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And now for the vents... For anyone from a guy, I notice most of the vents seem to be from women bitching about guys. I agree that most guys are assholes and for many years women were truly sweet, honest, innocent victims of the lying, cheating, deceitful male. However women have come on strong and managed to even the score when it comes to half truths, deception, unfaithfulness, and generally ruthless behavior. Women should grasp the fact that, for the most part, they are attracted to guys that have a bit of the bad boy personna. The guys that are a little shady, that always seem to have a girl around and something going on, the guys that act a little cocky or indifferent. Girls will say they are looking for an honest, considerate, nice guy…but when guys like that show interest, girls usually ignore him because they are completely smitten by the attraction to some guy they just can’t seem to tame. It’s not a concious decision, it’s just an attraction. Then once you get the “bad boy” guy, you’re put off and irritated by the exact behavior that attracted you to him to start with. After he screws you over you complain about all the times he told you he loved you, you were the only one, you are his world… guess what, guys have learned to say those things because it’s what girls want to hear…and further more a lot of girls are guilty of the same undying professions of devotion and love and then move on to the next guy within days of breaking up with the first one. Talk is cheap and men and women currently have equal shares in spouting the bullshit. Let’s face it, LOVE is merely a word that describes an emotion,… but somehow we expect that when someone says “I love you” they will never screw us over and that it will last forever. The emotion of LOVE only lasts as long as the happiness in the relationship. HATE is also a word that describes an emotion, and is completely opposite of LOVE, but interestingly seems to be the feeling that directly follows the end of a LOVE!! But just like LOVE….. HATE will fade slowly and go away over time. -Anonymous I've been through just about every situation posted here. And right now I'm lonely because I've been single for the past six years after my ex dumped me and ran off with his best friends wife. But my advise to all of you is learn to say, "NEXT!" Yep. Because you teach people how to treat you and if you find yourself in the position of having to forgive someone one too many times for similar offences – the relationship is garbage. GARBAGE. Basic adage – heed those first red flags. Confront them head on and get to the bottom of it so you can make a decision as to whether to remain or not. He cheats - kick him to the curb. Screw that second chance. If he thinks he can get away with it, you can bet at some point he'll cheat again. And even if he doesn't how can you trust him again? He hits you - drag him to court. The first time. Don't wait for that to happen again. He's abusing alcohol or drugs? Mental illness? Don' t stick around. God didn't put you on the planet to fix all the sick puppies. If he did you'd be in the medical field. He's hung up on his ex? You can remain friends but that's it. Who wants to live in the shadow of another man/woman? Criminal record? Dump 'em. You aren't Jesus – he already has a savior - give him a bible and send him to church. Divorced - if you really want to deal with the baggage great. Just make sure he's learned his "relationship lessons" ' cause he'll be repeating all the same mistakes with you. So yeah, that cuts the eligible dating market by 70% or so. But I'd rather be single than have to deal with any of the above crap ever again. -Anonymous I think sometimes as women we tend to be to needy, men just want sex, food, and t.v., computer and left alone. I know it's unfair, and you feel lonely, but the worst thing that I think as women that we do is think too much about it. Men are just a bunch of little boys, there are a few out there that are men, but very hard to find. I'm ready the vent page in regards to lovers cheating, Women are hurt, don't put your self in that situation. We all know the signs of cheating but tend to disregard them, why ? lack of self worth. Men are little boys, they have to be told when they've done something wrong, they don't get it on there own. I think most of the time they think there doing every thing right, they have no clue, they have no idea what makes us tick. I know for a fact when you do try to bring up something that makes you upset, it somehow gets turned around and it's actually your fault. -Anonymous Some men are scummy bastards, that will break your heart and tell you all the bullshit you love to hear. Dont date losers, players, drinkers, druggies or vain good lookers – u can spot them a mile off. If u have alarm bells ringing - get out and get out EARLY! Dont settle for shit!! U are worth loads and deserve the absolute best. To all the bitter girls out there, that have pain inside – dont let any man make u bitter. Cos the only person that harms is yourself. Forgive him, forgive yourself and move on, with faith and happiness love and be loved again. Peace to all my fellow chicks! Xx -Anonymous hate it my mom broke her arm in a fight and now shes frustrated and she has me frustrated! what is she 15? getting in a fight! it really gets on my nerves she never spends anytime with me and i do everything around the house! I HATE IT NEXT there is this boy i like steven and i am best friends with his sister, she knows but i dont ever think anyhting will happen between us he knows i like him but hes in a relationaship (probaly not for long though) He is so perfect its not even that hes some hunk or something he is cute but i like him because he is so perfect in everyway do you have any advice? -age 15 have any of u ppl had a best friend that u thought would always be there for you then they go and keep things from you and tell you that they found a new best friend whitch only happenes to be your other friend and then they go off and leave you in the dust cuz people are telling them things that arent true? yea well that happened to me my so called "best friend" had the nerve to tell me that i didnt mean anything to her and that she hates me because of something that she did to her ex who happenes to be one of my friends too and i let him vent off his anger with me and then i found out something that she wouldent tell me whitch was the fact that she had went behind his back and kissed another guy while she was away from home!! and she failed to tell me about it! she then decided to give me all the blame and say that it was my fault that we werent friends anymore when even before all this happened she treated me like dirt! uuggg im never having any friends again and i give up on guys!! -me just so you know i am a 42 yr old male frm texas. ive read alot of angry women venting and all i can say is ....PERFECT LOVE,, BY M, GIORDANO PERFECT LOVE, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS JUST A PERFECT LOVE, BUT THERE IS A SPECIAL PERSON, WHEN YOU'VE FOUND THAT SPECIAL PERSON, YOU AND HE CAN BUILD THAT PERFECT LOVE!!!!!! (HE MUST NOT HAVE BEEN THAT SPECIAL PERSON) KEEP SEARCHING HE IS OUT THERE MAKE BETTER CHOICES i love him i know i love an i know he loves me endlessly.. im tired of being hurt but i honestly believe he will change sooner but hopefully sooner then later he makes his mistakes so i made mine to.. Silhouettes Silhouettes, of a shadowed and evasive love; passing about, in quick glimpses of the past, Leads to the revelation of differences, and the answers to the questions that were never asked— The person that you never saw; now stands before you; completely unmasked, A stranger no longer hidden, by the infatuation in which you once basked; The person that you never really knew, yet loved beyond compare— Has left you alone in the world that you created, with a painful and blank stare, Wasteful wishes of an enlightening epiphany, eloped with an entity called hope— Numb nights of loneliness; spent longing for the strength and desire to cope, Dismayed by the optical omissions, that somehow blinded the view— Torrents of dishonest dialogue, blatantly directed to dictate and deceive you; The calming claims of exclusiveness, keenly gives way to curiosity’s intrusiveness— Uncovering the ulterior motives of your lover; as it slowly unravels your conduciveness, Realizing that love, isn’t always what it may seem— An illusion of a peaceful oasis, tucked away in a midsummer nights dream; A voyage around the world— in a day, a week, or a year; A lifetime of pristine promises, presented as protection from all of your fears; Emotions elusively evaporate, into an abyss of chaotic confusion, Allowing you to swiftly set sail; spiraling into a sea of exiled seclusion— Tumultuous thoughts, tightly grip the mind; severing sanity’s saneness; Displacing the equilibrium of the heart, leaving you baffled and basically brainless, Sending you secretly searching for the souls mate, all in the name of love— Desperately wanting to grow wings; and take flight as a beautiful dove. by: Montague L. McKnight Alright, I came to the right place! I dated this loser for 8 months.... We met in college, and he failed out like an idiot. We stayed long distance for about 6 months... Well if im not mistaken i know we discussed what "honesty" meant...but apparently he STILL HASNT GRASPED that concept... mommy didnt teach him well. So this guy came to meet my parents and shit... and he lodged a frisbee in my lip and i had to get 6 stitches because of his ass...thanks to him i now i have a wonderful scar on my lip... Anyway i found out that he cheated on me...after he had told me "he was so in love with me" and "im so beautiful" and "i was his dream girl".... so i told him to get the fuck out of my life..well guess what BOYS AND GIRLS?! he shows up this past weekend.... at my college... He had random people come up to me and tell me he said hey, and he wanted to make up...HELLO?????? ARE WE IN FIFTH GRADE? Or did i date the retard of the century??? The first time i confronted him about cheating he denied it...well i called him last nite and stood up for all of us girls that are womanized by sick bastards like him. I told him he was a pussy ass bitch for not speaking with me face to face...cuz thats his shit not mine... and then he finally admitted he cheated on me...6 MONTHS OF WAITING FOR THE TRUTH.. Guys are fuckin rediculous... i mean all i asked for was honesty what did i get? A BAG OF FUCKING BULLSHIT I love this website…how awesome!!! Damn it…you can never win and you always lose! If a guy likes you to be innocent and sweet and you are then he wants someone bad..If he likes someone bad then he wants you to be innocent! I have fucking had it with men! I am tired of being burned. Thank you ok..i have read just about all these stories and ladies i think we are just findin the wrong guys...but anyway here's my story...there was this guy named zach...i met him about 2 yrs ago and we became the best of friends... we talked about everything from havin a bad day to what we wanted our futures to be like...well eventually he confessed that he liked me and i told him that i liked him too..things were great, or at least i thought they were... one day he told me that he had met this gurl and they were goin out... not only was i hurt but a lil devastated cause i really liked this guy...well eventually the phone calls ceased and us talkin online stopped as well... he'd call every now and then and ask how i'm doin then ditch me to call his psycho g/f...ok anyway they broke up and he started callin me every nite and blah blah blah...well he found another girl...except this time i wasn't gonna take his bullshit... so i left a bitter and very explicit message on his cell phone about how i really felt about him and his unruly ways...i basically told him there was no way in hell that i was gonna be some rebound girl...i mean i'm the type of girl who doesn't trust guys as easily cause the men in my family are no examples of "perfect gentlemen"...anyway we stopped talkin for about i don't know 6 months and i'm at the fair one nite and he calls me...i am so shocked