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Oils and Herbs for Life

Spiritual Healing Enchances the Healthy Growth of Your Physical Body.I am Lloyd Browning,aka The White Apache.I am a non-denominational ordained minister and half Apache.I have been living in the world of spirit all of my life.I am the Co-Founder and Chairperson of the Church of the Third Millennium and the New Mexico Institute of Metaphysical Alternatives.Over the years I have been using Crystals,Herbs and Oils for spiritual and physical healings.I am an Energy worker and a professional Psychic.My visions are leading to unite me with all peoples,and all races to further create and strengthen the light of ALL THAT IS.

I use carrier oils made by Cayce,all of my formulas are based on Cayce teachings.For those who may not know I am speaking of Edgar Cayce ( the sleeping prophet).

My mate,and co-founder of the Church of the Third Millennium,Plus our #800 counseling line has been and always will be of the greatest help in keeping me looking for and finding other ways of helping others in keeping a healthy mind and body.I teach about oils and herbs and when possible I do conduct work shops on oils and how to apply them properly.My internet site is now in the Spirit Quest Magazine,the URL is at the bottom of this page.

I have 2 wolves and 12 feral cats who have adopted me.I owe my guides and the spirits of the wolves and all that is around me a thanks for helping me put this page together.


Prayer is the Bread of Life.
Faith is the Light of Life.
Hope is the Love of Life.
Love is the Breath of Life.
Wisdom and Understanding are the Goals of Life.
Treating all things man and beast as we wish to be treated is making it to the top of our Goals.
Love of God and All mankind is Life.

The url for Spirit Quest is:

Lloyd Browning aka White Apache