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SOI Vancouver Review

Review by Lynn

Hi everyone! Have just got back from the last Canadian stop for SOI and I am so wound up, there's no way I can go straight to bed, so thought I would write my thoughts down for you all!
Wow - this show was fantastic from the very first second to the last! I know others have given lots of details about every performance, so I'll focus on Shae and Vic and the little things I noticed.
When they all came out at for "Get the Led Out" at the beginning, it was really easy to spot Shae-Lynn and Victor. I love Shae's new hair-do - it's very sophisticated and sexy. Victor is unmistakeable on the ice - he's really got a recognizable style of moving and skating. He's VERY fast and those knees! As other people have mentioned, I was also surprised at how tall he is - and thin! He's got a great body and he is VERY good looking! You can spot both their smiles (and Victor's eyelashes!) a mile away! Anyway, they did the ensemble skating (Victor even did some small jumps and spins!) and then Shae & Vic did "The Immigrant Song" which had lots of hydroblading and was quite sexy. The other skaters all did their bits and then the whole cast lined up and "snaked" around the ice with Victor leading - weaving around forwards and backwards. He's VERY fast!
When it was time for Riverdance, Vancouver didn't disappoint - a standing O before they started and lots of screaming, etc. The new slow music for the opening is very effective, but I can't say I liked their first "pose" much....once they got going, they skated around slowly with lots of hydroblading and came to a quick stop and bang, the opening we know for Riverdance was on! I can't tell you how great it was to see this in person - fabulous. They were GOLD. At the end, they touched their heads together and almost did a kiss! Another standing O and more screaming. They waved for a long time and kept saying "thank you!" Then they started laughing and waving in a funny manner to show they were going off. They skated out holding on to each other. It was really super.
"Fun and Games" was really funny and Victor was SO animated as Judge #5. They all came out in their robes and wigs and did some humorous skating and then lined up and slid onto the bench in a fast swoop. Victor was on th end and I had the best view of him out of all the judges from where I was sitting (that was just fine with me!). He was really "whooping it up" on the bench and giving the thumbs up and down and shaking his head and rolling his eyes when the "contestants" were doing their thing.
After the intermission, the "Muses" came out and walked around the first row, up the stairs, out into the concourse, half-way around and came down the stairs on the other side and onto the ice. Vic was third in line with Shae right behind him. She had her hair in a (short) ponytail and he looks great in black! You can also easily spot them when they are walking even with their "disguises" on! They were all very serious on their "strut" through the building, but everyone kind of slipped around getting to the bench in the middle of the ice to put their skates on. It seems most of them had trouble getting their skates on - someone had apparently mixed up the order of their skates and put rolled up bits of paper inside! Victor and Shae sat facing in my direction (how lucky!) while putting their skates on. It's quite a production! Shae beat Victor this time. I really like how they all sat on the bench and then sort of "back-pedalled" it off the ice as an introduction for the next number!
"STOP" was FANTASTIC! Very sexy. Very expressive. Lots of great hydroblades and new lifts. I loved it. No standing O, but lots and lots of screaming and whistles at the end. Shae's sparkly, classy dress was a very light pink colour I think (maybe the lighting?) and Victor looks great in black (did I already say that?!!). I need to say again that he is quite tall and has long legs. Shae is absolutely beautiful. The silly girl that Victor WANTED to kiss, wouldn't kiss him, but he just laughed and did a funny kind of pleading with her. I know there were a couple of thousand women in that building that were thinking "if she won't kiss him, I will!"
"Stairway to Heaven" was also very cool. They fit so well with the group and really looked like they were having a very good time. It started off with everyone in their black Muses costumes and then they came back out with different colours. Shae & Vic were in green (Victor looks great in green!).
Then it was time for "Bow Wow" where they did their bows and then they all went over to row 1 and started shaking hands with those lucky people. Victor was the last one to get back to the ice because people just wouldn't let him go! They did another great precision kind of ensemble skating andended up lined up at the end of the ice and Kurt had some closing words. He mentioned that Shae & Vic were leaving and going home and everyone in the cast was so sad about that, but they had all had a great time performing for Canada.
All the skaters were wonderful: Katia is so beautiful and Josee is very sweet (she skated great). Kurt was Kurt and really funny and entertaining (he had a spill near the end of Antares, but who cares - it was great!). Brian Orser still wows the audience - he's a great skater has has lots of charisma. Steven Cousins skated well and got some screams from the ladies. Isabelle and Lloyd "flew" and got a standing O for "Ballroom Blitz". Torvill & Dean were wonderful - Jayne was really animated in their tango!
I have to say, I was really impressed with Bechke & Petrov. I've only ever seen them once on TV and thought they were very good, but they were superb in SOI - they got a very loud ovation. Of course, Shae-Lynn and Victor were the highlight for me - it was SO wonderful to see them in person. I hope we all get to see them for many more years!
Lynn (going to sleep now with a big smile on my face!) :-)

Review by Gatim Lau

The night was so neat!! Shae and Vic did Riverdance. Not the whole thing, only the begining and the ending parts but still it was great!! They got a standing ovation. They wanted to start but the crowd just kept on cheering and so they kept on bowing. Finally, they finally got started. Josee did the Sweater program. Kurt and Isabelle and Lylod got a standing ovation for their programs. The best part was when they reacted the Pasha/Tonya/Kerrigan. Josee and Katia played Tonya and Kerrigan. Josee was Kerrigan (name changed to Annie Ne'ergian and Katia played Tonya (renamed to Lily Pureheart). Shae, Vic and some other people in the cast played the judges. Isabelle played Pasha (Posha). Katia had a skating mommy named Ivana Medal (I wanna medal.) played by Jayne Trovill. That is all.