Tristram"
Brown, Ford Maddox "The Death of Tristram"
Burne-Jones, Edward "The Madness of Tristram"
Hughes, Arthur "The Birth of Tristram"
Rackham, Arthur "How Tristram Was Known by the Little Brachet in the Garden of King Mark's Castle"
Rhead, Louis "How Sir Tristram Rode Away to Tintagil"
Runkelstein, Schloss "Tristan Dispatches the Dragon"

Isolde and Tristan in Art

Artist Unknown "Tristan and Iseult"
Beardsley, Aubrey (1893) "How La Belle Isoud Nursed Sir Tristram"
Beardsley, Aubrey (1893) "How Sir Tristram Drank of the Love Drink"
Burne-Jones, Edward "The Marriage of Tristram and Isoude Les Blanches Mains"
Burne-Jones, Edward "The Tomb of Tristram and Isolde"
Duncan, John (1912) "Tristan and Isolt"
Leighton, Edmund Blair "Tristan and Isolt"
Meteyard, Sidney "Tristram and Isolde"
Morris, William "The Recognition of Tristram By La Belle Isoude"
Morris, William "Tristram and Isolde at King Arthur's Court"
Prinsep, Val "The Departure of Tristram and La Belle Isoude"
Rackham, Arthur "How Tristram and Isoud Drank the Love Drink"
Rhead, Louis "La Belle Isault"
Rhead, Louis "The Parting of Sir Tristram and la Belle Isault"
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (1862) "Tristram and Isoude Drink the Love Potion"
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (1867) "Tristram and Isolde Drinking the Love Potion"
Sleigh, Bernard (1896) "Tristram and Iseult"
Smith, John Moyr (1875) "Isolt"
Speed, Lancelot (1919) "Tristan and Isolt Drink the Love Potion"
Waterhouse, John (1916)"Tristram and Isolde"
Wyeth, N.C. "King Mark Slew Sir Tristram"
Wyeth, N.C. "Tristram and Isolde"

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