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Mr Kool Kat
sunbeam south

Welcome to my page. My name is Governor. My current job is seeking sunbeams, and to welcome all humans to the studio. I specialize in sleeping. I am a model, for the Mr. Cool Cat designs. Modeling is very hard work because you have to lay there and not move a whisker for long periods of time.

Now I am sure you are wondering just how I got my name. Well it's abit of a sorted tale. You see one day I was just hanging out on the street corner, minding my own business {watching the kitties go by} when this truck came wheeling by, SCREECHING to a stop in front of me. A very large man got out and scooped me up and tossed me in the back of this jailhouse on wheels! Off to jail I went. Man I tell you I was framed! { you know to some humans we orange tabbies all look alike!!!}

The trial was a joke. They said I had 3 days and then it was the gas chamber for me!!! Oh man I was desperate. I was framed I tell you, what is wrong with a cat just hanging out on the corner I ask you? Well this lady shows up, {she's my mom now} and I give her my most pleading look, I promise I will be a great cat for her. She said I wasnt her cat that was lost. I felt my heart sink. I really give her my most desperate look ever. She said she'd think about it. I only had 2 days left!! On the last day, she shows up again. She says she will take me!! I am saved from the gas chamber!

She is told she is like the Governor- giving me a reprieve. Well someone desides that would be a good name for me. Heck after being saved from the gas chanber I dont care what they call me. As long as they call me for DINNER!!

Now if you have read Suzanna's page I know she said she chases me....well the truth is I LEAD her! But you know how girls are, especially when they are your sister. You just have to let them believe what they want believe. And as for me being FAT...well I'm just a BIG guy!! I'm not lazy...I just know how to conserve energy. I don't know where they got the idea to call me "thunderbutt" as a nick name. I mean when I got tearing through the house leading Suzanna somehow things just fall over! It's another one of those frame jobs! Well I'm going sign off now I'm in need of a nap. And I think my mom is gonna tell you something about me.



Governor is such a sweet cat. I rescued him from the local animal shelter. He's one of those cats that kind of grow on you. He's very social. Governor and Suzanna are best buddies. After she was injured (see Suzanna's page for her story) and I brought her home from the hospital, it took awhile before they were close again. It was like Governor was respecting Suzanna's injury. However he did stay in the same room with her a lot.

One day when I had taken Suzanna outside which she loves so much, we were just sitting by the porch on the grass, when here comes Governor running up with a mouse in his mouth. Now Gov can barely catch a mouse much less know what to do with it then he sat it down in front of Suzi, and sat back and watched her play with it. You see Suzi is the mouser in the family. I thought that was so cute and sweet of him to do that for her. I guess just so I wouldn't think it was a fluke he did it again the next week.

I have had Governor for 14 years now. He is a joy in my life. When you are getting a cat, I would encourage you to contact your local animal rescue organization. I am including below a link of a wonderful group that I am involved in that is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to shelter cats, who have no one to care for them. They use foster homes until a permanent home can be found.

October 2005

It has been awhile since I have updated Govy's webpage. After being together for 15 years, Govy lost his feline companion- Miss Suzanna. She went to Rainbow Bridge, then we got Toby who is quite a silly boy. He helped Govy and soon Govy was on top of the futon!

See some photos of Toby and Govy sleeping together, playing, and I' ll be adding more. Please use your back button to return.

So, for several months Toby and Govy played and slept together. I am happy that Govy has had this time with Toby. However, 3 years ago Govy became diabetic. It seems that he isn't doing very well these last weeks. Since May when we lost Miss Suzanna, Govy has lost 2½-3 lbs. He was always a big guy (not really fat) and weighed 16+ lbs. Now he is down to 10 lbs, and when I give him his insulin shot (2 times/day) I feel less of him all the time. He has had a good life, considering when I brought him home he was 2 years old and scheduled to be put to sleep that very day. I feel sad, I know he won't be here (physically) much longer, I always knew Miss Suzanna and her Governor would both go close together. I feel good he has had 15 more years of a good, warm, happy life because I rescued him from our City Pound.

Well that's it for now, but please see the stained glass below, and come back as I add more to his pages of adventures and stories I am gathering as I clean my web stuff.

aka Governor's mom



November 1, 2005

    Been working with Companions Forever on future details for Govy. I have it worked out that the same people who took care of Miss Suzanna will also take care of Govy, except he is going to be at their memory wall. I don't know when his Spirit/ Soul is going to the Bridge to be with his Miss Suzanna. I know he will be in good paws. My Princess will take good care in helping him go through the transition. He will probably find somewhere he can snooze that is close to the food. As he always told Suz, "I was born to sleep!" And she just wanted to run, play, hunt, and then lay in the sunshine.

