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Tips and Tricks

These are mine, unless specified otherwise.

This doesn't work unless you have a turbo controller. At the beginning of the game, go through as usual, until you get to the first save point in the game. Save, and do not save again. Go through until you reach the Lete River at the Returner Hideout. After the first save point, (remember, don't save!) you'll have a choice of going up or left. It's automatically set to go up, so set your turbo accordingly. After making sure the cursor in the config mode is on memory, have Edgar use AutoCrossbow, Terra fight, Banon use health, and Sabin die, since he takes up exp. Leave it on overnight or as long as you need to get to LV.99. When you think you are, kill yourself. You should end up in the mines, still at lv.99. After receiving all your other characters, you'll notice that as soon as you get them, they'll be at LV.99!

At the Magitek Factory, where all the tubes are before you fight the guy that uses WallChange, look under the last tube on the bottom. You'll get a Break Blade!

For a second Memento Ring, search the wall behind the table and chairs in the second floor of Strago's and Relm's house.

To save Shadow at the Floating Continent, head for the airship when the timer begins. When you get there, choose wait. When there are only 5 seconds left, Shadow will appear. Then, in the WOR, go to the cave in the Veldt and rescue him. Then go to the colliseum and bet the Striker you found. You'll fight Shadow. When you beat him, he'll join you permanently.

At the clock in Zozo, the time is 6:10:50.

To kill bosses and enemys alike, cast Vanish, then Doom or X-zone.

To get the Paladin Shield, get the Cursed Shield and wear it for 255 battles. Note: Equip the Ribbon to counter all effects except Condemned.

To kill Kefka instantly, throw the AtmaWeapon at him.

To double Umaro's strength, equip him with a Gauntlet.

To get the Moogle Charm, find Mog in Narshe and check the spot behind him.

To get Mog's Mithril Pike and Shield early, in the 3-way battle to save Terra, de-equip Mog from the equip screen. You can't de-equip the other moogles though.
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When you are in the returner's hideout for the first time, you'll find a scrap of paper on the table. Leave it there for a short funny scene.
Called to my attention by Chris Gibson (again!Thanx buddy!)

Equip both the Offering and the Genji Glove and your character will attack 8 times, 4 with each hand.

Similar to the above, you can equip the Offering and the ThiefGlove to Locke and then when he uses the CAPTURE command he'll attempt to steal 4 times

You can have Locke steal from the creatures on the Solitary Island. Of course you have to do it before they self destruct. The Peepers have Elixirs and the EarthGuards have Megalixirs.

You can have Locke still from the Aquilas in the Phoenix cave and you may get an Economizer. Very hard to do though...

In the forest shaped like a dragon's head to the north of the Veldt you may run into Brachosaur. They leave Econimizers once in a while when you beat them. This forest is also a good spot to raise levels (especially with the experience egg). I call this place Jurassic park)

Intangirs and Flans have Magicite that Locke can steal.

Once Locke has the Thief Glove have him attempt to Capture from everything. Lots of times he'll just steal stuff like Tonics and Potions, but other times he'll steal stuff like Elixirs, Magicites, and Relics.

Any undead monster can be killed instantly with a Revivify, a Fenix Down or a Life spell.

Cast DOOM on a party member wearing the Relic Ring to heal that member's HPS to their MAX.

You can defrost a frozen party member with a FIRE spell.

Having a different lead character when using a tent will change the tent's color and the banner or symbol on the center pole.
Setzer, Shadow, & Cyan - light blue tent with a cross (or something) on top
Celes, Sabin, & Edgar - green tent with crown on top
Terra- purple tent with bow on top
Locke- orange tent with boomerang (or moon)on top
Gau, Gogo, Strago, & Relm - orange tent with star-like thing on top

Equip both the Ragnarok esper and the Paladin Shld to learn Ultima twice as fast as normal (Ultima * 2).

Use relics that normally prevent a status ailment to cure them. (i.e. equip an Amulet which prevent poison to cure a poisoned party member).

Equip the Cure Ring to counteract the effects of the Thornlet.

Equip Gau with the Merit Award to make the attacks of his rages stronger.