and astounded i literally don't know what to say... so he asks me how i'm doin and i ask him but i totally forget the reason why i'm mad at him...anyway so my dumbass retard self starts talkin to him again and my feelings come back and he tells me he missed me and all this bullshit and i unfortunately believe him... anyway one nite a couple of weeks ago he calls me and we start talkin, well his psycho bitch ex g/f calls him on his cell and he hangs up with me, i mean he ditches me to go talk to her... and that was the end of anyway he doesn't call for a whole week, well i find out from his best friend, who likes me but i don't really like him except for a friend, that he's met some girl and that he's already fucked her...can you believe me complete and utter shock...i mean i shouldn't have been shocked at all cause he's ditched me 3 TIMES... ok well after i find out this wonderful news i again call his cell phone and i tell him exactly what i think of him and his bastardly ways...and now i completely hate him...i just can't understand why guys do this...does anyone wonder why i have such a hard time trustin and believein each fuckin word that comes out of a guys mouth... i mean where are the MEN at... all i seem to find are little boys that don't know their dick from their head...i mean come on...and then there's this guy i met about a week ago at this weddin and we had such a great time...except he's 7 yrs older than me, i'm 19...anyway he wanted to call me and i gave him my number but he hasn't called... why get a girls number if your never gonna freakin CALL.... ok i'm copesetic now i got that off my chest...thanks for listenin or readin...Lea I HATE MELISSA, JAMIE, FIONA, CHICKEN WING, MISSY,JENNA, KIM... I HATE BITCHES THERE SCANDELES AN THERES NOTHING U CAN DO ABOUT IT EVERYONES GRIMY AN I HATE IT IM SOOOO CONFUSED WELL IF UR READING THIS PAGE AN REALIZE THE NAMES U NO UR GONA GET IT! that mother fucker told me ..i dant stay at his house because i dotn pay rent, hes a 32 year old looser drug addict who needs to get a job and stop mooching off his ex....and she had the audacity to tell me..i am a bad girl friend and not a woman because he has wholes in his boxers and i wont buy him new ones and i cant pay all his fuckin bills so i am not a woman, fuckin asshole i gave him head..massages...fucked him for 3 hours on top..and his greedy ass chooses money over love..said he wanted to marry me and have kids..i lost his baby a month ago if that wasnt enough, he has hit me and insulted me..i hate him nows he wants to send me poems and say hes sorry..we even got tatooes together and through alll the fights and loving him so many years i never even said even one of these hateful words to his face because i didnt want to hurt him, i hattttttte him..... good bye asshole..thanx i feel better now u said u luved me but i guess it wuz all a lie i gave u my heart and u tore it apert u tell ur boiz u hate me u even though u said u loved me u tell ur boiz ur glad ur not with me even tho u told me u'd neva leave me all da promises u made all bullshyt karmas a bytch....dont 4 get all da tears i cryed evry tyme i asked maself y? all i could say now iz.... I FUCKIN HATE U!!!!! I'm not the type of person to post my personal "problems" (my problem seems a bit infintile after reading the other vents...) I am a bit hesitant because of all the horror stories you hear about the internet, but i'm despret, so here i go...Ok, I met this guy in summer gym class this year. I liked him the minute i saw him. He was handsome, and incredibly funny! I'd always stare at him every chance i got, and 99% of the time, he would be staring back at me. We'd have eye-contact for a while, then his face would turn red, and look away. I also ened up on his team everytime (coaches assigned teams), and he was really nice! Unfortunately, i never got the nerve to talk to him. Summer Gym class ended after 3 weeks, and i thought i would never see him again. I thought about him the whole rest of the summer, and into the first week of school. Then, I SAW him!!! He was walking up the stairs behind me. (I turned around cos one of my friends was yelling for me) I nearly fell down the stairs, to tell you the truth. I never expected to see him at MY school!!!! After i realized he goes to the same school as i do, i always see him in the library, reading a book, or doing his homework (i just LUV guys that hang out in the library during lunchtime). Anyway, i've caught him staring at me, but he would always look away quickly. Well, this just adds to the problem: There's this other guy who's always following me around. I find him to be really annoying because all he does is talk! I can't get a word in to tell him to piss off! Besides, even if i could get a word in, i couldnt tell him to piss off, cos i'm afraid of hurting his feelings. Anyway, this other guy followed me to the library in the morning, and sat his fat ass next to me, and continued to talk/flirt with me. It was embarrassing! He's a F***ing freshman!! Anyhoo, the guy that i like comes in, looks at me, looks at Annoying Kid, hears Annoying Kid talking about the sexual habits of cows (honestly...) face turns red, and seats himself across from me, and gave the impression he was trying not to laugh. Talk about embarrassing! What if the guy i like think's i'm dating this annoying SOB, and will never talk to me cos he thinks i'm some weird phsyco who enjoys listening to someone tell me (in great detail, i might add) about the sexual habits of cows! Well, the next day, disgusted w/ annoying kid's topic of discusion, i successfully avoided him, and went to the library in peace. Well, the guy i like wasn't there, which was rare, but he did show up during lunch period. He was talking to another girl, and they were laughing, having a ball. He entered the library, and the girl continued to the lunchroom. I think now, that she was just a friend, or something, but I felt so jelous!! Looking back on it, i dont know why. I rarely ever get jelous! I always tell myself that i'm going to talk to him, but everytime i get near him, i cant breath properly, and i feel like i'm gonna faint, and my heart does this weird leap. I really like him! I feel so mad at myself when he leaves for his next class, cos i didn't go talk to him like i ment to. I also can't help wondering if he even remembers me. Is he really looking at me? Does he like me? Does he think i am dating that guy who's obessed w/ Gene Simmons, and the sexual habits of cows? Has he ever been out on a date? Maybe he won't talk to me because he's shy? Why do i like him? I don't even know him! Does he have a girlfriend? Does he like someone else? Why do i constantly think about him? If he does like me, then why? I'm nothing special. I'm a bit overweight, and not that good-looking, and so incredibly shy. Why do i feel sometimes that he's off limits, and I'm only supposed to look at him. How did i end up seeing him in between classes, and following him to his next one? Why did i do that? What was i thinking when i did that? Why can't I stop thinking about him? Why is this so confusing? Why do i even care? He's just a guy! I am a women who hates whiny, dependant, vindictive women. you know what really gets me going? Is when you think you know a person. Late night chats and deep confessions mean nothing in the long run because as jack black said in School of Rock in this life you cannot win. Doesn't matter if its your mom dad sibling friend boyfriend friends friends sisters brothers uncle in the end they all either want something from you or will stab you in the back My father abandoned my family when I was a babe- still haven’t met the asshole My step dad screwed us all over I can say with all honesty that I’ve only had one decent relationship- I broke up with him when he tried to tell me he loved me- at all was way too quick- I didn’t love him, but maybe I should’ve.. Every other man in my life has been shit, basically. But hey- that’s how guys are.. stupid as hell. Always playing games- Never knowing if they’re winning or not. Love isn’t a game- no points should be involved. There’s no prize, no plaque, no trophy- just sweet, sweet, glorious love. I’m not a toy- so don’t play with me. I don’t want to be ‘fun’, I don’t want to be your good time. What does that make you then? Are you not guilty as well? What makes your shit so damn clean? So don’t place the blame on me. It takes two. Don’t go labeling me. I was the one that fell for you- I thought you were a nice guy . . . . And so, I guess I was wrong- like always. I keep deluding myself into thinking I’ll find ‘Mr. right” How pathetic and stupid am I? The good men are ALWAYS few and far between. The sea is polluted, what more can I say? to my ex: u dont kno how much i fuckin hate u 5 months...not much but wat i felt wuz real u got mad b cuz i hung out wit 2 many "GUYZ" u acted lyke a bytch and i dont kno y. we had rough tymes yea...i wont lie der wuz dayz dat were hell but i wuz okay.. i really lyked u, i guess its kinda funni i met u freshman yr. thought u were ugly ur boi wuz tryna holla at me neva payed much mind had most of my classes wit u neva cared sophmore yr. u caught ma attention dunno y...but i wuz determined to get u started of flirtin u were kinda quite found out i lyked u... u got a bit lose started talkin, started flirtin,next thing u kno u wanted me as bad as i wanted u not sure wat held u bac we kept talkin 4 bout 6 months next thing u kno its march, yep its my b-day MARCH 16, got gifts in skool i thought it wuz cool yet i wuz missin 1 thing......u! it wuz da end of da skool day... i still had hope hope of gettin wat wuz missin.... which wuz u next thing u kno, u got da guts and asked me 2 b ur gurl of corse i said YEA! i wuz waitin 4 da moment... wen we started goin out i told u i didnt want another heart break. u said dont worry, "i PROMISE 2 NEVER break ur heart!" it went well... had a alot of arguements 4 god knos wat reason...we use 2 get so mad we use 2 break up 4 da littlest things....but we use 2 get bac 2-getha u would get jealous...not wantin me 2 talk 2 ma guy friends...didnt want me goin out gettin drunk or high i stopped jus 4 u....2 make u happy on our 3 month anniversery u brought me earings which i adored! broke up (4 da hundreth tyme) gave u da earrings bac. u called me da next day put on a song(end of the road- by boyz ll men) it made me cry... u came on da phone said u were sorry and dat u luved me..asked me bac out i said yea b cuz i truely luved u! in august u were goin 2 portugal for 4 weeks...we had problems so i decided we should take a break u agreed but i find out 4rm ur best friend u didnt want a break da next day which wuz da day b4 u were leavin we talked and decided not 2 take a break...i thought wow 4 weeks i guess we'll realize if wat we have iz real...we amd 5 months while u were gone...u didnt bother to call! i'll admit it got me mad but i let it go it wuz a friday and i wuz at ma friends house who happens 2 live on ur block... i walked by ur house and i see ppl in ur driveway... not havin a clue who it wuz. i get home and call ur boi i tell him dat i think ur home. he calls me bac and says hes home i waited 4 ur call da whole day...ur friend told me u came bac thursday night....u didnt call thursday nor friday. i waited saturday i actually stayed home all day and u finally called at 6 o'clock 4rm ur boiz house. u acted pretty stupid on da fone and it pissed me off! i havent seen u in 4 weeks, u came bac and didnt call till 2 dayz lata....and wen u do call u act stupid! i didnt wanna get u mad so all i said wuz call me lata wen u get home and i hung up..pissed off i wuz thinkin y u came bac actin stupid...dayz went by u actin stupid...afta we had a serious talk u changed but went bac 2 ur old same bullshyt we had a seirous arguement ova da phone b cuz one of ma stupid friends prank called u at 11:00..... i had no clue about it...but u call me pissed off..spazin 4 no reason..tellin me y r ur friends prank callin me???! i didnt kno wat u were talkin bout so all i said wuz "baby ,calm down, wat r u talkin bout? all u said wuz i'm tired of ur bullshyt and i said well den do wat u gotta do..if ur so tired of ma bullshyt u dont gotta