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Marriages - Book First, Town of Corinth Maine
Groom     Last Name Groom      First Name Grooms    Town Bride        Last Name Bride       First Name Brides      Town Bans Posted  Wedding Date Comments Page number
Adams James Exeter Eddy Caroline Corinth 6/11/1824 Pg 148
Atkins Joshua Exeter Prescot Susan Corinth 9/9/1817 1/27/1818 Joseph Lulb, Preacher of Gospebin, Exeter Pg 117
Ball Reuben Lieut Corinth Pearsons Betsy Corinth 12/19/1812 1/2/1813 Joined in marriage by Nathan Champlin, Elder Pg 102
Bean Thomas Levant Hammonds Eliza Corinth 7/27/1819 Pg 126
Bean William Captain Corinth Bradley Betsey New Charleston 6/8/1821 pg 135
Bickmore Isaac Newport Ireland Clarissa Corinth 6/7/1821 Joined by William Bean Justice of the Peace Pg 138
Bradley Levi New Charleston Pa?? Margaret Corinth 2/22/1822 Joined by William Bean Justice of the Peace Pg 138
Bragdon Aaron Corinth Jackson Abigail Corinth 7/9/1823 Pg 140
Brown Lot R. Exeter Barker Judith Exeter 10/18/1818 Joined by Isaac Hodsdon Justice of the Peace Pg 128
Campbell Collin Corinth Perkins Mary Eddington 5/12/1817 6/6/1817 Pg 116
Campbell Samuel Corinth Eddy Olive Corinth 4/224/1829 5/10/1820 Pg 129
Carlisle John Plantation N2 Rogers Polly Kittery 1/7/1814 1/21/1814 Pg 106
Caten Samuel Corinth Morse Polly Livermore 8/2/1818 Pg 120/ 123
Chase Daniel  New Charleston Low Catharine W. New Charleston 12/23/1824 Joined by Stephen Dexter Pg 158
Chase Daniel Jr. Lieut Planataion No2 Range 6 Gregory Sarah Noyes Corinth 11/1/1818 12/3/1818 Joined by Isaac Hodsdon Justice of the Peace Pg 123/ 124/128
Clark Jonathan Levant Fleishman Eliza Corinth 1/11/1824 Pg 144
Crocker Jacob Corinth Dennets Mehetabel Bangor 6/12/1818 Pg 119/ 122
Crocker Lee Corinth Whittier Betsey P. Corinth 10/19/1827 Pg 169
Currier Ephraim Corinth Morrells Hannah Cornville 1/28/1819 Pg 125
Dexter Stephen Corinth Pearson Ploomy Corinth 7/25/1824 9/5/1824 Joined by Stephen Dexter Pg 150/158
Dexter Stephen Jr. Corinth Sargent Plooma Corinth 3/11/1827 4/4/1827 Nathan Herrick, Justice of Peace Pg 168/170
Dyer Benjamin Corinth Lowell Anna China 11/27/1825 China in the County of Kennebec Pg 161
Dyer Joshua Corinth Mitchell Deborah Corinth 3/30/1826 Joined by Stephen Dexter Pg 165
Eddy Jonathan Corinth Morrill Eliza Cornville 1/30/1825 Pg 154
Evans Benjamin Exeter Oak Nancy Exeter 6/24/1817 Joined by Andrew Strong Pg 118
Fifield Edward Garland Budge Catharine Corinth 7/4/1811 Pg 102
Fisk Elijah Levant Wheeler Mary Corinth 5/8/1821 Pg 134
Fleishman Abraham Corinth Blasidell Susannah Corinth 9/5/1824 Pg 151
Founde? Phinehas Corinth Peterson Patience Corinth 2/8/1823 Joined by William Bean Justice of the Peace Pg 139
Grant John Corinth Mayhew Mehetabel Corinth 3/29/1813 4/16/1813 Pg 103
Gregory Josiah Jr. Corinth Pearson Miriam Corinth 11/11/1820 The annexed certificate was never delievered, the bans of matrimony was forbidden by Ms.Pearsons ?? Father. Pg 133
Hatch Silas Bangor Gregory Charity Mansfield Corinth 11/20/1814 Pg 109
Haynes Nathaniel Bangor Pearson Miriam W. Corinth 10/31/1824 See page 133 Pg 152
Haynes Spencer Swanville Pearson Hannah Corinth 5/22/1825 Pg 159
Heaten James Corinth Nowel Jane Corinth 8/28/1820 Pg 132
