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SOI Calgary Reviews

Review by Oksana Kulik (from the IFS Chat)

I went to SOI last night and all i have to say is one word: WOW!!!!!!! It was definately the best SOI i have enver seen and i have seen quite a few! shae and vic were AWESOME! (i love her new hair cut! btw...anyone know of any sites where i can get a picture of her with her new hair cut when she is just standing still???) when they went out to do their riverdance, they got a standing ovation BEFORE they even started, everyone was clapping, stomping, yelling, etc. for so long that they took a bow before they even skated...and of course they got another standing ovation at the end! i loved their stop program...i did not realize that victor was that tall...he was the tallest there besides the two pairs men. and holy speed...they are soo fast! kurt was also amazing as always! i loved his tragically hip number! that 1st 2axel comes out of no where!! of course he got a standing ovation as well! the only thing that amazed me was that T&D did not get a standing ovation! i mean i stod up but i was just about the only one! oh well, it was definately worth it! shae and vic fit in perfectly even though they were the only amateurs skating!!