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Weird Gaming Experiences

You wanna hear some great strange, weird, and just plain stupid experiences?

Ok, I was doing my math homework when I was in the 4th grade. I had only just gotten a new Atari Jaguar, and I had Super Burnout, a bike racing game. I hadn't played it yet, and I was doing my math homework while the demo kept running over and over. Well, you know homework to be boring, and I can be easily distracted by anything. So, I got caught up in watching the demo. Over the racing track, some banners appeared. One set of banners said "Atari." One said, "Super Burnout." Big whoop. And then one said, "Do the Math." I got freaked out and finished my homework. Can you say, "Psychic Video Game?" (I recently found out that "Do The Math" was Atari's motto for the Jaguar. It's referring to the fact that the Jaguar was the first 64-bit system, compared to others such as the 32-bit Playstation. It doesn't seem so odd to me now, just coincidental.)

Ok, so me and my sister, who doesn't play video games often, were playing "Bubble Bobble" for the NES. It's one of the only games we ever played together. The first controller was kind of screwy, but it was working fine at the moment. Well, we were at the boss, who was extremely hard to beat. My sister died, but not before getting some good hits on the boss. Well, it was my last life, and I needed 3 more hits to win. Guess what? My controller just decided to fizz out in the middle of the battle! I attempted to unplug my controller and replace it with my sister's controller, but NO.....I have to die before I can make the switch! We never got to that point again.

Now these strange experiences come from my friends who decide to contribute their experiences to me, to be put here.

I was playing a game called Kirby for the regular nintendo (which this happened about 4 years ago) and my mom comes in and says wanna go to the mall. I kept saying no I'm in the middle of the game and she says fine really angry at me cause I promised her.So I start playing and I'm at the master and right before I'm about to kill him in the background it says keep your promise.I got real scared and the game freezed.I ran to my mom's car and told her I'm sorry and when I got back home and tried to play again there was a glitch in the game that kept sayin good good good. I was so freaked out I threw the game away.

Contributed by Cloud Strife (

ok got a werid fluke in ff3 that i so wish i could do again and again lol. i was just about half way threw the game before the world of ruin and was in a wooded area on the world map and the screen flashed which caused me to reset the game so i did and restarted from where i last saved, the odd thing was the character on the map was neon and i had 99 of every item in the game, i am saying relics weapons armor everything... i would give anything to do that again lmao it was awesome and i dont know what the heck i did but was cool anyway lol.

Contributed by Scott (

One time when playing real early in the morn., I was gaining experience in the dinosaur forest. The one battle the game freaked, some of my party half dissapeared, they became confused and some had a count down over their heads, but the best was one of my party members became General Leo. I could not control his attacks but he was attacking. Also when I checked my inventory I had 99 of everything. I woke up my friend to show him, and called Nintendo hotline, but they had no idea what I was talking about. My buddy was jealous of my inventory, and when I (finally) turned off the game and reloaded it Leo was gone. It only happen the once, but I wish I could do it agian.

Contributed by Jude Cowan (