deal wit it. u said dat wuz tru its ova!! i cried.....and hung up....u called bac and said y did i hang up? i said u jus dumped me i dont wanna talk 2 u! ma friend wuz sleppin ova ma house so i didnt cry much....she made me laugh....its funni cuz we broke up ALOT of tymes but always got bac 2getha but 4 sum reason i had a feelin dat dis wuz actually it. dat wuz on a thursday 2 days went by and my friends Rubi and ney slept i didnt cry or stress ova it. on Saturday u called and ma friend picked up u asked 4 me and i had butterflies...wen i picked up da phone u said u were sorry and asked if we could b friends...i began 2 cry cuz i wanted 2 be more den friends. but i said yea..we could be friends. wen we started skool we wuz cool we would talk and say hi. i still cared...and lyke a dumbazz i told u how i felt..few dayz lata u tell ur boi dat u cant stand hearin or seein me cuz it made u sick.... so i stopped talkin 2 u! da otha day u accused me of prank callin ur house and we made a scene in skool... u called me evry possible name in da book u even told me to burn in hell... u speak of me in we dont talk at all. i called 2 apoligize bcuz da way i see it iz dat if u have sumthing aganist and hate me as much as u do i must've done sum thing so i apoligised. now u tell ppl u neva luved me so i guess it wuz all lies and b cuz of dat i hate u!!!!! u made me cry but now i laugh cuz karma iz a BYTCH and u'll cry 4 me one day jus lyke i cryed 4 u! u fuckin bytch!!!!!! Yeah, whaddya do when someone is either too crazy or stupid to leave you alone, and you're too nice to tell him to fuck off(leave you alone, as I would never really SAY that)? This guy's been calling me and calling me after initially meeting him and hanging out with him later, only after his insistant manipulation, at a nuetral spot with a friend. He's too nice, too fake, a loser tryina act like he's got something going for him, loud and obnoxious, paranoid freak(who thinks everyones always against him)-but he's just too much for me. But mainly, I have a bad feeling about him. He's not my type, not even as a friend, and he just doesn't get that. He's a bit 'off', if you feel me. It's sad to say, but since he won't listen to what I tell him, I'm just going to ignore him now(not answering any phone calls from unknown or restricted numbers, as that's how he tries to get at me), and pray he won't start stalking me. So, wish me luck, seeing as this is merely a vent page. :-) To my ex; Fuck you for taking advantage of the situation in which we hooked up and then leading me on to think that you truly cared, letting me tell you I loved you, and then returning the conviction, empty, of course, and letting me think we were happy- then just cutting me off with no explanation, becoming distant and cold. Sure, it would’ve been worse if you hadn’t said something when you did, but it wouldn’t been better if nothing had ever happened at all between us, you selfish, greedy, bastard! May you live at your mom’s house in the filth that is your existence forever, always mourning the loss of the girlfriend you could never have, always but never being successful in replacing her with someone more worthy, such as myself. Bastard I hate it when you start a relationship from a loose lipped- drunken coming together-You think everything is meant to be- he drags it out a couple of months- then you feel a change, don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s like he’s distant all of a sudden- and says that he doesn’t think that it’s going to work out- that it’s just gonna hurt me more later on- like what the fuck was he GOING to do- keep pretending a while longer just ‘cuz I’m good in bed? And he KNEW where I was comin from too- knew my past- knew I’d been in a shitty relationship before- yet, I guess he couldn’t resist my charms! Fuck- maybe I could’ve acted different. Fuck him!- Then you go and get in a relationship with a laid back bastard, who tricks you into thinking that even though he SAID he’s not ready to be committed and any sort of relationship, he always calls you, sees how you are, then once you give it up to him, only hangs with you a couple more times, but is a bit aloof- though the first time your intimate, rambles about how he’s such a lucky man, and could you stay here with him forever?! Never shows you an iota of affection outside the bedroom- soooo laid back, it makes you sick to your stomach- Then he just stops calling you and you don’t wanna call him again, for fear of embarrassment, if he doesn’t return another call of yours- I shoulda known better, for sure on that one- but damn, I was too proud to admit what I’d gotten into. I’m sick of guys and all their bullshit. I need a REAL man. One who wants to get to know me for me- One who doesn’t just say what he thinks I want to hear so he can get in my panties- muthafucker- I’ve just about lost my last nerve. Makes me wanna start screwing guys over- but I’m not strong enough to pull that shit off. Man, that’s all for now- I think I’ll be back- when I’m in a more ‘inspirational mood’- To my boyfriend: Can you tell me just what the fuck your problem is?? I thought I knew you better than this. Four years of being best friends and I thought I knew you. I really did. I was so fucking stupid. I didn't listen to any of my friends when they told me that it was a bad idea, that it would ruin the friendship. so maybe this is my fault. yea it probably is. everything was fine at first, so why did you have to go and change??? Everything is my fault, nothing is your fault, it all falls on me and then you make me feel like a bitch when i ask for a little bit of attention. Just one kiss, one hug, one fucking word said to me. that's it. just that. but that was too much. I go to work and then come home and what are you doing? the same thing you were doing 8 hours ago. Playing that stupid fucking game. that's all you ever play. and then you ask me what I am making you for dinner. so I figure maybe I am overreacting. I go out and buy the stupid food and cook it while you are playing that game. and you play it the whole time. you dont even ask if I need help. then you eat the damn food and start playing that game until I just give up and try my hardest not to cry myself to sleep. then you fucking wake me up when you get bored and fall asleep on me. what the hell gives??? do you really think i am that unloveable that a game is so much better than me?! and then when I ask you to give me attention you complain that I am too needy. I used to believe you when you said you loved me. I really thought you did. how dare you do this shit to me?? why cant you see that I love you and all I want is a fucking kiss from you without me having to beg you. and you are still in there playing that fucking game. well have fun. because soon im gonna be fucking gone. but at least you will still have your game. jerk Ok.. a man's perspective.. Being a single (divorced) man in these times is tougher than it looks. I recently got the courage (after about 6 months) to ask this wonderful girl out to dinner. I found her to be sweet, pretty, and she has a beautiful smile. When i asked her if she would like to go out for dinner or a movie, she smiled and said yes! I was overjoyed! She gave me her phone number, and i said i would call her the next night. I made the call..after dialing 6 of the 7 numbers about 10 times LOL. She answered, we chatted a bit about children, jobs, etc..I asked her if she was free to go to dinner on Friday night. She said she had already made plans to meet some friends.. Strike ONE! I proceeded to suggest maybe Saturday night..Again, she had plans.. Strike TWO! I ended the conversation saying that I would call her next week to make plans. She said that she had her kids the next weekend, and we would have to wait until the weekend after. I was OK with that. After another week of waiting...I called her again.. it was a Wednesday night around 8:00. I asked her what her plans were for Friday night. She said she already had plans...hmmm DeJaVu?? I asked he about Saturday night.. then she dropped the bomb..She said she really wasn't going to do any dating "for now" I said this was Ok, that I olny wanted to get together, and have dinner and such.. She dropped another one.. saying that she wasn't really interested in me, that she didn't really see anything "romantic" coming out of this... STRIKE THREE!!! What in the HELL could I say to THAT? I was kind.. ever the gentleman, and said ok.. that we could be friends, and i understood, and appreciated her "honesty". Why... WHY couldn't she have been honest from the start? In that brief second..I felt like my heart would break! Maybe she wasn't as sweet as she looked! I feel it is HER loss.. I am a kind, caring, romantic man.. with good looks, and a fun personality... Where do you think I went wrong? sheesh.. WOMEN!!!! I hadda vent that out.. thanks for the forum! ~Nice Guys Finish Last! Wow, what a great website! I don't like it when you've been f%$#ed over so many times that you have this big huge defensive guard up. I am with this great guy who treats me right, blah blah blah, the whole nine yards. but, im the idiot who is messing up the relationship because i don't trust a single soul out there because of my f'ed up past. anyways, i hate that. and another guys think we can't see them staring at other girls asses? must you f&*%ing stare at her ass and hold my hand at the same time, idiot? anyways, im bitter about that..i know it shouldn't matter, but you know what? it does to me. I have a sister that is a total and complete wacko pain-in-the-ass. And yet again, she has managed to interfere in my life even though I go out of my way to have absolutely nothing to do with her. She always manages to shove her fat f---ing nose into everyone else's business, creating a wake of chaos and trouble behind her. She has been like a bull in a china store her whole life -- as sublte as a pile of smelly, hot dog feces in your face. For once, she ought to get the facts straight before she opens her gaping maw and horns in screwing up life for everyone around her. And did I mention that she feels she "just knows" information without every talking to others, thanks in part to reliable sources like her shaman spirit guide. Unlike the rest of us, she's an f---ing mindreader and doesn't need to ask for facts or information. I wish she'd get a ten year case of laryngitis. Expect the worst of people and you will never be disappointed. 3:16 you know what i don't understand most about guys? is why they make all these flippin' empty promises that try to appease the moment and then they don't get it when their little promises seem to haunt them in the end..a typical breakup scenario: "i'm sorry it's just that i'm going off to college and there will be so many girls and i don't want to be placed in a situation where i might hurt you because the last thing, you know, that i would want would be for me to hurt you...and i promise that just because we're not together doesn't mean that we still can't be friends? i swear we'll keep in touch, we'll still hang out and talk like old times, just minus all the sexual stuff...i can go to you for advice, you can go to me for advice, it will be all good right?" OK WRONG!!!!! i hate this "we'll still be friends" bullshit...i mean what is that, if i had asked you that all i wanted was to hear lies that i could hold my hopes upon that would prevent me from letting go of you, THEN AND ONLY THEN would that have been a suitable way... so until i ask for all your sugar coated bullshit, why don't you spare me...and then you sit there and wonder why you claim to have a psychotic ex-girlfriend...hmmm let's think back to 5 months ago when you said "hey we'll still talk, call me anytime and we'll hang out" oh does that one seem to ring a bell...maybe that's why the f*** i am calling you, you think??!! sure if i had wanted for someone to keep my hopes up and think that maybe if we keep in close touch it might develop back into something we used to have, then i would've come to you, but did i ask that?! NO!!!!! i didn't ask for you to even say "we'll still be friends" just lesson to all boys, you wonder why we are bitter, maybe it's because you let your dick speak for you...why don't you think before you speak meaningless words that only cause more heartbreak and resentment in the end, then maybe just maybe girls would be a little more understanding towards the opposite gender...keep this mind in quote, maybe it will provoke an epiphany within your heartless nazi-like existence: "Never say I love you if you don't care... Never talk about feelings if they're not there...Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart." whoops here's another one: "with all the things that you could be, you never could learn how to be me..." I MEAN CAN I GET AN AMEN FROM MY FELLOW BITTERGURLS!! Ok well just the same as most of you, reading the other vents has made me feel like its my turn to B****. Ok Well, im "dating" this guy. Hes so gorgeous and hes smart and talented..A guy who can play the guitar always gets me goin, n e ways, weve been "dating' now for about 8 mnths. Notice the sarcasm in Dating. Not only does he not communicate w/ me about anything that we should communicate about hes completly silenced about anything that has to do w/ a relationship. We have never one talked about us..except that one time when he was on some heavy drugs and said a bunch of crap that ive always wanted to hear but it seems funny that he cant say anything serious when hes sober...hmm. Ive blamed this on shyness or maybe just insecurities from his past relationship (which wasnt so great. She was a Bitch straight up, and they were engaged. Nuff said.) I am to scared to say anything hello...whats up w/us? Do you like me alot just a little or am i just an accsseory that comes around so that we can have sex? Which is mind blowing by the way. Basically, this "realationship" is definately the most confusing, yet, easy thing ive been in. I go do what i want, he does what he wants then we hang out when he has time for me. The thing is though we have soo much chemistrry...he can practically read my mind and vise versa. We have so much trust in eachother that i dont have a problem w/him going out and drinking, partying watever, cuz i do the same and we never have a problem w/it which is great. But it also causes drama becasue i dont know how he feels.. Seems like it should be a lot easier to just come out and ask him huh? Well its not.Any ways, the things he said to me on the drug..which was extasy, supposedly a truth serum...Was this: I want to fall in love w/you, i want you to open up to me, He went on and on about the chemistry we have..OMG!!! Im in this dillema..and i dont know what to do..I wish i had some balls. That might help. Maybe ill just get drunk. He took the pussy way out of telling me how he feels so maybe ill just use a little bit of a truth serum and come out in the open..A drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts.. Remeber guys communiication is key.. dont let anything or anyone you care about go as long as i have w/out knowing what is up...CAN ANYONE RELATE? Hey everyone, If I can give someone a word of advice it would be NOT to fall in love with people at work! In my case it was a combination of accessibility and just plain desperation. Someone on the job put the buzz in my ear (I HATE THESE PEOPLE)someone thought I was cute. I wasn't that interested until I found out who it was. It turned out to be a woman that I had a crush on, but knowing the dire consequences of letting someone know you like them, I said nothing. I also should have known it wouldn't work out because she reminded me too much of another girl who I fell hopelessly "in love" with a few years back. Needless to say she ripped my heart out, put it in a blender and pushed the 'puree' button. Now I find myself in similar circumstances. So what do I do? Do I ignore my feelings, which have been DEAD WRONG most of the time, and break the chain of love addiction? NO! I go shopping and find a nice gift, attach a great love poem, and give it to her at work the next day. Well, from the way she handled it, you might have thought it was a fish head or something. I know she's shown the poem to everybody (which was pretty deep) and they got their 'afternoon laugh' at my expense. And what do I get for Christmas? Another broken heart. Whoever created this ideal of love should be buried up to their neck and have honey poured on their head so the ants can get a snack! If I was a girl, I'd GO LESBO! Love Stinks! I figure, 3 weeks is enough... and so he's reduced to a bad taste in the back of my mouth another dreamy regret, like Phoenix and the last two years something else not to pack in my suitcase and run with... Shit. A month maybe. Vent, huh,Here it goes. Six years of love going down the drain. All because she is damn confused. All that good times, all the bad times every thing just so she can get her mind cleared. Oh yeah while sleeping and staying with another man. Just sound great. I mean leave me for something f--king better at least. I would have said Isabel great I was not good enough. Nope leave for a SOB that is old enough to be you father. Has 2 kids and does not care about you. He has to pay for his kids and you help him while you let you love of your life just destroy himself. I mean damn 6 years. How can just 1 day someone wake up and say well its a nice day for me to go sleep with someone else. After I am done I will come back to my love and he will take me back. You in this world the nicer you f--king are the more you get screwed. I mean jezz no emotions, no feelings for the guy that loves you more than life itself. Oh yeah his f--king better than you in something but I don't know yet. Wait for me for 6 months and I will come back to you. If it was meant to be it will be. What after you are done screwing this guy so you can go to the next and when you are all done you come back to me so we can get married and live happily until you get the urge to do it again. Shit this fucking world sucks. you know the f----ed thing about everything is that when she will need help and come to me I sorry ass would help her. just like that. No matter how much the pain I would say honey I forgive you. Please come back and hurt me more. Why is it when you love someone and you give them the world they turn it around and hurt you so bad that you are scared for life. 6 damn years gone. All that plans for the future, all that love and carrying , all because she wanted to a f---ing 32 year old dick in her. He is using her and she is letting him. When It is all done, Please god I hope that saying is correct. What goes around comes around. The other is Karma is a bitch!! I hope both of this sayings come true for you Isabel...I really do. Hope you have a good life.. I just want to know WHY? WHY when you give someone everything, do they find it more of a reason to defy you? WHY does it hurt like hell to remove the core of your misery? WHY am I attracted to women who are selfish and have immeasurable baggage and mental problems? WHY when you do everything in your power to compromise, is it constantly challenged? WHY do I still feel for this person who took me for everything I had ....and then some? WHY do people find it necessary to shit on the people who love them most? WHY did such a caring, affectionate, loyal, loving guy have to get so totally fucked over to the point where he is now bitter and jaded? WHY could I not see the flashing red "DANGER" signs, two inches from my f--king face? WHY did I ever buy into the bullshit fantasy that we all refer to as love? WHY after a statement like that do I still desire it, and feel sadly incomplete in it's absence? WHY do I still feel this way 5 f--king months after the fact? WHY do nice guys ALWAYS finish last? WHY do I make repeatedly poor decisions in who it is I choose to give my heart to? WHY was leaving a totally destructive relationship among one the hardest things I've ever done in my life? WHY did I know all of this, totally disregard it, and marry her anyway? WHY can't I find some one who will appreciate me, and love me like I love them? WHY am I king lonely, king dumbass, and king nothing, all in my reign of what feels to be rather empty? WHY do I have so much going for me in every aspect of my life except for this one? AND MOST OF ALL, WHY IS THERE NO F--KING ANSWER TO ALL OR ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS THAT MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL???????????????? I have been dating this guy for 6 years and things turned sour when last August his father passed away. He was trying to get through this tough time and probably had no idea how to handle the pain, so he began to turn on me. When we would go out for a few drinks he would pick fights with me, and leave me at the bar. So when i was ready to go home I would find the door locked on me, (at 1:00 AM) this did not happen once it happened twice so far. I told him I cheated on him so he would resent me and let go of me and break up. Still has not worked. I went to see a concert last night did not get home until midnight I was called a slut for coming home "late". I am 28 years old and I do not need an insecure moron. So girls here are a few signs of a controlling obsessive coward. So needless to say i am leaving him. I cannot even begin to tell u how much i resent this guy. But i will admit this will be the hardest thing that I will ever have to do. Six years is a long time, but when your significant other starts to act a little freaky should just leave and not look back. So that is my story of a F(*&^ up relationship. i have recently had a cyber relationship with what i thought was the nicest, sweetest, funniest guy...we chatted for 10 months he is married and so am i, of course both un-happily. i trusted him, and we loved each other...ha!ha! so he asked me to fly across the country to meet him, and i thought i wasn't ready... but he asked so many times almost insisting... i thought ok...i know him intimately, have seen him since we chat with live cameras...he has seen me...and i must i arrived, he picked me up at the airport, brought me to my hotel, and that was that. he went to work and never came i have been kicking myself for being so stupid...i am now seeing a husb is freaking out thinking what is wrong with her...which is kinda good... at least he is now trying and we are communicating much beware of those cyber relationships...this guy is nothing he appeared to be....a good, nice person....he is the white devil...and screwed with my head... leaving me all messed up...trying to get over the feelings of rejection and abadonment... but live and learn...and i will get through this... but he is still out there...probably working on his next victim...hopefully what goes around comes around and he meets someone exactly like him. growing up sux...and its not all kisses or magic, and most boys/girls do not live up to your expectations. But there are those times when everything I mean love, romance, relationships... it all falls together perfectly. And its incredable! Its those moments no matter how many depressingly few and far between, that make growing up worth it. AND IT WILL BE OK I was with this guy for three years and, we were in love. Everything was going fine until I started to find pictures and letters of other girls. He would tell me they were old but, I knew something was wrong so I broke up with him. Days latere we were back together, I found a video of him a his ex having sex, he said it was old, we broke up again then we got back together for Valentines day we got tattoos of each others name on our arm. A month after that He hit me, then we broke up. we got back together and he asked me to marry him I said no. After that everything was great, then things got worst he hit me again and I got fed up, I picked up a vase and hit him. That was it, it really was over then. I just want to say how grateful I am that I found out what Steven W. of Wisconsin was really like before I moved in with him!!! He has too many issues with woman, unfaithful in everyway, a dishonest person, a liar, and a user..he also likes to hit his careful because what goes around comes around. MY WIFE IS DIVORCING ME AFTER 38 YRS. A year after my divorce, I met a man that at first seemed to have all of his shit together. I told him about my slovenly