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Toledo's Frogs

Frog NameArtistLocation Status
Picnic in the SwampJesse Mireles & John P. Kaminski Summit across from Jackson
Hot Foot Mark Moffett & Ravine Park Kids Adams & Superior
Bull Froggish on ToledoCarol Cochrane & Diane Krajiacek Summit & Adams
Jumpin Jamey Carol Cochrane & Diane Krajiacek One SeaGate
Professor L. M. Fibian Valencia Nicks & Robert Garcia One SeaGate
A Leaping We Will GoLinda Bode Promenade Park
Bud N WallyRobert Garcia International Park Restaurant
Froggy Bank Mitchell Antesky Madison & Superior
The Big Blue FrogSharon Hammer Baker Promenade Park
The Wine ButlerTrishia Bischoff International Park
Senor RanaAnn Reddy Damon & Students International Park
Via Toad-ledoKelli M. Yingling Toledo Express Airport
Glass City FrogSally Hobbib Rumman Studio Madison & Superior
Casey KetchumKeith Hasenbalg Jefferson & Superior
Cruisin CroakerMr. Atomic Levis Square on St. Clair
Ohhh Ceees Paaad Employees of Owens Corning Summit & Monroe
Collegiate CroakerMiguel Romero Jefferson in front of SeaGate
Rivet-RibbitTroy Longest 10th & Madison
Raining FrogsSharon Clark Huron & Jefferson
Tad C. Pole Venessa Neeb The Toledo Zoo
Frogs of a FeatherTroy Longest St. Clair & Madison
Globe HopperEllen Loeffler-Kalinoski and Lauren Kalinoski Jefferson & Summit
Tastes Like Chicken Steve Muncey Jackson & Summit
Classy Glassy LadyMary Ellen Graham Adams (at La Salles)
Building ToadledoMarc Folk Madison (Spitzer Building)
Uncle AmphibianDavid J. Eichenberg Promenade Park
Freggie the FrogKelly A. Weik Promenade Park
Amphibious LenderThom Frushour Huron & Madison
Marbletoad CrinkletonMary Mossing Krueger Jackson & Summit
Who Let the Frogs OutCory Coggins and the Fourth Graders of St. Joseph School Sylvania Levis Square
Cloud Frog of the Black SwampAmy M. Duvendack Huron & Madison
Toadally AwesomeBowsher Student Art Frogs Jefferson & Huron
All Hands on FrogBenjamin Peter Paul and Daniel Krueger Boys R Us Homeschool Promenade Park
Enviro TechThe Art Department of Clay High School 2001 Promenade Park
CrogCardinal Stritch High School International Park
WWWebbitSonja Schrum Summit
Froggy-Go-RoundJ Douglas Patterson Promenade Park
TrivetKatie Delay Huron & Jefferson
Corn on the PodHeidi Fox Water & Jefferson (Promenade Park)
Barley Hops Cheers ToledoJennifer Shuff International Park
Lily LeaperKarrie Kern Dave Knepper Nikki Mann Chas. F. Mann Painting Co. St. Clair & Adams
B. Bopp FrogKeith Hasenbalg Erie and Madison
One Lord a LeapingKristin Baldeschwiler Adams & Summit
Bjorn InnapondTana Johnoff & Abby Romanco Levis Square
Spring PeeperAmy M. Duvendack Madison & Superior
Hoppin Mad Amphibian WayneLibby Marsh Summit
F.R.O.G. Bullfrog BuilderEllen Loeffler-Kalinoski Ontario & Adams
Sizzle City FrogMr. Atomic SeaGate Convention Centre on Summit
Froganardo Painting Mona LeaperLynn & Cathie Butterworth Summit & Jefferson
A Glass ActSandra Gulch Summit
Spartan FrogKimberly Stelmaszak Start class of 1998 and Justin Kruczkowski Start class of 2003 Library (Michigan)
Uptown ToadledoWaite High School Art Department International Park
