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Esper Locations and Spells

Espers are magical beings, each wielding their own strengths. Only when they are turned to magicite can their power be transferred in full. Magicite is what is left of them when they pass away. The adventure begins when the empire takes the powers of espers and uses them to control and conquer the world....
Esper : location - spells taught


Ramuh: Zozo - Bolt x10, Bolt2 x2, Poison x5
Siren: Zozo - Mute x8, Sleep x10, Slow x7, Fire x6
Kirin: Zozo - Cure x5, Cure2 x1, Regen x3, Antdot x4, Scan x5
Stray: Zozo - Muddle x7, Imp x5, Float x2
Ifrit: Magitek Factory - Fire x10, Fire2 x5, Drain x1
Shiva: Magitek Factory - Ice x10, Ice2 x5, Cure x3, Rasp x4, Osmose x4
Shoat: Magitek Factory - Bio x8, Break x5, Doom x2
Phantom: Magitek Factory - Bserk x3, Demi x5, Vanish x3
Carbunkl: Magitek Factory - Rflect x5, Haste x3, Shell x2, Safe x2, Warp x2
Bismarck: Magitek Factory - Fire x20, Ice x20, Bolt x20, Life x2
Unicorn: Magitek Factory - Remedy x3, Dispel x2, Cure2 x4, Safe x1, Shell x1
Maduin: Magitek Factory - Fire2 x3, Ice2 x3, Bolt2 x3

Espers in Both Worlds

Golem: Jidoor, in Auction House - Safe x5, Stop x5, Cure2 x5
Zoneseek: Jidoor, in Auction House - Shell x5, Rasp x20, Osmose x15
Sraphim: Tzen for 3000 GP in WOB, 1 in WOR - Cure x20, Cure2 x8, Remedy x4, Life x5, Regen x10


Tritoch: Narshe - Fire3 x1, Ice3 x1, Bolt3 x1
Terrato: Narshe - WWind x1, Quake x3, Quartr x1
Starlet: Jidoor - Cure x25, Cure2 x16, Cure3 x1, Remedy x20, Regen x20
Palidor: Solitary Island (Cid's Home) - Haste2 x2, Slow2 x2, Float x5, Haste x20, Slow x20
Alexander: Cyan's Dream (Doma Castle, take a nap)- Pearl x2, Shell x10, Safe x10, Dispel x10, Remedy x15
Phoenix: Phoenix Cave - Life x10, Life2 x2, Life3 x1, Cure3 x2, Fire3 x3
Odin: Ancient Castle - Meteor x1
Raiden: Ancient Castle (go into secret basement; turns Odin into Raiden)- Quick x1
Crusader: Beat all 8 Dragons - Meteor x10, Merton x1
Ragnarok: Narshe - Ultima x1
Fenrir: Mobliz - X-Zone x5, Warp x10, Stop x3
Bahamut: Kill Doom Gaze - Flare x2