ex and he told me about his ambition. He truly was married to his job and to money which is fine because I am also a workaholic. For a year, WE existed--I simply adored him but I did have problems with his own self-adoration. Sometimes his vanity was overbearing and often times his treatment of me was very patronizing. I kept telling myself to surrender to the relationship because finally I have a guy who's got my back. We talked about moving in together, marriage, and children--all of these things, he promised me. When it was time to move in with him about a year and four months into our relationship, something in my gut said 'NO'. I'm glad I listened. Two months later I found myself pregnant, I figured that this would be the turning point in our relationship. He would finally get over himself and open up and commit to me (after all, he was constantly telling me how much he wanted children). I truly wanted a child as well (in my 30's and thought to be bearen). When I told him the news he began an immediate campaign of mental guerilla warfare, which lasted for two weeks. In this period of time this man verbally abused me and called me horrible names, and then he finally decided to tell me 'his story'. ~ Turns out that my man was convicted under R--O and served time in federal prison and then state prison. He had been shot three times (that would explain the wicked scar from his esophagus to his scrotum) and had, in turn, shot, killed, and robbed people. The reason for the change in his life was his mother--he felt horrible for having dissappointed her and all of his efforts were to prove that he could be a productive well meaning member of society. I WAS IN TOTAL SHOCK and I felt like a total fool. In any event, I terminated the pregnancy but the relationship did not end (I know--I'm starting to sound like I belong on Jerry Springer). ~ I felt that with counseling, I could learn to forgive him and he could learn a better appreciation for me. I went to counseling, he did not. I tried to remain loving, he only called when he wanted to show me off to friends or have sex. Even though he continued to tell me that I was the 'one' and that we would get married and start a family he would actually go weeks at a time without even calling me. ~ I finally decided to stop waiting for him to call. I had dinner with a girlfriend (who, I might add, is in a similar dead end relationship) one night and we were absolutely overwhelmed by all the male attention we were getting. I had almost forgotten just how great it could feel. When HE called, I told him that he can continue treating me like a casual acquaintance and I will do the same. I know this is a weak breakup attempt and I'm sure he will keep calling, but sometimes you just get tired. I am venting about myself, what i have done and what a horrible person I am. I have been with my boyfriend for over 2 years. He was my first boyfriend, first love, first everything. Last week we both went on our senior trip; we went to different schools so he went to Cancun and I went to Puerto Vallerta. We are perfect together and are soul mates but this time it's me who was the idiot. I f***d it all up. In Mexico I cheated on him. Girls would go up to him and kiss him but he pushed them away. When guys would kiss me I was curious and kissed back. I kissed 4 guys. I told him right away and felt so incredibly horrible. He forgave me untill he went out with his friends one night and they told him I had acted like I had no boyfriend and was a slut. They said I had kissed 10 guys and was just being wild and loving it. He knows how I get when I am drunk and partying but I did not kiss 10 guys. I told him to ask my 2 best friends who I was with the entire time because they know what I did and how I acted. But he said it really hurt him that I kissed these guys and wanted to. He said he could never stop loving me but he needs time away because when he kisses me he can't stop thinking of me kissing someone else. I made a huge mistake and can not do anything but ask for his forgiveness. I don't understand myself because at the time I didn't think it would hurt him like that, I didn't even really think. But nothing was worth it, I wish I would have gone with him to Cancun like I had planned in the begining. I can't make any more excuses... I was curious and made a huge mistake but I would never do anything like that ever again. I love him so much, the whole trip made me realize what I have and how perfect we are together. There are other guys everywhere and some are cute but there is so much more to love than that. I have no ounce of curiousity left and I know 100% that he is the one. But for right now he is home away from me taking time to get over this and to understand this. I don't understand why it happened, maybe I will later because I do believe things happen for a reason. At first I couldn't even forgive myself, I felt like I was an aweful person and didn't deserve anything. But now I know that what's happened has happened and hopefully my sweet baby will forgive me and we can keep talking about us getting married once again. That is all I can do, hope he can understand me and our love and that I love him more than he knows, more than love itself... ok here's the deal..this is long but i'm so confused about everything.. alright i was with this one guy for almost 5 months, zack, and then he went away for a weekend and i hung out with this other guy, dan, and began gettin feelings for i broke it off with zack bc i liked dan..but then it turned out that 3 of my best girl friends also liked dan and that was just soo hard b/c dan always made it seem like he had feelings for me and i liked him so incredibly much but all in all i guess he didn't..he was just trying to keep all 4 girls liking him-so i gave up on him but during all this another guy, adam, came in and started to help with all my problems with dan and he was just so sweet and he it seemed like he cared about me-so as of right now i'm dating adam-but now adam is beginning to be a jerk bc he is 2 years older then me and i think he thinks he is superior to me in that way but now dan is telling me he has feelings for me and he turned down this other girl bc he doesn't want to ruin the chance that maybe me and him could happen when adam leaves (he's moving in 2 months) so i have no idea what to do..i still care a lot about adam but i can't get over how much of a jerk he's being lately but i also have feelings for dan bc they never completely went away from the first time and all i can say after all this is that guys confuse the hell out of me... :*( -confused venting..i hate wen i get drunk and get depressed & ruin something completely great i have with this guy becuase he cant take it wen things get hard bcuz he loves weed like no other, i also hate wen ur tellin ur x ab this problem and he is completely great and there for you like my boy shud be being but hes not he wont talk to me i love him ive already gone thry that broked heart bullshit and i cant take it an i need to stop drinking.. ima f***ng psycho What a wonderful site, I can finally vent!!!! My bitch is with AA, surprised? I was married to an alcoholic for twenty eight years. They didn't tell me I should have been involved until it was to late, cost me my marriage and two million. Warning!!! Don't make the same mistake, get involved, stay involved, don't screw up like I did. Those women in AA will convince your spouse she is better off single if you let them. ~Bill This is what I hate and it happens to me all the time...I hate when I am at the point of just getting over a guy and then he has the nerve to call me and see how things are going. So of course I start getting all the feelings back again. I wish that they would just let things alone or if they are going to call us, then do it on a regular basis, not just every once in a while when they feel like it. where should i start...i dont know. thats my first problem, i never know anything anymore. i feel like i can never make up my mind about things. Everything is "i dont know" my other problem is guys..i recently broke up with my boyfriend who i had been going out with for about a month. he had liked me since the beginng of the school year but i had never liked him until a couple months later. even then i wasnt sure if i really liked him, but when he asked me out i decided to say yes because i thoight i liked him. well anyways when i really got to thinking about going out with him, i realized that i didnt really like him. that always happens with me. i think i like a guy but after a couple months going out with him i realize that i dont really like him. i guess its because i guys that i really like never like me. i know that sounds kind of stupid but its true. so what ends up happening is that i force myself to like someone, and i hate it when i do that. i keep promising myself i wont do that again but it doesnt work. i hate it when im going out with a guy that i forced myself to like and then after i break up with him i find out that the person i really liked, liked me. yet i couldnt go out with that person anyways because too many of my friends liked him. then he doesnt like me anymore and gets a girlfriend when im single. and so then im left right where i started; alone, envious and confused. why is life so freaked up? ~ana There no time in life to dwell, feel guilty or unsure All I know is how I feel, Saddoned by the way we were I gave up my happy life, to feed your whims & greed I will and can let go of you, but I won't let go of me. ~Taking time off nearly all of your vents are from girls about guys. i'm the other way around, but figured i'd send you this anyway. i've been head over heels in love with an incredible girl for the last three years. we lived together for about two and a half. we'd get into disagreements about different stuff from time to time and we can both be extremely stubborn about things, but i could never stay angry at her for very long at all. just seeing her smile, hearing her voice, simply being near her wiped all that away. the problem was that she had trouble letting stuff like that go and was never very good at dealing with stress. (in any aspect of her life, not just her relationship with me - i often helped her deal with different things she was upset about) about a month and a half ago, she ended up telling me that i should get my own apartment and we'll take some time apart to work things out (right, when does that ever not mean "i'm dumping you"?), but when i was looking for an apartment she told me that we should just break up instead. (surprise!) argh. it's especially hard because we work together. pretty closely even. i miss the fuck out of her, but she's always there. i can't just close myself away and not think about her. she says that she misses me sometimes, but that she knows that she made the right decision. but she still calls me some evenings and weekends asking me to come over to just hang out and do stuff with her. i know i should try to make as clean a break as possible and have resolved a thousand times not to go over there when she calls, but as soon as i hear her voice, none of that matters anymore. it irritates the fuck out of me that i'm so weak about this because in everything else, i've always been strongly in control of my life. i've been trying to make myself less available by going out and doing stuff and actually took the t-tops off my car and blasted up to seattle from portland (it's about 170 miles one way) on a beautiful monday afternoon not long ago just to get some distance between myself and this crappy situation. when i got up there, i checked my cell and saw that she'd called me eight times and left a message saying that she didn't really have any reason for calling, but to give her a call back. it was kind of entertaining when i called her back and talked for a bit and she finally asked where i was and she realized how far away i was. she called me again a couple hours later when i'd started back, wanting me to come over for a while, but was disappointed that i was still a few hours away and ended up just going to bed instead. gah. she's made it explictly clear that she doesn't want to be in a relationship with