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A Perfect Circle show

A Perfect Circle 

Maynard Keenan - vocals (tool)
Billy Howerdel (ex-Tool guitar tech) - guitar
Troy Van Leeuwen (ex-Failure, Enemy) - guitar
Paz Lenchantin - bass (Argentina chick)
Tim "Herb" Alexander (ex-Primus, Laundry) - drums (only for first couple of live shows.)
Josh Freese (Vandals, Guns N Roses, studio) - drums



A Perfect Circle is Maynard James Keenan's musically talented new group As "Recreational Racism", Maynard and others played a series of covers country-style at the Viper Room in LA on August 15, 1999. Later that night, a new band called "A Perfect Circle" played their first public show. The band was started by Billy Howerdel (maynards ex-roommate) and Paz, and came to feature Maynard only after its inception.  A Perfect Circle released their first album May 23rd which is a cd in which every track is phenomenal. The first single was released on April 17th and it is called Judith.


CURRENT APC STATUS: Songwriting: 2 songs written so far, one in style of Bjork's "Army of Me".  Tour: February-April in USA, possible international tour soon thereafter.  Maynard is at work with Tool, Paz is working on a solo effort (