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Simpson Cemetery
Corinth, Maine
Penobscot County
Complied by Sharon Buswell & Norman Buswell, October 27, 2000
Surname Given Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription Veteran
Bean William, Esq 10/17/1820 34yrs.
Bean Hannah Jane 08/30/1827 1yr.5mos.12dys Dau. Of Wm. & Betsey Bean
Bean Betsey 01/10/1845 His Widow (William)
Clark* Percillas 08/10/1836 60yrs.
Clark* Nancy 03/28/183? His Wife (Percillas)
Cole* Robert 1831 45yrs.11mos.
Freese* Nancy C. 12/14/1819 02/15/1819 Dau. Of Gorden & Hannah Fresse
Freese* Warren 1846 22yrs.6mos
Gerry* Ella A. Preble 04/09/1822 21yrs. Wife of Henry E. Gerry
Haines Abbie Children of G. & E.W. Haines
Haines Josephine Children of G. & E.W. Haines
Haines Ella   Children of G. & E.W. Haines
Haines Eugenie Children of G. & E.W. Haines
Johnson G.O. Co.H., 11th Maine Infantry Civil War
Leavitt Ephraim 06/15/1846 77yrs
Mayo* Joel 09/15/1841 41yrs.
Mayo* Debra 05/21/1864 59yrs.9mos. His Wife (Joel)
Oakman Prudence Widow of Isaac Oakman
Oakman Isaac 11/09/1846 77yrs
Peabody William, Dr. 12/14/1857 89yrs.11mos.4dys.
Peabody Sarah 03/17/1826 ?? Wife of Dr.William Peabody
Peabody Lucy 03/11/1871 85yrs.9mos.15dys. Wife of Dr.William Peabody
Prible* Edward 03/10/1870 46yrs. Children of Edward & Clara Prible
Prible* Emma F. 08/16/1884 35yrs. Children of Edward & Clara Prible
Prible* Frank E. 04/14/1880 27yrs. Children of Edward & Clara Prible
Prible* Ida J. 12/03/1860 5yrs. Children of Edward & Clara Prible
Simpson* Charles
Simpson* Sally 04/12/1828 25yrs. His Wife (Charles)
Simpson* Sophia A. 12/22/1842 26yrs. His Wife (Charles)
Simpson* Elizabeth 10/21/1853 47yrs. His Wife (Charles)
Simpson* Daniel 04/08/1864 86yrs.7mos.
Simpson* Abigail 02/19/1862 83yrs.8mos.
Simpson Timothy 02/04/1836 32yrs.
Simpson Humility 01/24/1862 59yrs. Widow of Timothy Simpson
Spooner* Wing 10/26/1797 04/06/1863
Wyman Hannah Moody Bean 03/31/1808 04/16/1857 49yrs.15dys. Wife of Charles Wyman
There are approximately 24 fieldstones with no markings.
*  denotes names taken from 1972 survey done by Irene Russell & Kay Jackson but stones are currently missing.

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