me, but she doesn't seem to want to let go completely which makes me feel like that there's a possibly that things can somehow get worked out so i'm reluctant to give up entirely even though that would probably be for the best. i feel like i'm on a fucking roller coaster. i hate being fucking weak and giving in when she calls. -jesse Will women ever understand men.? The older I get the more I say no. When I was younger I always hoped that we were equal. Equal, what a joke? My mom really taught me about a world that did not exist. A world where everything was equal. "what a joke" She and my sister have found out in the worst possible ways. I am not bitter just a little twisted by the cruelty and injustice in this world. Men are getting more selfish and dangerous and women are getting more distant. Women are doing more, getting sicker and men are just in somesort of selfish limbo. All men want is their need met. What are mens need you may ask? To satisfy their dicks and there ego`s. All my issues and problems so far in life have revolved around mens selfish urges. The rape by three very sick and inhumane evil men was by far one of the most dammaging. This event left me vulnerable and blind to the world for a very long time. I was mentally and physically tortured by my farthor, Mentally tested by loads more men and now are knumb to any sort of feeling. The older i get the more I dislike men and their total obsession with sex. My life was tainted for ever and I feel robbed that I will never have the self esteem to really enjoy someone else. I can never let my wall down next time i will die, Well that was really venting. Alot I have not felt for a very long time. Scary..... he loves me sometimes but he's my baby & u know he's goona say NO so back off my baby boy cuz we love each other!!!! thanx bittergurl ~*Corey* i was with this guy i met when i was 16yrs he was 23yrs. i`m 25yrs now an he is 32yrs now. i moved in when i was 18yrs. i caught him cheating one time. after 6 1/2 yrs of him drinking and drugs i left. even though i found out he was cheating again an turned to harder drugs it took me a long time to leave. after 7 months of being on my own he called me at 4:40am he was in a motorcycle accident he thought he was going to die and wanted to tell me he loved me. i helped him get back on his feet and he stayed sober for 2 weeks a wonderful 2 weeks enough to pull me back in. i hadn`t said i love you to him in almost a year. then i let him in it felt so good he was a great guy. just last night i found out things i didnt know-one of his friends finally called and told me the real deal it`s too hard to even say. best sinario him cheating on me. so it`s a lot worse. why is it when you love someone you can`t get away from them no matter how terrible things get. hes an alcoholic and more and instead of him getting help im the one who made an appointment to see someone for $110.00 first session isn`t it ironic to love someone you have to pay to try and get over them? My story would take forever to tell, but I will tell you all the short version. I am a senior in high school and the beginning of last year I met this guy who I assumed would just be someone I hung out with once or twice. Somehow we ended up spending a lot more time together. Throughout the whole year he caused me a lot of pain-he never made me feel like I mattered, yet called me everyday and asked me to hang out a lot. I lost my virginity to him at the beginning of the year, which was a big mistake, I see now. Anyway, towards the end of the year things seemed to get a little better..we spent more time together and he asked me to his senior prom. After prom everything was alright-he eventually left for the summer and then for college. He left on very bad terms and I swore we would never speak again. I was wrong..he called me at the beginning of this school year and I have to say I was in such shock. A few months passed, and then came winter break..we saw each other for like the first time in a while. Everything was really good..we got to talking and he made me feel like he cared, more than he had before. So figuring it was almost the new year, I had to tell him how I felt. It had been over a year that I had known him and I never told him, "I like you". I started to think I loved him. On New Years Eve I saw him and confessed everything, it didnt help that we were both intoxicated. A few days later he told me he could see things happening and it was the best thing to hear. I eventually told him I loved him and he said it back. He would call me every day from college and things were good.. until we began to fight. We both have very combative personalities-both of us dont have the highest it became a problem, bc I could never get my point across. All I wanted was to care about him, for him to be nice..but he hated me for caring and it really hurt me. I invested so much time and heart into him and all he did was shit on me. I recently found out that he was in love with someone else..or so he says. He has a problem with staying sober and barely remembered telling me.. i was told she doesnt care about him. I dont know what to do at this point, everything he has ever told me was a lie I feel. After everything, I am nothing to him and I still wonder what I did wrong. I hate what he has done to me- but I still care about him immensly.. so for right now, I'm trying my hardest not to talk to him-and if things were meant to be, they will be. Thanks for letting me vent..I know it isnt as big of problems as some of you have..but Im only 17 and I have enough heartache and emotional abuse from this kid-to last me a lifetime.. ive been going out with this guy for basically 4 months now and i love him a lot. The only problem is well there are a lot of problems. Ok first he like pressures me into doing things that im not ready for. He is almost two years older than me so i think thats why. Yet still i feel very uncomfortable when he gestures those things yet i go along with it because i love him sooooo much. Alright problem number two: i like another guy! i know its wicked bad but i cant help it. hes so nice and sweet to me i cant help it. ive been risking this relationship with my boyfriend b/c of the kid i like. he leads me on and i think he really likes me but yet then he go's on about another girl making me feel like crap. We hug and hold hands and stuff like that in front of my boyfriend tooo but he doesnt notcie only my friends do. and they say its wrong and its not and thats problem number three!!! my boyfriend is always with these two girls he claims not to liek them but before we were dating he had crushes on them and went out with one of them. i hate it cuz its worse than me and my crush. mine only developed b/c of his little escapade. even his bestfriends say he does like those girls but he denys it. im so confused i think my b/f might only be going out with me b/c he thinks he will get soem from me. im not sure im so confused!!! guyz r way 2 complicated!!!! ~lee~ Hi... you know what I hate? I hate it when you fall for your best friend, he falls for you, but then he "just wants to go back to the old way" after awhile. Then he happens to see you with one of your dates and gets all protective and almost beats the shit out of your date... that is what I hate. Beauty is only a lightswitch away.. Well, I can't relate to everything that I've just read because I've been married for a very long time and had a wonderful happy marriage until last yr. my husband had an affair. Our children are grown and he is the love of my life but he fell in love with another woman and it has nearly destroyed me. They have agreed not to talk to each other again but how can you go on in a marriage when this has happened. It has left me very insecure and I feel he doesn't love me. Oh, he is trying to do everything right but I just can't get past what he did. Living with it is so bad. I can't sleep nights and it has opened my eyes to a lot of things. He is nothing but a big flirt and I don't know how much more I can bear. I can't believe I'm even writing this because it is not something I would ever do. I agree with some people in here that in my eyes ALL men are very selfish and very very self-centered. I've given this man my whole life and he was my everything and for NO reason (and he admits it too after counseling) for him turning to this lady. It has been the hardest thing I've ever had to face. Sometimes I hate him. My best friend's name is Jeffrey. Yesterday I was depressed beyond belief..almost ready to end it all... he sat in my car for hours trying to make me smile. After a while he mentioned a girl he had asked out. "Who?" I asked. He wouldn't tell me. He tells me everything! I got preturbed but didn't tell him. Today I was in the mall and saw him, so I waved. He looked right at me and then looked away, as if he had seen nothing. How can he tell me he cares..then not trust me, and the next day pretend I don't exist? ~Emily The man that loves me with all his heart and soul. Who says that he gives his whole self to me when he is with me. Gets married to this older girl just to make his mom and family happy. (The long version of the story would make you fall over) I was with my boyfriend for ten years, a year and a half ago he cheated on me and refused to talk to me or have anything to do with me, he moved in with the other woman, and now they are broken up but he still wont talk to me, it is driving me nuts I cant move on I dont know how ten years could mean nothing to him, how could he forget so fast and just move on? Hi everyone, I got a good one for you. I met a guy at the local hang out and we started seeing eachother. We are getting alone great I like him a lot, well recently this little 14 year old girl has been calling me asking and begging me to let her talk to him. This is his ex girlfriend, and he does want to talk to her. Should I let him... he is over 18 and she lied to him. And all he does is lie to me. I let him hold my money for my prom tickets... what does he do? SPENDS IT... He went to the strip club with the guys! Do you think that is fair? All I want to say is guys need to stop all the little foolish games. And I aint just anotha girl in that lil black book Justin! ~*~K.E.G.~*~ Hey hoping for love... i know how you feel... i am only a young adult..but i was in a relationship with a guy whom had been good friends with me for a while...we were doing great... see we both liked each other before but at different times so we always agreed to stay friends.. well he went off to school and i moved on to my senior year.. in about oct..we started talking everyday...and it devloped into a 5 month relationship... well we were doing great and he would come home on a lot of weekends to be with me....i really liked him and i think i still do...i just dont know if i miss him or if i miss having ended b.c we started to fight about stupid things too...he would never tell me how he felt and i couldnt deal with someone who couldnt tell me how he felt... when i was with him or when i was talking on the phone i felt happy... and i am not always happy...he made me happy...but when we started to not talk for days i knew it was bad and i knew we had to let go...i wish i would have fought more...i know i am young... and i know i will go to college next year to meet a ton of men... but i want him in my life...i could see myself with him later on...but the thing is i dont think he cared for me as i still do for him...we said we would still be friends...but our relationship ruined our friendship...i cant tell him how i feel b.c i am scared for hear what he says..i do not take rjection very well...i have learned from this but i still wish that i could call him to talk forever...or hang out and be happy with him just one more time.... ~*MT* Just thought i'd share my story. i met this guy, bill, who's a year older than me. it was so perfect in the beginning. we spent so much time together. then as time went on, we saw less and less of each other. when we went out, it would be because i took the initiative of calling him or making the plans. he rarely calls anymore. i try to be understanding, but there's only so much i can take. i'm through with being