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Mystic Meadows' S/D List

"Specializing in Chincoteague Ponies, Morgans, and Thoroughbreds"

Last updated: 12/17/03


* Mares and stallions should be at least 3 years older than foal

* Mares can only have one foal per year, unless they have the rare occurence of twins

* Please try to follow color genetics

* No inbreeding!

* Most of my horses are aging, but may have non-aging foals

* Please have my permission before you using my horses

* All of the horses listed here are owned by me and are real models, not "paper" horses! Most are Traditional, Classic, or Stablemate original finish Breyers unless otherwise noted.

* Fees are $.20 per breeding (unless otherwise noted) if you want a snail mail certificate. The certificates are printed on decorated paper.



"Last Stargazed Dance" (Stargazed Evening x Estrella de la Sur) 1994 light dapple gray. First foal crop '97.

"Medieval Knight" (Estrella Oscura x AH Natal) 1998 dark dapple gray. First foal crop '01.



"Wild Paintbrush" (? x ?) 1990 black leopard appy. OF Breyer SM. First foal crop '93.

"MMS Spotted Chief" (? x ?) 1992 blue roan blanket appy. First foal crop '95.

"Gold Rush" (? x ?) 1993 palomino blanket appy. First foal crop '96.

"MMS King of Hearts" (? x ?) 1994 bay Appy Sporthorse. Has the conformation of a thoroughbred! First foal crop '97.

"Pure Bliss" (Alien Extreme x Whispers) 1995 bay blanket. Beautiful stallion! Photo shown. First foal crop '98.

"December Blizzard" (? x ?) 1995 light grey with mottled skin on face. First foal crop '98.

"MMS Festivals" (? x ?) 1996 gray blanket with dark mane/tail. Recently competed successfully in his first photo show! First foal crop '99.

[Festivals, appaloosa stallion]
OF Donovan, "Festivals"


"MMS Cimarron's Sunrise?" (Gold Rush x Cimarron Sun Rae?) 1996 palomino blanket. This model is a repaint Breyer SM by Karen Lloyd. Open 1999+.

"Pure Euphoria" (Pure Bliss x Visions of Hope) 1997 bay blanket. Very pretty! Her sire broke loose and ran into the paddock area where her dam was, and the rest is history! Open 2000+.



"Rajah's Copper Penny" (Nejmat El Patriot x Rajah's Loumazar) 1991 chestnut. Has done very well in photo shows- placing 7th out of 190 in a stallion class!! First foal crop '94. Fee $.20

"Mystic Sundance" (? x ?) 1992 chestnut with flaxen mane. OF Breyer SM. First foal crop '95.

"Livin La Vida Loca" (Cimmarron Bey+ {r} x Holiday Romance) 1994 bay. Wonderful temperament and full of spirit. Has beautiful conformation and color! Lines to Huckleberry Bey! First foal crop '97.

"Storm Fury" (SS Cyclone's Revenge x Dawning Grace) 1995 grey. Has lots of playful energy! First foal crop '98.

"MMS Ice Storm" (? x ?) 1996 roan with rare bloody shoulder markings. Photo shown once- Reserve Performance Champion. (See photo below) First foal crop '99.

[Ice Storm, beautiful Arabian stallion dressed in Arabian costume]

"Sultan's Jewels" (? x ?) 1996 buckskin. First foal crop '99.

"MMS Iced Cappuccino" (Rajah's Copper Penny x Holiday Romance) 1997 chestnut. First foal crop '00.

"Amir's Glory" **more info. coming soon**


"Desert Fire" (Desert Diablo {r} x Halali Enchanted {r}) 1990 chestnut. OF Breyer SM. Open 1993-1996, 1999+.

"Holiday Romance" (Khemo Grande x California Wildfire) 1991 bay. Currently the Horse of the Month! Picture below. Open 1995-1996, 1998+.

"MMS Desert Rose" (Rajah's Copper Penny x Desert Fire) 1998 chestnut filly. Open 2001+.

Chincoteague Pony


"Honey Cascades" (Sun Piper {r} x Seaside Mist) 1991 deep palomino. Lines to Stormy and Misty! Nice color! First foal crop '94.

"Phantom Mist" (Misty's Rebel x Chincoteague Misty Waters) 1993 black and white pinto. Proven sire, has had many wonderful foals. Phantom has an exceptional temperament and very eye-catching color. First foal crop '96.

[Phantom Mist, pinto Chincoteague stallion]

"Misty's Nightfall" (Honey Cascades x Picnic On Water) 1995 black with white blaze. Very athletic and has a lot of speed. First foal crop '98.

"Chincoteague Whirlwind" (Chincoteague Promise x Chincoteague Golden Shores) 1996 palomino. Promising colt. Open 1999+.


