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UmmNurah's Islamic Info Site

Assalamu alaikum warahmatulaahi wabarakaatuh

This is the Mother of Light website. I apologize for the introductory I had previously had and want to say Whatever happens, happened out of the Will of Allah, and for a reason and for that, whatever is, was meant to be.

I lived in a few places here and there, Egypt, USA, Canada, Jordan and now back in Canada. Home sweet home.

Check out Stories of the Prophets by Ibn Kathir plus more stories
"Stories of the Prophets".

REPENT Stories & Fear of Allah


You are welcomed to use any images on this page, just as long as you add my page as a link insha'Allah. If you wish to cut and paste an article of mine you can, and if you wish to translate my articles into your own languages you can just please add my webpage onto yours insha'Allah. If you need to know anymore info please feel free to email me or sign the guestbook. Take Care. Wasalam alaikum.

please check out my other pages and sign the guestbook please.

In the name of Allah, most Compassionate, most Merciful.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. The Compassionate, the Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment.

You alone do we worship, and to You alone we ask for help. Guide us to the Straight Path.

The way of those whom You have favored. Not of those who have incurred Your wrath. Nor of those who go astray. The Opening 1:1-7


1. Knowledge Info 2. Lowering Gaze 3. Gamble/Alcohol/ Pork Forbidden 4. Mickmick/Backbiting
5. Invitation to Islam 6. Verses from the Qur'an 7. Hadiths Bukhari 8. Book of Belief
9. Book of Knowledge 10. Book of Wudu 11. Book of Salat and Times 12. Book of Adhan
13. Book of Characteristics of Salat 14. Book of Jumu'ah 15. Book of Two Eids 16. Book of Fasting
17. Book of Gifts 18. Book of Food/Drinks 19. Book of Patients and Medicine 20. Book of Dress
21. Book of Good Manners 22. Book of Invocations 23. Book of Wishes 24. Book of Qur'an and Sunnah
25. 10 Sickness of the Heart 26. #1. Born Sin-Free 27. #2. God's Book Has no Error 28. #3. One True God
29. #4. Bible's View on the Prophet (SAW) 30. #5. Bible & Qur'an Says NO to Pork 31. #6. Jesus in the Qur'an 32. #7. Science Accuracy of the Qur'an
33. #8. Why Mike Tyson Chose Islam 34. #9. End Racism 35. #10. Willpower in Islam 36. #11. Ramadan
37. #12. Jesus and Fasting 38. Why did the Prophet (SAW) have many wives? 39. Jesus (as) did not die on the cross 40. Why Muslim Men Can Have 4 Wives?
41. Qur'an is not copied from the Bible 42. Women's Rights in Islam 43. We do not worship the Kaba 44. Advice for the People That Do not Follow the Qur'an and Sunnah
45. 99 Names of Allah 46. Hadith on Dogs 47. To Enter Jannah 48.Pointers on Choosing Marriage Mates
49. Ethics of Disagreement

50. Net Abbreviations

51. Names of Prophets and Angels 52. Alphabetical Order of Surahs
53. Beginning of Creation 54. Stories of the Prophets 55. Virtues & Merits of the Companions 56. Book of Commentary
57. Virtues of the Qur'an 58. Book of Niqah 59.Verses & Hadiths


60.Medications for the Heart 61.Guide for Converts 62.NEW! More Articles

Coming soon, a series of 'Reversion Stories'. Stay tuned. Whenever people decide to email me the stories then I can write them up but till then, we stay tuned.



Guidance on Raising Children The King and 4 Wives Ya Allah Poem Satan's Meeting Ten Things We Waste Please Take Me! Foods of the Prophet (SAW)
Blank Canvas Easy to Say, But Difficult to Do Good to the Last Drop Price of Iman Pearl Dunya
One Way Ticket Whisper Allah Work, Work, Work, 7 Wonders of the World Golden Box Beautiful Story
The Window Visit to China (Scholar) Share your time 4 Poisons of the Heart Forgive Major Sins
Nail in Fence Humbleness 10 Minutes to Spare Farmer and the Stones Use and Abuse of Knowledge Prayers
When Muslims Steal Guide to Fajr Why can't we get up for Fajr? 8 Tips to Getting up for Fajr Why we pray? THARID (Prophet's Favorite Dish)
Tip of Muslim Tongue Muslim Women Unveiled Poem Tips to Handle Pornography Dates- The Halal Kind Hijab is Like a Pearl Husband's responsibility towards family
24 Safety Tips For Women How to Please Your Wife How to Handle Stress
Resisting Urge to Compromise

Heroic Deeds

Easy Deeds

Khushu With Allah Highest Reward

Helping Parents

Women in Islam VS Others 500 Hadiths
The Quranic Treasures REPENT Info Words of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selected Traditions of SAW
Slander Inspiring Stories of Benefit
Paradise and Hell Sin Without Pleasure Revert Stories

I know I have said the below for months, maybe even years. But, I no longer have these books or information in my possession as my things are behind in another place which I have no access to, as they sit in boxes, collecting dust.

This page is under construction with new stuff coming up soon, such as Paradise and Hellfire, Gifts from Muhammad SAW, Sins Without Pleasure,How I came to Islam and many more, such as articles from online and a poetry section will be added and a recipes page as well as the reverts page. JazakuAllahkhairun, and please feel free to email me your comments, suggestions and questions you may have. Take Care!

New!! I Haven't updated my site as well as I should have as I have had my hands full with my children. I will try to update it though and try to complete it soon insha'Allah. Please continue to pass this site on as well as linking it to yours. JazakuAllahkhairun.

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