Toby has been kinda crazy today. I guess he feels something is happening. He won't leave Govy alone, I gave him some Bach Flowers and he is sleeping inches away from Govy, who has been keeping both of us at a distance last 2 weeks or so.

We got Govy's appointment changed to 4:00 pm today. I am sure Toby is feeling my anxiety that I may be having to tell Govy Good-bye today!

November 2, 2005

Governor, has earned his name once again!

He got a "reprieve" one more time!

Yep!! Governor is still here..... and btw that is how he got that name.

It was the Vet who loves him dearly that suggested we do bloodwork first. She loves him dearly. It was just breaking my heart to watch his get thinner and thinner. He has lost from 12 1/2 down to 9 3/4lbs since Suz went to the Bridge May 21. And a whole pound in the last month, last 2 weeks not interested in playing with Toby.... he never HISSED at him before. Plus vomiting almost daily which has added to stress on both of us. She gave him a nausea medicine at the office on Nov. 1st. He was calmer all evening, was hungry, ate and it stayed down. Since she didn't have any suggestion of a nausea medicine that I could give by injection. So I gave him the homeopathic "nux vomica" for the nausea & throwing up. Also "Ignatia amara" for grieving" which I put in baby food. This he really loves, licks the bowl clean!! Then an hour later gave him his dinner. This has worked for 2 days. He appears to be feeling better.

As of Sunday Nov 6th, he hasn't thrown up at all! He even appears to have put some weight back on!! He has started acting like his old self. It seems that he has been grieving for Miss Suzanna, then Toby arrived, his grieving slowed, but his physical activity increased. All that meant he lost over 3 pounds, or 25% of his weight. When you are diabetic and your weight changes, your medicine either pills, or insulin has to be adjusted. So it seems to be the answer at this time. I'm diabetic, and it eludes me why I didn't think of that! Dr. Robin, his Vet is a very good Vet. I am glad she got me to listen to her or Governor would have gone to Rainbow Bridge last week.

Please check back here, since I am switching to a computer from web tv, thus it will be easier to update you here. I may even try to add photo of Govy. So I will be signing off tonight.

Cheers, Governor, and his mom~Kat


To see the stained glass we made of her logo click here: come back to finish Gov's page!


Nov. 18, 2005

Govy is maintaining. He has thrown up only 2-3 times. He might even have gained a few ounces. He has played with Toby some, but not for long periods of time. So Toby has gotten interested in BUGS! It shows that he will probably be a good mouser (YEA!!) I am giving Govy his meds, homeopathic and from his Vet. Also started him back on the Methylcobalamin form of B-12 which is helping his back legs work better (Neuropathy probably). He seems to be getting back to his old habits, so for now we have our "paws" crossed he will be with us for awhile longer. He turned up his nose at the special diabetic food.... now why are we not surprised about that... he is an old Curmudgeon afterall!


Dec. 9, 2005

Govy went to Rainbow Bridge

Governor aka Govy of the Southpawcats went to Rainbow Bridge on Friday Dec 9th in the afternoon. He was almost 18 years old and had been a diabetic for 3 years. But really he never stopped grieving for his Miss Suzanna who went to the Bridge in May 05. They had been together 15 years.

He knew what the grief felt like so he didn't want to leave his Mom alone. He stayed around until he knew she had 2 more kitties to be with her. Then he just got very weak and lost more weight, and said "I'm tired Mom, it is time to go. You got 2 babies, Toby & Marty to keep you company so I can go now."

Govy had such a big heart, we didn't know how much. Or how much he is being missed. Govy never meowed much, but you could hear him purring from the other room. He also loved catnip, oh he could smell it from the other end of the house. And lemon cake, donuts, things he didnt get to have the last 3 years, he got all he want his last nite.

He went peacefully because his mom held him on this side and Miss Suzanna welcomed him to the other side.


My dear Govy:
May you always have many sunbeams to soak up the warmth of the sunshine! I love you my big old purring Curmudgeon. I am missing you more that I could have ever known. Over the years you mellowed into such a big hearted fella, I will always remember you that way, all 16 pounds of you.
Love & Purrs,
Your Mom

Governor Bearkatz of the Southpawcats Feb. 21, 1988 -- Dec. 9, 2005

This is Mr. Cool Cat

one of my original designs that I made in Stained Glass.
It won a 1st place ribbon and best Original design ribbon.
Governor modeled for this design

© Katz /Southpaw Studio

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