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Suzanna's Story

In my process to get Suzanna taken care of and hopefully to prevent someone else from experiencing what we have, I decided to share our story, the process, what I have learned, {and wish I knew then what I know now} as well as share sources to get help.


Unfortunately I am still in the process and all letters or related experiences are MY exerience as I believed it happened.
All the events are true, the names however have been changed to protect the innocent---Suzanna and me!
{this isn't a legal document or statement}

  First-- Documentation!! I don't think I can stress this enough! And do it early, right after the event sit and write down all you can remember. If someone went with you, ask them to review, and add what they remember. This link will take you to the page of the detailed narrative of Suzanna's visit at the clinic.

  Suzanna's injury

From Suzanna's Photo Album

I will be adding some more photos of her paralyzed,
much more traumatic {at least for me!}
Suzanna when she was paralyzed
This is when I was paralyzed, I couldn't walk for about 2 months. I can walk now but sometimes I don't walk very good, and other times I can chase Governor all through the house. When I fall over I just get up and go again.
Suzanna looking cute!
Mom said even though I was paralyzed I looked cute. I can walk now. My legs where in front of me, I couldn't make them work. I just dragged them, but mostly mom' carried me, My doctor didn't want me to drag them around.
Suzanna Streching
This is another favorite picture of my mom's. This was just after she got her new blazer. This picture was before my injury. I cant do this now.
Suzanna totally paralyzed in hind legs and tail, draging her back end.
{It still breaks my heart to see this photo ~Mom}


I started at the Better Business Bureau and ended up at the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiner's. The process is that you must file a complaint {fill out a form} before the Examiner can even talk to you. Just because you file a "complaint" doesn't mean that a case will be opened, unless they feel you have a case. I have read different stories on the internet about State Examiner's, and I feel lucky that mine is a very good man that cares about the animals. I have kept him informed of everything, and sending him copies of everything...another way to document your case.

The Board of Veterinary Medical Examiner's is to protect the people and their animals of the state. This State agency is usually located in the State capital of your state. Many BVME are having web sites now. I have included my state's so you can take a look. It has much good information.
Oklahoma Board of Veterinary Mediical Examiner's

These are the Associations for the Veterinarians, and many Vets get there insurance from them. I am up to the level of the AVMA, and dont know yet how fair they are. But the contact I have had has been very unpleasant. They are similar to the AMA. They are for the most part a "club for the Vets" and "to protect the Vet, & consider complaints, also have a trust fund to pay people that have valid claims.
???But WHO decides your claim is valid???

It continues to be quite confusing who is who at this organization. And to explain what it feel like to deal with them I quote from the "AVMA Mission Statement"....."The Association is the authorized voice for the profession in presenting its views owners.." "The membership represents over 80% of the active veterinarians in the United States." "The AVMA is a nonprofit national association of veterinarians" They tried to tell me they are fair and open to find the truth.  

  American Veterinary Medical Association

This one I am told is basically a labor union for the Vets. A state level of the AVMA.

Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association


Did you know that in the 1960's
before child abuse laws we have now,
that a case was tried using the animal abuse laws to protect an abused child???
Maybe it is time to update the Animal Abuse laws??
Or use the child abuse laws to protect our "companions" and our streetkitties?
*Just a thought*


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June 7, 2000