Hicks William H. Exeter Walker Betsey Exeter 11/30/1826 Elijah Skinner Justice of Peace, Exeter Pg 170
Hill Henry Exeter Tibbets Hannah Corinth 8/7/1818 8/30/1818 Joined by Isaac Hodsdon Justice of the Peace Pg 121
Houston Samuel Corinth Gregory Charity   Corinth 2/8/1817 2/13/1817 Joined by Andrew Strong Pg 114
Huntting Ebennezer Corinth Stevens Susanna Sutton N.H. 1/1/1814 2/8/1814 Joined in marriage by Nathan Champlin, Elder Pg 105/111
Huntting Joseph N. Corinth Wheeler Harriet Corinth 7/25/1824 10/24/1824 Joined by Stephen Dexter Pg 149/158
Inman Mory Corinth Clark Sally Corinth 11/6/1814 11/20/1814 Pg 108/109
Inman Rufus Corinth Mayhew Betsy Jacksontown 3/17/1812 4/2/1812 Join in marriage by Moses Hodsdon, Justice of the Peace Pg 101/104
Jackson Herman S. Corinth Huntting Oliva Corinth 3/15/1824 3/25/1824 Joined by Stephen Dexter Pg 145/157
Lambert Ebenezer Plantation No 2, Range 6 Towers Sally Corinth 7/14/1818 Pg 120/ 122
Leavitt Thomas C. Levant Robinson Elizabeth Jane Corinth 8/7/1825 Pg 160
Mayhew Nathaniel Corinth Inman Sally Corinth 3/14/1816 3/28/1816 Pg 111
Miller Timothy Exeter Peabody Sally Exeter `10/4/1818 Joined by Isaac Hodsdon Justice of the Peace Pg 128
Moulton Alonzo Exeter Prescot Priscilla Corinth 11/1/1824 12/2/1824 Joined by Stephen Dexter Pg 153/158
Ourffs William Corinth Minks Hannah Corinth 5/27/1820 Pg 131
Pearson Thomas J. Corinth Robinson Hannah M. Dover 2/27/1825 Pg 155
Powers James Corinth Jackman Hannah Garland 3/12/1814 3/26/1814 Pg 107
Pratt Jacob Newport Burrell Mary L Corinth 11/8/1917 1/5/1818 Pg 117
Prescot Simon Corinth Clark Margaret Bangor 4/17/1825 Pg 156
Robinson Bradbury Jr. Corinth Tibbets Sophia B. Corinth 10/28/1826 Pg 167
Simpson George Lieut Corinth Tibbets Priscilla Jacksontown 12/13/1818 Pg 125
Simpson Rufus Corinth Blavor Nancy Corinth 12/16/1811 Pg 102
Spooner Lewis Sangerville Campbell Susanna Corinth 6/25/1821 Pg 136
Steele John Corinth Gregory Melatiah Corinth 4/3/1817 4/17/1817 pg 114/115
Stevens Oliver Corinth Simpson Ruth Corinth 10/16/1813 11/7/1813 Joined in marriage by Andrew Strong Pg 104/105/108
Sweet John Corinth Wheeler Eunice G. Corinth 2/8/1826 2/26/1826 Joined by Stephen Dexter Pg 162
Sylvester Joseph Corinth Staples Mary Corinth 1/9/1814 2/24/1814 Joined in marriage by Andrew Strong Pg 106/107/108
Taylor Eben Corinth Knowles Mary Hampden 3/1/1815 3/14/1815 Pg 110
Tozier John Brewer Gregory Wealthy L. Corinth 9/25/1819 12/9/1819 Joined by Isaac Hodsdon Justice of the Peace/ Mr. Tozier is from Plantation No 8 adjoining Brewer Pg 127/129
Tozier Richard L. Corinth Tozier Hannah Corinth 4/29/1824 5/24/1824 Joined by Stephen Dexter Pg 147/157
Tozier William Corinth Gregory Mary Corinth 1/9/1825 Pg 154
Wheeler Jacob Corinth Bragdon Abigail Corinth 5/30/1821 Pg 134
Whitney Ephraim Ens. Corinth Skinner Nancy Corinth 5/5/1826 5/28/1826 Joined by Stephen Dexter Pg 171
Williams Joseph Corinth Corinth 7/27/1818 Pg 120
Worthen David Corinth Crane Louisanna Corinth 10/19/1823 11/20/1823 Joined by William Bean Justice of the Peace Pg 141/146
Worthen Jonathan Corinth Oakman Elmira Corinth 8/9/1823 11/3/1823 Joined by William Bean Justice of the Peace/ her name also spelled Almira Pg 141/146
Young John Corinth Rothe Sophronia Guilford 5/15/1818 Pg 119

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