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Foals at Mystic Meadows

Here the latest arrivals to Mystic Meadows will be honored. Learn all about our newest little additions!

2004 Foals - Our Youngest Newborns are Here!


  • "MMS Ascending Sunbeam" (MMS Sandbar x Gold Coast of Mystic" 2004 gorgeous palomino Morgan filly. This young lady has some of the best Morgan bloodlines around, including lines to top stallion Whipoorwill Duke {r}! Her grandsire on her dam's side is renowned color stallion Blacksaddle Gold {r}. Sunbeam has a full twin sister, MMS Golden Sands of Time.
  • "MMS Golden Sands of Time" (MMS Sandbar x Gold Coast of Mystic) 2004 palomino Morgan filly. Time is even sweeter than her sister, and very well might end up a top broodmare for Mystic Meadows a few years down the road. She tends to be the shyer of the two, but we have high hopes for her in the show ring as well, as her color and conformation are just as impressive as her sister's.

    ~None at this time~

    2003 Foals


  • "MMS Angel's Firebug" (S.C. Island Goldfire {r} x MMS Dreamin' Angel) 2003 pale red chestnut/sorrel Morgan. Firebug's unusual diluted coloring is the result of her sire's cream gene. Aside from her color, she looks just as correct as any of the best young Morgans around. She has a half sister, MMS Snow Shadow, who was born the same year.
  • "MMS Snow Shadow" (S.C. Island Goldfire {r} x Gold Coast of Mystic) 2003 cremello with blue eyes Morgan. This young lady has a very rare coloration that came through the combination of palomino parents. Her stunning near-white coat has already attracted rail fans.


  • "Rochester's Admiral" (MMS Rochester x Silverbulletday{r}) 2003 striking dark bay Thoroughbred. With awesome bloodlines and an already athletic young body, this guy looks promising for racing! His sire has lines back to the great Man O' War, and his dam is one of the best racing fillies of all time!

    2000 Foals


  • "Royale Dreams" (Mystic Treasure x Risky Dreamer) Bay Morgan. Excellent bloodlines. Twin to Mystic Lullaby.
  • "Mystic Lullaby" (Mystic Treasure x Risky Dreamer) Chestnut Morgan. Twin to Royale Dreams.
  • "Easter Lily" (MMS Rochester x Zophia's Song) With excellent bloodlines, we have hope for this red bay filly to someday become a great racer!


  • "MMS Prince Charming" (MMS Fire Spirit x Misty's Wild Imagination) 1/2 TB/Pinto Cross 1/2 Chincoteague Pony. Beautiful bay pinto colt.

    Pictures coming soon!