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Corinthian Cemetery A-Bk

Corinthian Cemetery Bl-Bz

Corinthian Cemetery C

Corinthian Cemetery D

Corinthian Cemetery E-H

Corinthian Cemetery I-Q

Corinthian Cemetery R-Z

Perhaps you would like to cross reference your findings here with some of the Town of Corinth Early Vital Records?

Marriages Book 1
Births and Deaths Book 1




relict = the woman was a widow at the time of her death.

consort = the woman died before her husband died.

cenotaph = an empty grave with the stone erected in honor or memory of a person buried elsewhere -- often erected in honor of a person lost at sea.

G.A.R. = Grand Army of the Republic. A political organization of Civil War Union Soldiers. They held annual encampments and had various decorations to wear.

V.D.M. = verbi die minister - Minister of the Word of God

W.O.W. = Woodmen of the World. The upright tree stump markers are typical of the type of gravestone used by this fraternity.

Tombstone Carvings and Their Meanings

Anchors and Ships -- Hope or Seafaring profession

Arches -- Victory in Death

Arrows -- Mortality

Bouquets/flowers -- condolences, grief, sorrow

Broken Column -- Loss of head of family

Broken Ring -- Family circle severed

Buds/Rosebud -- Morning of life or renewal of life

Bugles -- Resurrection and the military

Butterfly -- Short-lived; early death

Candle being snuffed -- Time, mortality

Cherub -- Angelic

Corn -- Ripe old age

Cross -- Emblem of faith

Crossed Swords -- High-ranking military person

Darts -- Mortality

Doves -- The Soul, purity, innocence, affection, gentleness

Father Time -- Mortality, The Grim Reaper

Flowers -- Brevity of early existence, sorrow

Flying Birds -- Flight of the soul

Fruits -- Eternal plenty

Full-Blown Rose -- Prime of life

Garlands -- Victory in death

Hands of God Chopping -- Sudden death

Handshakes -- Farewell to earthly existence

Harp -- Praise to the Maker

Hearts -- Soul in bliss or love of Christ

Horns -- The Resurrection

Hourglass -- Swiftness of time

Hourglass w/Wings of Time -- Time flying; short life

Imps -- Mortality

Ivy -- Friendship and immortality

Lamb -- Innocence

Laurel -- Fame or victory

Lily or Lily of Valley -- Emblem of innocence and purity

Morning Glory -- Beginning of life

Oak Leaves & Acorn -- Maturity, ripe old age

Open Book/Bible -- Deceased teacher, minister, etc.

Palm Branch -- Signifies victory and rejoicing

Picks and Shovels -- Mortality

Poppy - Sleep

Portals -- Passageway to eternal journey

Roses -- Brevity of earthly existence

Sheaf of Wheat -- Ripe for harvest, divine harvest time

Shells -- Pilgrimage of life

Stars & Stripes around Eagle -- Eternal vigilance, liberty

Suns -- The Resurrection

Thistles -- Remembrance

Tombs -- Mortality

Torch Inverted -- Life extinct

Trees -- Life

Tree Stump w/Ivy -- Head of Family; immortality

Trumpeters -- Heralds of the Resurrection

Urn with Blaze -- Undying friendship

Urn with Wreath/or Crepe -- Mourning

Weeping Willow -- Emblem of sorrow

Willows -- Eternal sorrow

Winged Effigies -- Flight of the soul

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