"Seaside Mist" (Misty Wings {r} x Misty II {r}) 1988 palomino pinto. Lines to Misty on both sides! This intelligent and beautiful mare has learned to perform several tricks. Open 1992+.

"Misty's Ocean Jewel" (Chincoteague Promise x Misty's Reflection) 1990 chestnut pinto. Open 1993-1994, 1996+.

[Misty's Ocean Jewel, pinto Chincoteague mare]

"Misty Mornings" (Chincoteague Wildfire x Misty's Reflection) 1992 palomino pinto. A loving mother; already has had three wonderful foals. Won the title of Overall Grand Champion in the Chincoteague Pony Model Registry's 1st photo show. Open 1998+. Fee $.15

[Misty Mornings, beautiful pinto Chincoteague pony]

"MMS Stormy Skies" (Phantom Mist x Misty Mornings) 1996 chestnut pinto. Open 1999+.

"Misty's Celestial Star" (Picnic On A Star x ?) 1995 rare buckskin filly. Gorgeous coloring, with very rare dorsal stripe marking. Has high potential as a broodmare and riding/show pony. Open 1998+.

"Phantom's Night Star" (Phantom Mist x Chincoteague Twilight Images) 1996 black and white pinto. Beautiful filly! Customized "Stormy" model by Karen Lloyd. Open 1999+.

"MMS Misty's Legacy" (Phantom Mist x Misty Mornings) 1997 chestnut pinto. Open 2000+.

"Misty's Wild Imagination" (Chincoteague Thunderstorm x Chincoteague Twilight Images) 1997 chestnut pinto. Her dam's image. Has great potential as a dressage horse. Won the title of Overall Grand Champion of the Chincoteague Pony Model Registry's 2nd photo show. Open 2001+.

"Misty's Storm Cloud" (? x ?) 1999? black overo pinto filly. Cute. Open 2002+.



"Blue Moonshine" (? x ?) 1989 blue roan sabino. First foal crop '92.

"Music of the Night" (? x ?) 1992 black with white markings. First foal crop '95.


"MMS Bonnie" (Blue Moonshine x Satin Rose) 1996 bay sabino. Wonderful disposition and very beautiful draft mare. Open 1999+.

Dutch Warmblood

Listed under "Warmbloods"

Icelandic Horse


"Honeysuckle Fields" **more info coming soon**

"Cherry Fields" **more info coming soon**

"Blackberry Fields" **more info coming soon**



"Plutonian Pegasus" (? x ?) 1994 white. In training. Talented and athletic. Proven sire. First foal crop '97.


"Plutonian Legacy" (Plutonian Pegasus x Rivera Ramita) 1997 light gray, almost white. Elegant mover! Open 2000+

Missouri Fox Trotter:


"Dreamin o' White Christmas" (? x ?) 1993 light dapple grey. Gorgeous dapples! First foal crop '96.

"MMS Broadway Phantom" (Tri Mi Boots Scootin Boogie x ?) 1996 black with stockings and blaze. First foal crop '99.

"Midsummer's Night" (? x ?) 1997 black with stockings and blaze. First foal crop '00.



"High Tide" (Apollo's Reflection {r} x Stormcrest Melody {r}) 1990 bay stallion. OF Breyer SM. First foal crop '93.

"MMS Snowstorm" (CW's Silver Dollar {r} x Del View Heidi {r}) 1991 light dapple gray. Extremely rare coloring! First foal crop '94.

"MMS Nighthawk" (Cantieglen Eclipse {r} x Royalty's Nightsong {r}) 1992 rare black with star and socks. Full Lippitt breeding on both sire and dam's sides. First foal crop '95.

"Mystic Treasure" (UVM Valcour {r} x UVM Mystic {r}) 1993 bay. Impeccable conformation and outstanding pedigree! First foal crop '96.

Mystic Treasure, an OF Peter Stone

"Double Chocolate" (UVM Lash {r} x OakAcres Darla {r}) 1994 brown with snip and two socks. Good typy conformation and a willing temperament. First foal crop '97.

"Mystic Peacock" (UVM Springfield {r} x UVM Reflection {r}) 1994 bay. Incredible bloodlines, including some of the best from the Vermont line! OF Breyer SM. First foal crop '97.

"Angelfire" (Stylin' Magic x Firefly) 1995 bright chestnut with stripe and socks. Beautiful, successful show stallion! Proven sire. Photo shown. First foal crop '98. Fee $.20

"MMS Carpe Nocterm" (High Flyin' Fire x WB's Foxy High Time) 1995 black with white socks and star. Will soon be competing in shows! First foal crop '98.

"Sandbar" (High Tower x MMS Sandy Shores) 1996 chestnut with star. First foal crop '99.

