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Announcing... the



~Halter & Performance Show~

August 6, 1999

Judge: Karen Lloyd

Entry Fees: $1.00 per photo or $5.00 unlimited. All money must be in U.S. dollars.

Prizes: These will be determined by the number of entries but commercial flat ribbons for 1-3rd place in all classes are guarenteed. Champions will receive models and/or accessories. The size of models will be determined by number of entrants and donations. I hope to give out Classic and Stablemate size models.

Donations: Money donations are welcome! They will help me to buy better prizes for everyone. Or sponsor a class for $2.50 and the winner will receive a new OF Stablemate! Anyone who donates money or prizes will have his or her name mentioned in the results newsletter, which will be sent to everyone who compteted. Also, any prize donations (saddles, bridles, blankets, etc) that are sent to me will be given out.

Ads: I will now be accepting ads advertising model farms, s/d lists, shows, race meets, clubs, etc. The charge is $1.00 for a 1/2 page and $1.50 for a full page ad. For ads with pictures please send an additional $.50. Note: all pictures will be reproduced as black and white only


Please remember that only one photo is needed per horse per class. On each photo back please include the following information: model's name, breed, age, gender, specify whether it is original finish or customized, and list all classes you wish for that horse to be entered in. Halters are not required in halter classes, but tack must be used in performance classes. Photos must be received by August 5, 1999.

Please send a LSASE with enough postage and at least 2 extra stamps so that I can return your photos to you, along with any prizes.

* Please email me for my address.*

Breed Division:
1. Arabian
2. Morgan
3. Thoroughbred/Standardbred/Warmbloods
4. Quarter Horse
5. Appaloosa
6. Gaited Breeds
7. Spanish Breeds
8. Paint/Pinto
9. Draft Breeds
10. Pony Breeds
11. Other Breeds

Breed Champion

Breed Reserve Champion

Color Division:
12. Bay/Brown
13. Chestnut/Sorrel
14. Black
15. Paint/Pinto
16. Grey/White/Albino
17. Roan/Appy
18. Other Color

Color Champion

Color Reserve Champion

Gender Division:
19. Stallions (3 yrs. and older)
20. Mares (3 yrs. and older)
21. Geldings (all)
22. Colts (2 yrs. and under)
23. Fillies (2 yrs. and under)

Gender Champion

Gender Reserve Champion

Performance Division:
24. English Performance (Hunter/Jumper, Pleasure)
25. Western Performance (Pleasure, Trail, etc)
26. Harness/Parade/Costume
27. Other Performance

Performance Champion

Performance Reserve Champion

28. Judge's Choice (all entries)
29. Stable's Choice (limit 2 per stable)
30. Best Name

Overall Grand Champion

Overall Reserve Champion

Enjoy the show and good luck to all!