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From random sources on the internet.

I've heard there is a way to revive General Leo. One way is to take Edgar and Relm to Zozo in the WOR. Fight 4 gabbledegaks, vanish one, and sketch it. The screen will glitch, and Edgar will turn into Leo. (Note: I have actually tried this. Edgar did indeed turn into Leo, but I was unable to act or run away. I was forced to reset the SNES, and my save file was erased. Sources state that there is a 10% chance of the game deleting ALL 3 files if you try this, so try it with caution if you're not using an emulator.) Another way is to fight 4,000 battles in the dinosaur forest and you'll fight a weird monster. If you kill it, you get a potion you can use on Leo's grave to revive him. It's supposed to change the ending, but I think it's bullshit. Still, it's a rumor, and I'm not willing to sit through 4,000 battles, so it goes here.

Could Siegfried be Baram, Shadow's old partner in crime? In the cave to South Figaro, he goes ahead and takes all the treasure! Maybe it's Gogo in disguise, since Siegfried thinks someone's been imitating him. Oh well.
Sent in by Chris Gibson(

Maybe Gogo is really Daryl? I don't have proof, yet it seems to just fit. Maybe the Falcon crashed on Triangle Island and she was eaten by a Zone Eater. You never know.
Also sent in by Chris Gibson

If you get all the Espers (this includes transforming Odin into Raiden), have all the characters, keep Cid alive, and have all the Paladin equipment, then supposedly you'll get a secret ending. (Note: Lies and slander. Been there, done that, SAME ENDING.)

Apparently the Paladin Ring DOES exist, but there is no confirmed way to find it and it was also taken out of versions released after November 31, 1994. Unless you got one of the first releases, your cartridge doesn't have it. Later versions of the game replaced the Paladin Ring entirely with the Hero Ring. If you can get a Hero Ring, you can't get a Paladin Ring.