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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find Conan the Barbarian mp3s from the soundtrack?

Answer: I get this question more than you'd believe. Look at my links, they're right there!


Are you going to have Conan the Destroyer mp3s up soon?

Answer: Nope. The soundtracks are nearly identical,and that movie sucked anyway.


Can you tell me where to find the movie poster for Conan the Barbarian?

Answer: Honestly, I have no clue. Good luck in your searches.


Where can I find the Conan Sword?

Answer: Again, no clue. I am not a weaponsmith.


Have you read any Robert E Howard Conan books, or Conan comics?

Answer: No, and no. I'm a fan of the movie, and cinema in general. Never could get into the books (though I do read a lot).


Where can I find the lyrics to the Riders of Doom?

Answer: Again, on my page, in the wavs section.


You're mp3s don't work!!!

Answer: It all depends on your browser, and how you download them. They're there, just sometimes it doesn't work from some computers. Try Save Target As...


Are you the man?

Answer: Why yes, yes I am.

Thats all 'til I think of more.