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Walk It Off!!!

Fitness walking is one of today's most popular exercises. It's a great way to reduce stress and shed pounds. Walking is easy to do and easy to stick with. Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced walker, get expert advice to boost your workouts to the next level!

You might want to try intensifying your workouts with interval training, where you alternate between fast and slower speeds or walk at various inclines. Another walking tip is to keep your hipbones facing forward and allow your upper body to swivel. This twisting action happens at the waist, so keep your abdominals firm and you'll feel the movement stretching your back. Focus on swinging your arms back, parallel to the ground, with every step. This technique can be helpful in eliminating the need to use hand weights.
Walking and running are both excellent ways to get an aerobic workout. Walking is ideal for people just starting to exercise and is easier on the joints. You can still get an energetic workout from walking, especially if you incorporate hills and stairs or carry light hand-weights during your walk. You can progress to walk/jogging as you get stronger. Always remember to wear supportive shoes made especially for the activity, and to drink plenty of water throughout the walk.

Why Walk Fast? Many people are happy walking at a comfortable, easy pace. While there are many health benefits to walking easy, there are special benefits to picking up the pace. 1. More distance covered in the same time: Whether your walking workout is around your neighborhood or on non-competitive 10K walks, you can save time walking faster while still burning the calories. In today's busy world, this can mean you take your walk instead of skipping it due to other commitments. 2. More calories burned over same distance: The racewalk technique uses more muscles than easy walking, so you burn 1.5 - 2 times as many calories over the same distance. 3. Build and tone muscles: By using those muscles, you are building hungry muscles which will burn more calories each day whether they are in use or not. Eat more, weigh less - a food lover's dream. You also tone your muscles for a sleeker body shape - racewalking exercises the glutes, thighs, hips, shoulders, upper back and abs. No, you aren't going to get musclebound - racewalking stretches out the muscles for that great long, lean line. BACK TO HOME PAGE
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