Beauty and the BullfrogCheryl Auerbach Madison (Galbrith Park)
Bull Frog DozerLinda Bode Summit
Sweet SummerPam Zweifel Summit
P.T. CroakerMike and Allison Clements Promenade Park
Bull FrogJim Lohman and Lial Students Summit
Garden FrogCarol Cochrane & Diane Krajiacek Summit
Handsome PrintsDiana Reed Cheryl Kruczkowski and Riverside Students Summit
Handy FrogKelly A. Weik Promenade Park
Educating by Leaps and BoundsStudents of West Side Montessori Center Galbrith Park
Toledo NewsTiffany Kowalski N. Superior & Jackson
Frogbert D. RacerMarian Miller Promenade Park
Hop AboardLisa Barroso Huron & Jackson
Behold the PowerSteve Muncey Library (Michigan)
Lord of the FliesPeggy Grant Jefferson & St. Clair
Jumpin Jack TrashDennis Rohmyer Promenade Park
Toad-al JusticeMr. Atomic Adams at the Courthouse
The Crosby CroakerThe Crosby Festival Kids Promenade Park
One FroggateBrian Luman Fountain Square
Extremely MaxedBASF Color Lab Adams & Erie
Peace It ToadgetherClara Engel and Ashley Heilman Galbrith Park
George in the ParkMrs. Victoria Reihle and Gesu Students Fort Industry Square (Summit)
Photog FrogEllen Loeffler-Kalinoski St. Clair & Madison
Pretty in PinkJanet Weber Superior & Adams
The Opera isn't over until the Fat Froggy SingsMiguel Romero Superior & Adams
Holy ToledoSuzanne Gwozdz Summit (Trinity Plaza)
Knee Deep in Clean WaterAmy M. Duvendack Madison & Superior
Mayor of FrogtownKelly A. Weik One Government Center
Hopping Around ToadledoRobin A. Roberts One Government Center
Hoppers NightfrogsLeslie Adams St. Clair Street
Harry FroggerKatie Delay Close Park
Holy Toledo FrogKristina Becker Mayfair Park
The Book Adventure FrogMr. Atomic Inez Nash Park
Got BugsMarge Cadaret Sleepy Hollow Park
Tode a la ModeLaura Osborne & Wendy S. Singer Walbridge Park
FrogasaurusHugh E. McCulley TBD
BulbfrogShannon Bauerschmidt St. Clair Street Edison Plaza
Lily PondsStudents and Faculty of the School of Art and Design at the Toledo Museum of Art Michigan (Toledo Library)
Toadally East ToledoRobin Berger Lisa McClure International Park
Louisville LeaperCarl J. Detzel Madison & Erie
Classics Frog Read ItMaureen Kirwen Huffman Adams at the Courthouse
Catching FliesSteve Zimmerman Erie (in front of Lucas County Courthouse)
Senor BlancoKelly A. Weik International Park
Leap of FaithTroy Longest Owens-Illinois (Fountain Square)
Carmen MirandaLori F. Shamszadeh Erie Street Market
Officer RibbitArtists of Notre Dame Academy Summit
FrogalusionDave Dailey Jim Heldt and Dan Barrett Levis Square
LeapshotHockey Moms Levis Square
SwamptasticJenny Rideout Summit
Similar Taste ... in TiesTroy Longest Summit Street
Deaf FrogSteve Muncey Summit
Curbie the Recycling HopperSandra Gulch Summit & Jackson (In front of Four SeaGate)
A Relative Quantum LeapMichael McWhorter/ Julia Stroup Adams at the Courthouse
A Relative Quantum LeapMichael McWhorter/ Julia Stroup Adams at the Courthouse
Hopscotch HappinessJoan Bowen Adams & Michigan at the Library
Champion Leap FroggerChampion Employees Adams at the Courthouse
Ribbits and RibbonsSteve Zimmerman Levis Square
Froggy NightingaleKelly A. Weik Madison & Huron
To be NamedDennis Rohmyer