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Introduction to Walking Ideas!

Introduction to Walking Ideas!

Walking' the calories away. Expert say a simple, steady peace may be the best exercise. Walking is the most popular exercise in America, and with good reason. It's very easy, it's convenient and it's natural. The main benefit is convenience.The low-impact activity makes walking an excellent exercise for beginners. Walking 20-30 min.a day just three times every week can yeild enormous benefits for your body, especially when combined with healthy eating. Walking also strengthens the bones,tones muscle,fosters weight loss and helps your sleep better. It decreases stress and tension.WALKING WISELY....once your have the right attire and right attitude, approaching walking wisely to get an effect workout. Start slow, walking with your back straight... walk with a partner our by yourself.. walking can be fun...


Walking Together..Today, create a positive experience for those with whom you come into contact.

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