pissed, cuase it's not getting me anywhere. i'm just frustrated. and now, i won't see him for three weeks because he has "alot goin on with school." do i, but i can still find and/or make at least some time. i'm sick of "sitting by the phone waiting for hime to call me." but i don't want to hurt him either. i'm the type of person who believes in giving people second (and thrid and fourth and fifth....) chances. i don't know why. alright....thanks for reading. ~K in NY Well i have been goin out with this guy for like 16 days i know thats not a long time but still... I like loved the kid since the first time i met him...So we start goin out and he just broke up with me cause i was 14 and he was 16 but don't u think that when he first asked me out he would have known then but he really broke my heart ~Stephanie n/y Guys are made up of two things- shit and cum. Once the cum's drained, the only thing left is shit. We just broke up a week ago. Was with him for almost 2 years!!!!!! It was because he was suspicious I was sleeping with another woman. Constant unfounded accussation. men, please tell me, even if I was(which I'm not would you be so childish?) Men please find your security. And if you can't please dont let me take your bill for being so insecure. ~J in NY Hi I met this guy online in the widow/widowers chatroom about a year and half ago. I was widowed 12yrs with three kids, two of whom are grown. I really hadn't had a relationship with anyone till I met this man. May I add he's the first sexual experience I've had since my husband, and my husband was the first and only. By the way my husband died at the age of 35 and I was the same age. I am now 48 and the guy I am talking about is 49. Anyway we shared alof of fun banter in that chatroom and pretty soon like after a weeks of communicating there we went in IM's. Shortly after that we started talking on the phone and he was the sweetest guy. Caring, loving just everything I hoped for. Bruce, that's his name, started saying to me after a month it's coming the time when I have to meet you, I can't wait any longer. Feelings for me were the same. He lives in upstate NY and I live in NJ. That's a three hour drive. So anyway after a month and half he came down to where I live, we met in a public place and he stayed over the weekend in a hotel. The following week we met again and he met me half way and stayed in a hotel and I went there. Nothing happened just some kissing and petting. So the relationship developed and we proclaimed our love for one another. After a month of him mostly coming to see me, he's a chef and we started seeing each other about every 2weekends cause he worked alot of weekends in the hospital and I understood. Anyway after 5months I got online and he was coming to see me. I saw his screen name pop up and I thought it was him. He lives with his daughter, in her small rented house, hate to say it, sleeps on the couch and is heavily in debt from credit cards. Well when I saw his name pop up I thought it was him so IM'd him, curious to see why he wasn't on his way down here, and it was his daughter. She said that Dad was on his way down and all of a sudden she got angry. Said I hate that woman in Ca.. she took Dad for all his money. I said what woman, he had told me his first wife died in a drunken driving accident and that was 6yrs ago. I was surprised and his daughter sensed that and said you'll have to ask Dad. I shouldn't have said anything. So when he came down I asked him about a woman in CA and he said that was allover. He thought he loved her, but oh well. She took him for his insurance money and was left with nothing. He had hatred for her now and that's it. I was shocked, he lied to me, but I let it go. About a week later, something inside me told me still something wasn't right and I had to find out. He was a very secretive man and he admitted it. My I add he is a freemason, belongs to that secretive men's organization. He told me in the beginning about that and since I was Catholic, it might bother me. Told him I didn't know much about them and that was that. So anyway cause I sensed something else was going on with him, I went into a different screen name, pretended to flirt with him and he said he was in the process of a divorce...I was again soooo shocked and I cried. Called him up and he admitted it, crying on the phone. I forgave him, another lie and two weeks later he brought me the final divorce papers to prove he was in fact divorced but he did say he was like $100,000, she wanted alimony plus him to pay half of all the debts they had incurred. Anyway now it's been a year and half, haven't heard anything more about that, and things were going ok. I was frustrated I didn't see much of him but every 3weekends cause of his job. Well last week at the freemason lodge they were having a spring ball. I told him I would go with him but he said no I don't want to go, don't have the money. I told him I would pay for myself he said no I won't go. So I said ok..whatever u want. I went up to see him and I stayed a hotel overnight with him. I can't stay where he lives cause of his daughter having no room. I was there twice though. He does live with her. So going back to the ball on Friday he wrote me he was off from work on Sunday and he told me two weeks ago if he was going to be off, he would come down here on Sat. night. Well his email on Friday said yes off on Sunday but I met a guy at the DMV and he invited me for dinner. Some other friends will be there, so he might go. I was upset. Then I put two and two together and I remembered the ball being the same day. I then thought he's probably going to that but why doesn't he want me there. I call up one of his lodge members ANd he confirmed that yes Bruce is going. I was sooo upset, another lie! So I called him and asked him if he was coming on Sunday and he said...noo I have so much to do, and he listed what he did have to do. So I asked him are u going to that dinner and he said he might. So I told him Bruce I know your going to that ball, he said no, but then I said I have proof aNd told him how I find out. He pAused for like 10minutes, sounded real nervous and admitted it. So I told him he wasn't a man, why didn't he want me there and what he was doing to me. I cried. He said look your pushing me in that direction, work is, my other duties are I have no time for myself. I am not ready for a commitment. So I said ok let me talk to your daughter to tell her bye and I shouldn't haVe told her that her father lied but I did. She hung up the phone on me ANd I'm the one woman she really liked, Bruce told him. So now it's Tuesday and I haven't heard from him. No emails no phone calls. I just had to write him a letter today to see what's going on. I am sooo brokenhearted. He told me I was allowed to give on this and he would never. I would never lose him. Now this. Well sorry this was so long but as you see I needed to vent. Please any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you all for listening.. ~CL I have read several of the vents on this page, only to cave in and decide to share mine even though reluctant to do so. So here it goes. All of the vents I have read are about how one person was hurt by another, and Im sorry to say this story is not the same. One day I met this handsome man and we went out. Ever since the first time we talked I was more compfortable around him than any other guy friend or boyfriend I have ever had. Our relationship only lasted 6 months, but it was a wonderful six months. Towards the end he was going away and we argued a little about stupid stuff, and came to the conclusion to break up. Although this sucked to me, I cared about him so much and did the right thing and let him go, figuring how do you know what you want if you dont see other people. Although he is away and I am now too, we have kept a close friendship and when we are together we still see each other. What I dont understand is if we both know we care about each other and things are great between us why cant he even admit he likes me? Why is it so hard for someone to share that with the opposite sex especially when you both know its the truth? To this day I still hope that someday the two of us are together, and if not I have accepted that its okay, because I do love this man and want nothing but the best for him. Although we have both moved on, he still has not been with anyone else, and I have but there will always be an empty space in my heart with out him in my life one day. ~Hoping for Love I have been with the same girl for almost 11 years and after giving her anything and everything she could ever want or desire she, left me. I am an old fashion kind of guy! I enjoy being home with my family(my 3 year old son) my son is my whole life now that his mom left. I am shy when it comes to women and i know that it will be very hard to find the right women. I have been told that there out there but where? I am not into the bar seen, but more into romantic walks and candle light dinners(I am a good cook). I am afraid to trust again, Once you've been hurt like this, it's hard to give my heart away like i did. The thoughts of is there any good ones left, will remain a mystery for now! ~LONELY AND AFRAID What's Love Got to do with it???? I just can't believe that I have put so much of my time and energy into a man that does not want anything nor does he have anything.. I am a woman that just wanted to be loved.... real love... but i guess there is really no such thing as real love.....I have trusted and each time I give an inch he took a mile.....Drugs, why do they choose them over us...we feed them, stroke their ego's and still get kicked in the ***....You hope and pray that they will change but they never find yourself making excuses for them... and still end up hurt....What's love got to do with it???? Not a **** thing..... nothing.... there is no such thing as real love..... ~hurt in tn OK, I just went through your vent page and every single one of them is from a woman. Now, I don't think men are perfect, I am one and I am not perfect. However, you women are just as bad and do things just as bad as any man. My last girl friend was just as bad as any man I have known. She was selfish, a coward, and totally self serving. We will start at more than a year into the relationship. A relationship we both repeatedly said was the best we ever had. One where we were planning on marriage and kids, the whole deal. Anyway, I receive a wonderful card full of little hearts telling me how she wants to be together forever. Then within three weeks (on a Saturday) "she doesn't think she feels the same and can she have time to think?" Sure, no problem, better to figure things out know right? Several days later we talk, she still doesn't know how she feels, but when I ask she still says she still considers us boyfriend girl friend. We talk again the next Friday, still not sure how she feels but still thinks we are boyfriend and girlfriend. Talk the next week, same thing. I start hearing things; she hasn't been staying at her place at all, she has been telling people we aren't together - we have broken up, et. I come to find out she has told everyone else we weren't together the whole time she tells me she still considers us to be together, she has been staying at another guys house, she has lied to her parents about me... et. Further more she won't even talk to me about any of this, will not say what happened, what went wrong, nothing. So, in the interest of fairness, since only women vents appear, people are people and most people just suck. Women included. Just wanted to vent about her and the one-sidedness of the postings. Thanks Bitter Dave I have been with my boyfriend for 5 months though. During the first 2 and a half months, I tried to put up with his smoking, even though I am EXTREMELY allergic to it. Just the smell of it gives me a headache. And then he quit in January. A few weeks ago at a party we were at, he started again and I got very upset. 