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Jello, and the coolness of JELLO

Like Jello
Just the thought of him makes me quiver with delight,
like strawberry jello with extra whipped cream.

Simply the sight of him generates butterflies,
trying to escape out of my mouth in words,
sweet words I am afraid might mess.. me... up....

So instead ~~ i observe,
from the other side of the cafe,
savouring the quivering jello
I long to share.

Pouring the jello powder into the bowl,
The sparkles and crystals,
alone and seperated-

us being apart.
Adding the water, watching it liquify, together
wishing to be with...

The jello solidifies, togetherness,
Realizing the feeling to be
Just the thought makes me quiver with delite
Like strawberry jello with extra whipped cream
Simply the sight generates butterflies
Trying to escape out of my mouth in words,
Sweet words like jello
so instead~~ i observe
from the other side of the room
Savouring the quivering jello
I long to share

3 Phases of Jello
Pouring the powder into the bowl
solid, dull, lifeless
alone and seperated-

Adding the steaming water,
watching the crystals melt.
A dull red, now throbbing with color
The sweet aroma of desire
The hunger to be with.

Solidifying- a clear, red quivering mass..
irreversable, inseperable.
at last

What is a strawberry? A fruit? fleshy, red on the inside and out?
A plant? Originating as a seed, and with the miracle of nature,
grows, develops,
blooms- yeilding the red glowing jewel?

Or is it more than that?
A symbol? Luscious,
Sexy, sweet and tender like love?

Fun, full of life throbbing wiht juices
no wonder it is the first choice among lovers!

Seduce with the fruit of love!
Share! Care!

But it is only a fruit.
What makes an inanimate object burst with life?

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