"SG's Universe" (S Bar B Pierre Noire {r} x Ramuls Princess {r}) 1997 rare dapple palomino. Jet black sire contains the rare palomino/dun gene! Gorgeous and athletic! Universe is an Original Sculpture by Karen Lloyd. First foal crop '00.

"Magician's Charm" (UVM Magician x MMS Sandy Shores?) 1998 chestnut with flaxen mane/tail. Beautiful like his sire. First foal crop '01.

"Eighteen Wishes" (Farceur's Fools Gold {r} x Lange's Iron Maiden {r}) 2000 liver chestnut with flaxen mane/tail. Lines to Upwey Ben Don, Upwey King Benn, Quietude, and UVM Flash! First foal crop '03.

"Memories Are Designed To Fade" (Montana Harvest {r} x River Riders Romance {r}) 2001 dark buckskin. Amazing color and conformation, just like his champion sire! First foal crop '04.


"Summer Daisy" (Troutbrook Top-Brass {r} x Olympus Circe Breeze {r}) 1989 light bay. OF Breyer SM. Open 1993, 1995-1997, 1999+.

"MMS Sandy Shores" (High Tide x Summer Daisy) 1992 chestnut. OF Breyer SM. Very successful broodmare! Open 1997+.

"Mystic's Risky Dreamer" (Acoma Top Brass {r} x Highland's Risky Business {r}) 1994 bay with snip and socks. Has lines to the real Upwey Ben Don on sire's side! Successfully photo shown. Open 1999, 2001+. Fee $.20

"MMS Marco Polo" (Mountain Splendor x Buckskin Dream) 1996 chestnut dapple. Very athletic. Excels at polo! First foal crop '99.

"MMS Amber Glow" (Angelfire x Mystic's Risky Dreamer) 1998 chestnut with star and socks. Twin to Dreamin Angel (see below). Open 2001+.

"MMS Dreamin Angel" (Angelfire x Mystic's Risky Dreamer) 1998 chestnut with star and socks. Very sucessful show horse (photo)! Open 2001+. Fee $.20

[Dreamin Angel, a cute chestnut Morgan filly, the Amber mold]
OF Amber, "Dreamin Angel"

"Mystical Beauty" (Sandbar x Mystic Wind) 1998 liver chestnut. Looks just like her dam! Open 2001+.

"Gold Coast of Mystic" (Blacksaddle Gold {r} x Duke's Golden Angel {r}). 1999 gorgeous palomino. Breed to her for a chance at a colorful, eyecatching foal! Open 2002+.

"Royale Dreams" (Mystic Treasure x Mystic's Risky Dreamer). 2000 bay. Full sister to Mystic Lullaby, below. Open 2003+.

Mystic Lullaby" (Mystic Treasure x Mystic's Risky Dreamer) 2000 chestnut. Open 2003+.



"Twizzler Fizz" (? x ?) 1994 strawberry roan. Beautiful stallion!! First foal crop '97.


"Mystic's Indian Sundance" (? x ?) 1990 yellow dun. Very cool color! Nice conformation. Open 1993+.

Paso Fino


"Desert Mirage" (? x ?) 1993 buckskin. OF Breyer SM. Open 1996.

"Angel's Melody" (? x ?) 1996 dark red chestnut. Open 1999+.



"MMS Fire Spirit" (? x ?) 1991 chestnut pinto. Of Thoroughbred breeding. This one's got heart and speed! First foal crop '94.

"MMS Prince Charming" (MMS Fire Spirit x Misty's Wild Imagination) 2000 bay pinto. Full of spirit, this beautiful colt is 1/2 TB and 1/2 Chincoteague! First foal crop '03.


"Fiesta" (? x ?) 1994 dark bay pinto. OF Breyer SM. Open 1997, 1999+.

"MMS Confetti Glitter" (MMS Party Favor x Fiesta)1998 dark bay paint. Sire is a full-blooded Quarter Horse. OF Breyer SM. Open 2001+.

"Mystic Moonfire" (MMS Fire Spirit x ?) **more info coming soon!**

Quarter Horse


"MMS Party Favor" (Smooth 'N Creamy x Madeline) 1992 bay. OF Breyer SM. First foal crop '95.

"Rugged Frontier" (pending x pending) 1995 bay. First foal crop '98.

"Hard Rock" (WB Spicy Hot x WB's Imperial Jewel) 1996 bay. First foal crop '99.

"Maple Sugar" (Mississippi Mud x April Magic) 1996 palomino dapple. Beautiful color. Image of his sire. Picture shown below. First foal crop '99.

[MMS Maple Sugar, palomino dapple QH stallion]

"MMS Midnight Solitude" (Docs Keepin Time?{r} x Mystic) 1998 black. First foal crop '01.


