Upcoming Movies

Lisa Kudrow is to play the younger sister to Meg Ryan and Diane Keaton in "Hanging Up". Its going to be directed by Diane Keaton

According to two very good sources (E! online and Mr Showbiz)Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are starring together in the Miramax comedy "Waking Up In Reno." The two play a white-trash couple from Arkansas. Billy Bob Thornton and Dwight Yoakam are said to be amoung the producers. Look out for this movie in early 2000.

Matthew Perry stars in "Three To Tango," as Oscar as well as Neve Cambell and Dylan McDermott. This Warner Bros. film will be released this Fall. Click here: Three To Tango to go to the offical website

Matthew and Bruce will star in a comedy about a hit man called "The Whole Nine Yards," in which Willis plays a hit man who moves into the suburbs under cover of the witness protection program. Perry will play his neighbor, who is a dentist, whose wife wants him dead, It is expected to come out in 2000

David Schwimmer as well as Giovanni Ribisi (Frank Jr.) Joan Allen, Gary Sinise, André Braugher ,Josh Brolin, Jeff Daniels, Robert Forster,Anna Paquin , will be in "All the Rage" comming out in 1999

Courteney Cox is going to be in the movie "The Runner" with John Goodman and Joe Mantegna. The movie comes out in 1999

Jennifer Aniston and Cher are set to star in a new movie together, as mother and daughter! The film is called "The Breakers" and is supposed to start filming very soon over the summer. Jennifer already knows Cher from when she was at High School with her daughter Chastity so hopefull they will get on really well.

"Animal Hubandry"- Jennifer plays a zoologist who takes her knowledge of animal mating habits to find herself a mate. Sounds interesting and this could be a role that we are not used to seeing Jennifer in.

Jennifer Aniston is doing the voice of the mother in the animated movie the "Iron Giant" which is coming out later this summer.

"Once Around"- Jennifer's character is an evil corporate type who is shoved in front of a bud by a rival. She is returned to life by a Higher Power, given a second chance to be a better person.

"Virgin Mary"- Jennifer plays a twenty-nine year old virgin who falls in love with a hitman and things don't always go according to plan.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette have signed to star in the romantic comedy The Shrink. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cox will play a woman who impersonates her therapist and then falls in love with a patient (Arquette) who, it turns out, has a few impersonation issues of his own. Actor-turned-director Richard Benjamin (Mrs. Winterbourne, Milk Money) will helm the picture, which begins production April 19. Cox and Arquette will wrap The Shrink just in time for the June 15 shoot of Scream 3, their fourth movie (and third Scream flick) together. Also to join the cast of Scream 3 (besides Neve Campbell,Parker Posey, Ethan Erickson (Jawbreaker), Eliza Dushku ("Buffy, The Vampire Slayer"), Scott Foley ("Felicity"), Kate Hudson (200 Cigarettes), and Matthew Kesslar.

Thank you to Friends Central and IMDb The Internet Movie Database for some of this information

These upcomming movies have been put together by Jessica from Jessie's Friends PageŠ. If you know of any other upcomming movies or if you would like to use them on your site, please e-mail her

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