2 days later I told him I couldn't handle the smoking and he quit because he said he wanted to stay with me. Then, 2 nights ago he decided to tell me that he had been smoking behind my back and lying to me about it, and that he won't quit, and if I can't deal with it then he is going to break up with me. I told him I couldn't deal with it and that I thought it was ridiculous that he would pick cigarettes over me, when he tells me he loves me and wants to marry me someday. He broke up with me. About 20 minutes later we got back together. I told him I would try, and he said he doesn't even like the smell of it or anything, but that he is "so stressed out right now" and it is the only thing that relaxes him, and when he's not so stressed anymore, he will probably quit (I don't think that's true.) But I know that he doesn't have anything to be stressed about, so I don't know whats going on. And I'm already having doubts about being able to deal with it... I don't know what to do! 03.22.01 I met him on Feb.18th. Compliments of an internet dating service. He dug in fast and hard. I went along for the emotional ride. Yes, wouldn't everyone like to be in love and live happily ever after. But like Diana Ross said, YOU CANT HURRY LOVE NO..YOU JUST HAVE TO WAIT LOVE DONT COME EASY..that was the clue. He was easy. We had sex 3 times. All of the red flags were always there. I figured since he probably only wanted sex, he got it and I am done. A triple one night stand. Now I am backing off....He is not nice, not wonderful, and finds the traditional dumb excuses for himself and his behavior. His background is shakey. His life is scandalous. I just want him to forget I exist. No more internet dating for me. There are too many predators out there. I hope he just gets tired of me saying no and goes on to find someone else. Today is March 11th. I was determined not to keep this nonsense up for long. My advice: Be careful in the dating world, esp. on the net. Required reading for all women: 101 Lies Men Tell Women. Author: Dory Hollander. Peace I remember when I first met him and how I knew... That every time he touched me my love grew... Times were great our love was good and we'd make love the way we should... Then it came into my life... I got disrespect from him and his ex-wife... I really tried hard to hang in... And then here she'd come at me again... He would back away and let it happen... My heart grew weak and very saddened... I delt with the meanness of his son and it wasn't just me it was everyone... It was me who begged him to say... To teach his son yes sir and mam everyday... Then came him looking at other females... Oh the stories my heart could tell... Why I still hung in, when he was doing me so wrong... I really don't know, I tried to be strong... I lost my pride and self-esteem... And from all he did I became mean... I gained weight and lost sight of myself... From all the disrespectfulness that I have felt... I have got to get myself back and I know I will... With a lot of prayer I know I will heal... I will start all over again... And with God's help, I'll met the right man!!! ~Sharon Waldrop i read your page and i decided i'd write in. i ended up hooking up with this boy who had a girlfriend. it was wrong on both our parts. well he decided he made a mistake so he tried to keep me close so i wouldnt tell his girlfriend. well they broke up and he decided that now was a good time to get back with me. he told me that he cared for me and that if there was another girl in his life it'd be me and all this stuff that made me fall for him. well dont ya know he got back with his girlfriend and forgot all bout me?? well recently they broke up for good and he came back to me. i was stupid and took him back.. only to find out he was just using me.. even though he says he wasnt. and now hes with this other girl and tells her the same things he use to tell me!!! and still tries to get with me and when i tell him no he says that i'm the one trying! i dont know what i was thinkin!! ''Someone tell me please''! What is the meaning of man? What are they for? Men in general are mucus. And they don't just suck, they are one dimensional beast. That belong in the jungle with the rest of the wildlife. I am just afraid the jungle might not even welcome them either. Maybe sewer is the the best place for selfishness and heartless cowards that they are. I'm sure the female rats wouldn't mind a little company. But knowing men they'd probably fit in just perfectly. And for those rare ones that do exist and are extremely hard to find. This dosen't pertain to you. I am hating the: Cheaters Liers Users Abusers Rapists F**ked up stepfathers Womenizers Manipulaters and etc..... But I guess this is what is man. Meaning; MAN 1. No heart, without feeling. 2.Concern with only thier well being and there well being dosen't satisfy. 3.Only two legs with a penis. (penis's don't heal) My exboyfriend told me how much he loved me. He told me that I was his soulmate and that he would never let anyone hurt me again. He held me when I cried and sang me a song. He told me I was his world. He knew that I did could not trust men that easily and he knew that I did not believe him when he told me these things. He told me that he knew I could not trust him but all he could do was earn my trust and prove himself through his actions. Well well well as soon as I finally start believing him and give my heart away, where is he???? HE DISSAPEARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Word of advice.....protect your heart and don't ever believe the lies! I've been dating this guy for about 3 months. Things seem to be going fine. I was sooo into him and I thought he was into me also. (Mind you, we were best friends before all this) He told me just what my ears wanted to hear, but it was only lip service. Stupid me, should have known it was all a line/all a game!! But, when you feel you love someone, you'll believe everything they say. He told me he was going to treat me like a queen. That he loved me. That he would never do anything to hurt me. Well, just a few days ago, he told me that his feelings had changed. He didn't love me in that way. He said, that he felt we were better as friends. Also that when he was telling all those "sweet nothings" he ment them at that time, but the next day he did not feel the same. So, needless to say we're not together. Which really sucks, because I really was starting to give him my heart. And, what part of my heart he did manage to get... HE CRUSHED!!! LOVE SUCKS!!!!!!!!! 10 feet deep isn't deep enough. There is temptation out there and the good men stay clear of that even when it's hard to resist, some men actually do. That's those good men, so honey that man that was yours for over 20 years ended up old garbage so send that woman a thank you note because she took your trash out for you. ~DL Don't you really hate it when you get with a guy who promises you everything and you believe him. Even enough to get married only to be getting a divorce 3 weeks later cause he says he just doesn't want to leave his mother yet! Where are all the real MEN I've always heard of??? I went out with this guy for 2 months. he told me that he loved me and would never leave me or hurt me. we only got to see each other once a week cause he lives about an hour away, but i was soo happy, even with that. it turns out that the whole time he was going out with me, he had an online girlfriend. can you believe it! when i confronted him about it he said that he didn't love me and he dumped me for some woman who was 10 years older then him and lived in another state!!! to top that all off when i went to my friend for a shoulder to cry on she was to wrapped up in herself to care and told me that i would get over it! GRRRR! First of all. I know it's hard to have someone try to steal your boyfriend, but you ever put yourself in the "other women's" shoes. It's not such a pretty place. See, I'm so in love with this guy and we've talked and flirted. I know he has a girlfriend, but just because he has a girlfriend doesn't change the way I feel about him. He's the best thing in the world. He's sweet and handsome and I'm sure alot of women like him. That's just something that happens. I personally don't think that since I'm trying to be with him means that I should be "sleet from one whole to another and burried 10 feet under". You can't help how your heart feels. And look at it this way, he obviously didn't love you or he wouldn't have gone after another girl. I am so angry at a doctor who did nothing to heal my spouse, but did all he could to hasten his death to keep him for research and then would not even talk to me for 10 minutes to say why he stole the living will and power of attorney papers from his chart. And when I tried to get 10 minutes he slapped a no contact order on me. 4 nurses clued us in as to what was going on. And he knew it. How do such ARROGANT doctors still practice? No name or state as he will know who I am and the hospital. Well I was with this guy this jerk he told me he loved me and that I was the only one for him that we would be together for the end of time. My mistake was that I believed him, I guess this is more like a warning don't fall for words fall for doings. Well, I'm not a member. But I like to vent today. Even if people say I complain to much. I believe I have good reason. I think that any women who KNOWINGLY barrows uses or STEALS another women's men married or not should be sleet from one hole to the other and put 10 feet under. And any man who believes the lien tramp over his girlfriend of 24 years should have it cute off and shoved were the sun doesn't shine and his heart ripped out and stooped on until there isn't any of it left. Oh, Miss Thing you probably won't see this but, I hope someone does and tells you all about it. Thank you for letting me vent have an awesome holiday and enjoy it for me to maybe I'll get lucky and find somebody way better than him. My father is a bitter man. It is strange how the " I " in bitter is a different word than better man just because of one letter " I ". ~t BitterGurl, I noticed that you don't have much up in the way of bitter dialog. This is something that I find highly unlikely with the amount of beer swiggin fools out there on the prowl. I would think that there would be little to no room to post another additon of a "woman scorned". Being your site seems to focus on "ya know what I hate", allow me to top all. My trainer, a very handsome man, perused me for months at the gym. I finally caved and dated the man, eventually falling in love, for 8 months... it was at dinner that he told me that his girlfriend was moving in. For those of you in the "not so sharp area" I should tell you that he wasn't talking about me. He then proceded to try to make me feel better by telling me that he could still see my on weekends...what a gift huh? I had no clue, no feasible idea how this could be. He peruses me to this day to no end. I have changed gyms, my phone number, even my job. Just for the record, I was devastated, and I would have taken him back if he would have given me the opportunity ( which he would have if he believed he wouldn't have been caught in the process). I was a very weak woman. It's been over a year now since this day, I have met a man that far exceeded my expectations and touches my heart daily. He picked me wildflowers, he calls when he says he will, shows when he say he will, in short he's a real man. Now I thank GOD that I sat in that restaurant, across from that jackass, and took the news on the chin. After all, in hindsight, if I would never have been told I would have never been set free to find the man I have now. I should really send him a thank you card. And for everyone who has ever been in a situation near to mine, well, you should spend less time sulking (easier said then done) and more time out there living knowing that there's one more jackass you can scratch off the list, leaving a brand new opening on your dance card. Now get the hell out and dance. ~JB I hate it when guys like you one day and the next day they want to nail your best friend! I hate it when you fall in love with your best friend! I hate it when you have to go away and then your boyfriend has sex with another girl. ||Submit A Vent||Ask BitterGurl Page||Ask BitterGurl A Question|| ||Bitter Quotes Page||Submit A Quote||Links|| Sign the Guestbook! View the Guestbook!