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Reviews of SOI in Toronto

Review from Andrea (Blade1)

Hello everyone!!! I just returned from Toronto today. I went to the SOI show last night and I thought I write a little review about the show. It was a FANTASTIC show. All the group programs where very well choreographed, and all the costumes looked stunning!! The lighting was very effective as well. Shae-Lynn and Victor were definitely the highlight for me. Before they skated Riverdance they received a standing ovation from the crowd. What a feeling that was in the building. A moment I will never forget. Finally the music began...and they skated Riverdance with the audience clapping all the way through. What a sound that was. I get chills now just listening to that music.They had their difficult foot work along with their famous hydro-blading moves.Once it was over the crowd was on their feet again..a few yelling "ENCORE...ENCORE." I really enjoyed the surprise appearances of the "Muses." They also where spotted walking around during intermission. Just before Brasseur & Eisler where going to skate I had one of the Muses sitting right beside me( I had an aisle seat) It was Steven Cousins getting ready for his "big part" like he said. He was so funny. They sold an 8x10 black and white photo of Shae and Victor that looks so sharp. They both are dressed casual. Every B&K fan must own one of these photo's. Overall the show was the best I've seen. After the show I had the chance to go to the reception. I was given a ticket from one of the invited guests that had to leave early. I met both Shae and Victor...told them both they had a fantastic skate, received an autograph and had my picture taken with them. Victor looked very sharp dressed all in black.It was an exciting evening and a most memorable one!! I just hope my pictures turn out. I hope you all enjoyed my short review of the SOI show in Toronto.

Review by Andrea Durkac

On Thurs. April 29, 1998 I attended the Stars on Ice show which was held at the Maple Leaf Garden's in Toronto. I had excellent seats: Gold 25, 6th row (almost center ice) I was very excited to be there and could not wait for the show to start. Once the lites went out it was finally show time and the crowd was ready to be entertained! The opening number was skated to music from Led Zeppelin. It was very well choreographed. The costumes looked very stunning all wearing black leather pants and red tops. The lighting was very effective. Kurt Browning even skated with hockey skates on which I thought was very interesting and different. He had a lot of interesting tricks. Ekaterina Gordeeva skated to "Smile" She definitly had a smile from ear to ear throughout her program. She is always a delight to see. Brian Orser skated to "5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days" by Louis Prima. He had a very colorful costume on and dazzled with his wonderful foot work and great jumps. Jayne Torvil & Christopher Dean skated a Tango. This had a bit of humor starting of with Jayne trying to push a BIG box. Then along comes Christopher reading the newspaper when he almost runs into the box. Jayne tries to get Chris to help her move the box and they end up dancing a Tango. It was very enjoyable to watch. Isabelle Brasseur & Lloyd Eisler rocked the house skating to "Fly" by Sugar Ray. So suitable for the tallented pair. Lloyd really let Isabelle "FLY" with their wonderful lifts, throws, and jumps. Everyone knew who was next to skate...the place was already screaming very loud. It was Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz skating to the famous "Riverdance" When the spotlight shinned on the two dressed in their famous Irish Green costumes the crowd were on their feet. What a feeling that was. They waved at the crowd until everyone stopped clapping and sat down. They got into position and the music introduction started slowly..with the Irish flute playing. Then they went into the fast part with the whole arena clapping all the way. I now get shivers everytime I hear the music. It was remarkable. They did all their fast footwork and their all so famous hydro-blading moves. Just towards the end of the skate the crowd was already on their feet once again. It was FANTASTIC. Actually some people even yelled out "ENCORE!!ENCORE!!" What a moment that was.
The last act before the intermission was called Fun & Games. This was VERY comical and humorous. It started off with Swifty (played by Brian Orser) sitting at a desk writing a report about Figure Skating..the Olympics. He talked through the whole act. Bechke & Petrov, Bourne and Kraatz and Steven Cousins played the judges. They were dressed in black robes like court judges are dressed. They also had number's for the marks. Christopher Dean played Evian Merry..the coach of Annie Ne'eragain played by Josee Chouinard. Jayne Torvill played Ivana Medal..the mother of  Lily Pureheart played by Katerina Gordeeva. Brasseur & Eisler played Gorky 7 Park the ice-dancers. It was very enjoyable to watch as they all entertained the crowd. They had jokes about the Tonja Harding/Nancy Kerrigan and Lloyd and Isabelle portrayed Pasha and Evgeny (Isabelle wearing a blond fell of during the skate.. oops)At the end Kurt won the performance as he was giving the Gold medal on the podium. During Act I and II  they had the Muses appear before each act. They were dressed all in black with a hat and silver glasses on. They always skated to this funky music. You could never tell who was who because of the hat and glasses. Well just before the second act they had the Muses walk throughout the arena while the music played. They eventually walked on to the ice without skates on and sat on a bench. This is how the second act started as we watched the skaters put on their skates and sit on the bench. This I thought was very interesting and creative. Josee Chouinard skated next to "The Sweater." This program was very enjoyable as she skated with this large sweater on her. Something different for Josee but very well done! Skating to "Love Rears Its Ugly Head" by Living Color was Steven Cousins. To me it was a sexy number for him. Just loved it!! Elena Bechke & Denis Petrov skated to a traditional Russian piece of music. It was very ethnic and I enjoyed it very much. Fever was the next number where Ekaterina Gordeeva, Josee Chouinard, and Kurt Browning al skated to music from Elvis. It was odd to see Kurt doing some lifting with the girls which was a change to see. Brian skated to Namaste ftom the Beastie Boys. Bourne & Kraatz daybued a new program called "Stop" by Sam Brown. It was very sexy with some new moves. During their skate I happened to have one of the Muses sitting next to me on the steps (I had aisle seats) It was Steven Cousins. He was getting ready to appear for his "Big Moment" like he said to the crowd. Actually someone asked him who he was and he told them he was Robin Cousin. They actually believed him. Brasseur & Eisler skated to "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet and during the number spotlights flashed all around the arena and the Muses appeared posing. That is what Steven did at our end. It was neat I'd say. "Still Crazy After All These Years" is the song skated by Torvill and Dean. I must say what a perfect choice. The lyrics where so fitting to the both of them....who would have thought they would still be skating together "After All Those Years" At the end of the skate Christopher kissed Jayne's hand which I thought was a nice touch. "Antares".........Kurt's final number before the finale. The more and more I watch this program the more I love it!! I really loved the shirt he looks sharp on him. The from Led Zepplin. At first the whole cast that where dressed like the Muses came out. It was reall neat and they had stars on the ice. The lighting was very effective here. Then Josee ripped her outfit off and she was wearing a red gliddery dress and skated as the others left. Then the whole cast came out. The girls wearing all different gliddery color dresses and the men in one solid color outfits. What a way to end a remarkable show. I truely believe that this years Stars on Ice show was the best I've seen. It seems like it gets better and better ever year. Always makes you wonder what will they think of next!!