"Mystic" (Wimpy {r} x Shue Fly {r}) 1995 chestnut with diamond. Photo shown. Great bloodlines! Open 1999, 2001+.

"Royal Princess" (King {r} x Shue Fly {r}) 1997 bay with star. Open 2000+.

"Strawberry Daiquiri" (Go Man Go {r} x Sweet Success) 1998 strawberry roan. Beautiful color! Open 2001+.

"Flicka's Legacy" (? x ?) 1999 chestnut filly with flaken mane/tail. Open 2002+.

Rocky Montain Horse


"Snickers" (? x ?) 1992 beautiful stallion! Excellent temperament. First foal crop '95.



"Solar Eclipse" (? x ?) 1991 black with diamond. She's got style and character! OF Breyer SM. Open 1994+.

"Kentucky Dream" (? x ?) 1997 palomino. Very beautiful! Open 2000+.

"Heaven's Kiss" (pending x Heaven's Raindrop)1999 chestnut pinto. This beautiful filly is very promising. Open 2002+.

Shetland Pony


"Miss Firefly" (? x ?) 1994 dusty palomino. Sweet personality and loves being around children. Open 1997+.



"Mistique" (? x ?) 1992 bay. First foal crop '95.

[Mistique, my Niatross model]

"Hollywood Glamour" (? x ?) 1996 chestnut. OF Breyer SM. First foal crop '99.



"Silver Shores" (Silver Buck {r} x Bonnie's Poker {r}) 1988 gray. Full brother to champion racehorse Silver Charm! Lines to War Admiral and his sire Man O' War! OF Breyer SM. First foal crop '91.

"MMS High Spirits" (? x ?) 1989 dark dapple bay. Talented athlete. Loves jumping competitions! First foal crop '92.

"High Noon" (High Places {r} x ?) 1992 chestnut. Grandsire is the famous Secretariat! First foal crop '95.

"Cincinnati Native" (? x ?) 1993 dark bay. Wonderful stallion, ridden English. First foal crop '96.

"MMS Rochester" (Unbridled {r} x Genuine Risk {r}) 1995 red chestnut. Very fast! Does not like to be handled very much. Owner's favorite. Excellent bloodlines- traces to the great racehorse Man O' War on both sides!! Also to Mr. Prospector and Native Dancer. Sire and dam have both won the Derby! First foal crop '98. Fee $.25

Rochester, my Man o' War model

"MMS Silver Trinket" (Silver Shores x Sunkist Rose) 1995 light grey. OF Breyer SM. First foal crop '98.

"Rush Hour" (? x Miesque{r}) 1996 bay. Has incredible speed! First foal crop '99.

"Phar Away Places" (? x ?) 1997 red chestnut. Showing early speed as a 2 yr.old! First foal crop '00.

"Rochester's Man O' Red" (MMS Rochester x Serena's Song {r}) 1998 red chestnut. Same striking red coat and regal attitude as his sire! Excellent bloodlines trace back to Mr. Prospector, Northern Dancer, Red God, and Man O' War!! First foal crop '01. Fee $.25

"Moonstruck Traveller" (MMS Silver Trinket x Winning Colors {r}) 1998 light grey with darker mane and tail. Great racing bloodlines!First foal crop '01.

Moonstruck Traveller, the Traveller model


"Sunkist Rose" (? x ?) 1987 rosy chestnut. Wonderful temperament! OF Breyer SM. Open 1990, 1992-1997, 1999+.

"Zophia's Song" (? x ?) 1994 gorgeous dapple gray. Open 1996+.

"Alaskan Wilderness" (Touch of Frost x Ice Crystal) 1996 gray. Very fast filly! OF Breyer SM. Open 1999+.

"Windswept Beauty" (Rush Hour x Sunkist Rose) 1998 bay. OF Breyer SM. Open 2001+.

"Easter Lily" (MMS Rochester x Zophia's Song) 2000 red bay. Open 2003+.



"MMS Inspiration" (? x ?) 1989 light bay. Elegant dressage horse. Well-mannered. Proven sire. First foal crop '92.

"MMS Tuxedo's Dance" (? x ?) 1991 black pinto. Beautiful stallion! In dressage training. OF Breyer SM. First foal crop '94.

"MMS Novelty Item" (MMS Inspiration x ?) 1993 light bay pinto. First foal crop '96.

"MMS October Fantasy" (? x ?) 1996 chestnut with stripe and socks. Should make an excellent dressage horse or huntseat/jumper mount. First foal crop '99.

Welsh Cobb


"Royale Raindance" (? x ?) 1990 bay. Beautiful color! Loves people and children, a real show-off. First foal crop '93.


Many of my horses still need pedigrees! If your stable has horses that may make good parents for mine, please send me your S/D list! Thanks.:)

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