Justin Interview

Q. Why do all babies look the same?

JRT. (Laughing) Thats true, all babies look like lizards when they're first born.That question makes a good point exactly - we all come out looking exactly the same. Its kinda awful that as people grow up they're thought of as outcasts because they may have grow up to look different. We may be a different shade, but people make the world go round.

***Best question in an interview EVER***

Q. What are you like when you're drunk?

JRT. I wouldn't know (Laughs). I always go straight to sleep. When you're a younger person, you wanna be rebelious and you try all that stuff out, but now that I'm older, I've found out that it's not for me.

Q. When are you planning to get married?

JRT. I have no plans to get married - that's never even crossed my mind. I'm sure people have fantasies and daydreams about being married and having a nice house with a wire picket fence and whatever, and having a lovely wife and lovely children, but I've never seriously thought about getting married I have to find the right person. To me, marriage is the next step you take when you're totally in love with someone you can call your soulmate.

Q. Do you believe in life after death?

JRT. I'm a Christian so I believe in heaven, and a life with Jesus Christ after death. i don't believe in reincarnation.

Q. Have you ever loved anyone who didn't love you back?

JRT. Er, yeah. Once. I don't know whether it was that she didn't love me back, she just didn't love me in the right way. It was a very immature kind of relationship and it just didn't work out. She said she loved me and I'm sure she did, but I don't think she understood the whole concept of love, so I don't think she could have possibly loved me. But that's a whole 'nother lifetime.

Q. How much is too much?

JRT. Everybody's different. (Somewhat cryptically) Some people get offended by things that other people do, but if they're comfortable about it, thats fine. How much is too much money? Well, I've bought myself nice things, but I've also saved my money and put it away and that's going to go to my kids' kids. I'm just looking out for my family down the road. Money should be a support, not a toy.

Q. When was the last time you fell over?

JRT. I think it was during our last tour. We have a big stage for the show and around the stage are huge ramps that go all the way up to a big screen. And these ramps are really steep - I wasn't looking where I was going and I tripped over one and almost busted my butt on the stage. I made a recovery because we have rails on the side of the ramps, so I just climbed up to the rail and waited until I got my balance back. Then as soon as I was oriented I took off again. We just laughed about it.

Q. What's the perviest item of clothing you own?

JRT. What, like the sexiest? I've been trademarked in America because I always wear a white vest - well, we call them wifebeaters (Laughs) - under my clothing. I usually get so hot on stage that I take it off and just wear the vest. It's very fitted, so I suppose that would be it.

Q. Who's the sexiest women on the planet?

JRT. The sexiest woman..... (thinks..) That's a good one. Everybody's so different, it would hard to pick the sexiest. As far as movies go, I'm totally in love with Halle Berry. I think she's like, incredibly perfect. But I've thought Janet Jackson has nothing but sex appeal, so I'd probably say her.

Q. Do you tidy up when you know you have visitors coming round?

JRT. (Immediatly) Yes. I'm really conscious of that. If it's my best mates coming over, I don't care - I'm like, "Excuse the house, it's messy, sorry, I didn't clean it up" But if there's a girl coming round to my house that I want to impress, I'll definitely clean it up.

Q. What's the worst thing in in the world?

JRT. Racism. To be judged or persecuted because of something that you have no control over -like the colour of your skin or your religion -and to be an outcast...Racism is something that really bugs me. And it's sad, because racism's getting worse and worse over in the states. But I think one day people are gonna realize how unimportant the color of your skin is.

Q. Would you rather be a bee or a wasp?

JRT. Well, That's tough, I'd probably rather be a bee. At least they're busy. And I'd attract people with my honey.

Q. Have you ever snogged another famous person?

JRT. (Chuckles) Ummmmm... no comment. Definitely no comment.

***cough cough Brintey cough cough***

Q. Why does your nose run?

JRT: (After a careful thought) Yeah, it runs when your sinuses build up....(Trails off) I have no idea.

Q. Why is grass always greener on the other side?

JRT. (Straightaway) People always want what they can't have. And then when they get it, they find out that they wanted what they had in the first place. That's how it's always been.

Q. Do you believe in angels?

JRT. Yeah, I believe in angels. Seriously. That goes back to my religion. I believe there are signs everywhere. You can choose to deal with them or you can just ignore them, but I think they're always there. You can find out where your place in the world is, because I believe that everybody has the potential to make something happen in this world - to make a difference. I think Angels are always there, watching over us. We picture them in a human form, but it's a spirit thing. I imagine them as a haze- type thing.

Q. Have you ever had a dream about someone famous?

JRT. Sure. Janet Jackson. But I can't tell you what happened in it!

Q. Have you ever picked your nose in public?

JRT. I've picked my nose on purpose! (Laughs) Sure, everybody's been caught picking their nose. I wouldn't recommend it in public, but if you get a little build-up, you've got to get it out. That's kinda nasty, but sorry.

***ok that's it, I want the name of the guy who thought up these questions...***

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