Principality of Zugesbucht
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The Principality of Zugesbucht is an absolute monarchy and the monarch is HRH and Eminence Prince-Cardinal Michael I. As a consultative authority for the Prince-Cardinal there is the Curia of the Congregatio Catolica Sine Dogma. All bishops and Archbishops with the title of Monsignore belongs to the Curia

The deputy for the Prince-Cardinal is the Cardinal-Secretary, His Grace, the Monsignore Archduke Paul von Adelshügel.

The flags of the Principality can be seen here.

The territories of the Principality is situated in Scotland in the Camster Burn area of Caithness,in Overscaig and in Glencairn The both territories are one sguare foot (12"x12") of land. These territories is divided into 2 Archduchies and 6 Duchies (6"x6"). Each Duchy is divided into 4 Counties (3"x3"). There are 9 Baronies in each County.

With all feudal titles of the Principality comes the real Scottish title of Laird

If you are seriously interested in partisipating you should contact the Prince-Cardinal's Chancellery.


  • The Duchy of Bächl-Wölfing, Held by Lord Papinian
  • Vacant Duchy
  • County of Klein, Held by HE Douglas Kenneth of Klein
  • County of Heinz, Held by HE William Iansen of Heinz
  • County of Ottenmark, Held by HRH Crown Prince Joshua of Ottawak
  • County of Antrim, Held by Jean, Viscount de Tisserand
  • The Grand-Duchy of Nobelburg, Held by His Majesty King Theron Paul of the Kingdom of Landreth
  • The heraldics granted to the Duchy of Nobelburg