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SOI reviews from Hamilton

Review by Michelle Hacon

I am now home from Stars on Ice and have got myself composed enough to write about it. I'm afraid my total excitement doesn't have much to do with Shae-Lynn and Victor...but it's interesting and exciting news anyway....:) I met Kurt Browning tonight. Cool huh? I am just so excited. :) He is my absolute favourite skater of all time! Anyways, it was after the show and we were in the parking lot driving out. And we had to go past the tour bus, and the trucks and everything that were in the basement of the arena...and as we were going up this really steep hill he comes walking down with his suitcase rolling along behind him and he came right up to our car and started talking to us! It was just amazing :) on to the review of the actual show.... ACT 1 Ok...the opening number was really cool...everyone was wearing red shirts with black leather (vinyl most likely) pants. Shae's hair cut looks really nice, it suits her...although it was a little hard to pick out which one she was from my nosebleed seats. Her hair is very similar to Elena Betchke's hair style. Although, once the lights got out of the way and they started skating it wasn't too hard to distinguish who was who. I'd forgotten how terrible it is to sit way up at the top of the building. I'm so glad my seats for Skate the Nation are better! I'll be able to see things a lot better from the third row :) the first number was skated to Bonham by Christopher Rouse. (Never heard of it, but the music was really good) Then Shae-Lynn and Victor skated to The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin. Still in the red tops with the black leather (?) pants. They were first off. Then there were a couple more Led Zepplin numbers, one with Josee Chouinard, Steven Cousins, and Isabelle Brasseur and Lloyd Eisler...I found that one to be a bit busy...too much to watch all at once... Then Kurt and Brian skated to No Quarter also by Led Zeppelin...(I can't remember the opening number anymore :( ) Ok...throughout the evening the skaters dressed all in black and came out and wandered around in the stands and did filling Steven Cousins started that off. It was really a cool idea...although it was a bit hard to tell who was who...I think that was the point though. So then Ekaterina Gordeeva skated to Smile by Nana Mouskouri. That was a really nice program...very suited to her story. You know..."Smile though my heart is breaking..." etc. Then we had more muses...then Brian Orser skating to 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days by Louis Prima. That was his usual jazzy stuff. Then Torvill and Dean, a cute little tango number, Brasseur and Eisler who skated to Fly by Sugar Ray...that was good. Isabelle did a LOT of flying! :) Then it was Riverdance....I must admit that the top level where I was sitting didn't stand for them before they'd skated. However, from what I could see the lower level did it's part admirably. I liked the program, although I really wish they'd kept it the way it was all season and skated that...I like it better personally. It was great though, they had all that nice fast footwork and they skated it very well...probably perfect in fact. And of course they wore those green outfits from the Olympics and Worlds. Green suits them (they wore that nice bright green in the grand finale too) contrasts with their hair colours really nicely. :) Anyway, there was a standing ovation for them after Riverdance was to be expected :) And even the people in the cheap seats stood up then! :) It was great...I have NO idea how they're gonna top that...but they must have something in mind. So then after that it was time for "Fun and Games" It was a cute little skit that they did about the Olypmics. Isabelle Brasseur should win an Oscar for playing Pasha!!! *laugh* Now wouldn't that be an interesting twist to Pasha's dreams of Oscar sucess?? :) Ok...Shae-Lynn and Victor were judges. Sorta fitting when you think about it! Brian Orser was the narrator..and he managed to get his two cents worth in there. It was a great group number. Poor Josee (Annie Ne'eragin---sound like Nancy Kerrigan??) got whacked and had to go into a Katia (Lily Pureheart---aka Tonja Harding) won the gold medal by default..which made Jayne Torvill (Ivana Medal---Lily's mom) very happy! Kurt played Cyril Lutz...and skated an EXCELLENT program *laugh* and got 6.0's across the board! Like I was a really cute, and funny skit. Right before intermission so I had to skip out a bit early...couldn't stand to wait in line at the bathroom!!! ACT 2 More Muses. Shae-Lynn and Victor were a part of the muses. It was really neat...they walked up the stairs, out and around the corner of the rink, and back down the stairs on the opposite side and onto the ice...where there was a bench with their skates...just waiting for them to put them on. Victor was the fastest and he sat up straight and tapped his hands on his knees in time to the music...he got the crowd clapping along with him somehow... The muses were dressed all in black, with sunglasses and black hats on...very cool! And they were always very smiling...nothing. It was really an awesome idea...I have no idea where Sandra Bezic gets her ideas from...she must have them floating around in her head constantly! Then we had Josee skate to her sweater program...I really like this number. She doubled all her jumps, but the lights weren't the best for triple lutzes....and also the ice was REALLY wet at both ends... It's cute though. Steven Cousins skated was a good program. He had on nice tight pants *lol* tell you the truth...that's about all I can remember...he did some really nice triples in there though, it was a well skated program to Love Rears it's Ugly Head by Living Colour. Elena Betchke and Denis Petrov skated next to a piece of music that sounded like traditional Russian music...from the name of it, it actually appears to be French. I really enjoyed this's full of neat lifts and really interesting moves. It was great. There was an Elvis Prestley section where Katia, Kurt and Josee all skated. Brian Orser skated to the Beastie Boys...NOT traditional Brian Orser music to be sure...and it was a great program. :) Stop by Sam Brown. Shae-Lynn was wearing this really nice white dress. It was shorter than what she normally wears, and it was a different style skirt too. It has spaghetti straps that cross at the back to form an x. It is short like i said, and it's umm...comparable to Kristy Sargeants dress from their free skate this year. I'm not sure how to explain it any better than that. It has slits up the sides of the skirt, the skirt isn't flared at all. It was nice and sparkly :) Victor wore black pants and a tight black t-shirt. I liked this program too. I think they might have had a couple little slips in it, but it's still that's to be expected. I'm really glad they got a new program. As much as everyone loves "When we touch" I was personally getting a bit sick of it....I've seen them skate it so often. I think this was a great piece for them. From the angle I was at it looked like they kissed at the end of the program...or at least it looked like they were supposed to be kissing...whether or not they did I don't know. The show went on to include Brasseur and Eisler skating to Ballroom Blitz, Torvill and Dean Skating to Still Crazy after all These Years by Paul Simon (very cool program...Jayne and Christopher are great at choreographing...wouldn't it be great if they worked with Shae-Lynn and Victor for next year?? I heard someone talking about that...not sure if it's going to happen or if it was just a vicious rumor) Then Kurt skated his Antares program. For those of you who don't know...the Tragically Hip wrote the song especially for him to skate to! I love it! (I say that a lot don't I??) Then, the finale was skated to Stairway to Heaven. It was really nice...they came out as the muses and then Josee's black clothes were ripped off of her by the rest of the muses and she skated to a part of it....very sparkly red dress....the muses went off and then they all came out in their different coloured clothes as well. As I said before Shae-Lynn and Victor were in green, almost the exact same shade as their Riverdance costumes. The ladies dresses were all the same, very sparkly...and very pretty. The guys wore pants and t-shirts to match. Everyone loves Stairway to Heaven (I've never run across anyone that doesn't like it at least) So they skated to that...did the finale thing...bowed and bowed...shook the hands...etc...and it was over :( But..I met Kurt Browning in the parking lot!! :)