Ropa's Story

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Ropa's Story


Cats with Rear Paralysis and
Support for Owners with Cats with Rear Paralysis

My name is Ropa. I am a cat with rear paralysis. My mom found me at three weeks old in a convenience store parking lot. She was told that I was slammed in a door and thrown out into the street. My mom had no experience, or even knowledge that cats like me existed, and took me to the vet on a Sunday morning to be euthanized. She was concerned that I was suffering. Dr. Lisa thought I might have a chance to use my hind legs again and over the course of the week, mom came back and took me home, even though she knew Dr. Lisa was wrong.

My name is Holly, and I am Ropas mom. When I brought Ropa home from the vet in Guam she was three weeks old and so tiny. She was so full of worms that she had to be treated three times, she had constant diarrhea, her bladder needed to be expressed every 3-4 hours, and she started developing UTIs almost immediately. It all seemed insurmountable.

What I couldn’t get past was Ropas love of life. She was a food hound, wanted to play, wanted attention, and purred like crazy when you gave it to her. It was quickly clear that even with impairment and illness, this girl wanted to live! I started to quickly realize that I was falling in love with this kitten and what I couldnt rationalize, was euthanizing her because she needed additional care.

But I had no idea how to provide the care she needed.

So I got on the computer. I asked a friend who is an animal lover, if she could help.
She found the Yahoo Group for Cats with Paralysis

The members there guided me through expression, diet, and UTI advice. Thank you so much to Don, the founder of the Yahoo Group. He was so patient walking me through learning how to express her! Finally, I found food that resulted in her having regular bowel movements, I learned how to express her properly, her UTI’s decreased, and I received advice on diapers.

Thank you to Barbara J. Hipps for the diaper advice.

She started out in cut out socks and advanced to baby diapers quickly!

Ropa flourished! She grew, became healthier, climbed the furniture, played, followed me everywhere, chased our other cat around the house, and stole beds from the dogs! She quickly became my angel.

I brought Ropa back home to Florida with me in July of 2011. I kept in touch with Barbara, who had created a Facebook page for Cats with Paralysis.

I quickly joined.

I recognized that it was the members of these two groups that saved Ropa’s life.

I love her and followed through by asking the questions, but these people were the ones that gave me the answers. I realized more and more that I wanted to give back to those that helped me.

I wanted to create a voice for these bewildering, amazing, and marvelous cats. I started soliciting members of the Facebook Group and the Yahoo Group to send me photos and videos of their kitties. All while continuing to learn about care from their respective members. Three of our Facebook members; Barbara, Robert Walton, and April Ng, submitted their information and photos.
The first CWP video was created.
link to CWP video

Almost 23,000 people have seen the video of our kitties. Our Facebook members have grown to 346 since February of this year. We have members with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, amputees, blind kitties, kitties that were born with no rear knee caps, spina bifida, and on and on.

Barbara changed the Facebook Group name to Cats with Paralysis and Mobility Challenges. It became apparent that the name needed to reflect the evolution of the group. I continue to learn from the members of both groups every day. All of us work together to share information about diapers, bathing, UTI’s, and every other kind of care.

I worked with the Facebook members recently to create a new video. (I am the video maker, Barbara often has called me the producer because I work so hard to have other sites share our videos.)

This video features 15 of our stunning and astounding cats.

When vets advised us to euthanize, our members rose up and said “No, we choose to give these extraordinary and spectacular cats the chance at life that they deserve.”

I am only one of the members of Cats with Paralysis and Mobility Challenges and Cats with Paralysis. We know that these wonderful and amazing cats can live tremendously happy, fulfilled lives with an owner who is prepared to make a true commitment to provide them with a good quality of care. Both of these groups were created for owners of these wonderful cats to trade information, experience, and offer support. If you have questions, we want to help.
You can find us at:
Cats with Paralysis at Yahoo

Facebook page

Please join us, in sharing information and working together to save the lives of these wonderful cats.
I need to ask you to excuse me; I need to try to catch my Ropa, she just went soaring by me and it is bed time.

She needs a squeeze

Holly and Ropa


Text by Holly and Ropa

Design by Katrina & the Southpawcats

Nov. 2012