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Lola Chassis Numbers

CanAm cars:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
SL160-9     Gr.7 Chuck Parsons   Raced by Chuck Parsons in CanAm 1968
SL160-12   1968 Gr.7     For sale in 2000 (by Littlechild and Akin)
T163   1969 Gr.7   ... => Bud Benett Raced in CanAm historic by Benett
T222   1971 Gr.7   ... => Geofrey Hobbs
T222HU4   1971 Gr.7 Jo Bonnier Scuderia Brescia Corse (1972) raced by Mario Casoni for Scuderia Brescia Corse in 1972.
T222HU6   1972 Gr.7 Dave Causey ... => Craig Bennet Raced in CanAm historic by BenetT
T222HU9   1972 Gr.7 Revson   Run in Supersports, is supposed to be the car used by Revson from Donnybrooke onwards in 1970, after the T220 was written off at Road Atlanta. I'm not sure if that's true.
T310-01   1972 Gr.7 Steed/Haas Team Jeremy Hansen (late 1972) => Haas (early 1973)... => since 1989 owned by Bob Lee Raced by David Hobbs (1972), Hansen in SCCA runoffs (winner), Glage (1974) and by Langston in MosporT1976. Also raced by Burkoff in Historic CanAm 1996.
T310-02     Gr.7   Now owned by Peter Kaus (1997) Never raced.
T333-HU-2 Chevrolet     VDS (Lees)    
T330-HU19 Chevrolet     Roger Penske (Donohue) ... => Gerre Payvis Gerre Payvis is present owner (2000)
T530-HU1 Chevrolet     Carl A. Haas Racing Teams (Tambay)    
T530-HU2 Chevrolet     Carl A. Haas Racing Teams (Tambay) ?Jeff Wood (1981)... => John Foulston (1983)  
T530-HU4 Chevrolet     VDS (Brabham)    
T530-HU5 Chevrolet     Newman Racing (Forbes-Robinson)    
T530-HU6 Chevrolet     Londono Bridge Racing Team    
T530-HU7 Chevrolet     Newman Racing (South) => Garvin Brown Racing (Sullivan 1981)...=> Burke Ratcliff Racing (Wilds 1986)  
T530-HU8 Chevrolet     Nelkin Racing    
T530-HU9 Chevrolet     Garvin Brown Racing (Sullivan)    

Other cars:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
Mk.I-BR6 Climax     Charles Vogele    
Mk.I-BR7 Climax     Bill de Selincourt    
Mk.I-BR21 Climax     Angus Clydesdale    
Mk.I-BY1 Climax     Lola Cars Ltd.    
Mk.I-BY3 Climax     Lola Cars Ltd.    
Mk.I-BY4 Climax     Lola Cars Ltd.    
T210-HU001 Ford 1971   Ecurie Bonnier    
T210-HU002 Ford 1971   Ecurie Bonnier    
T210-HU006 Ford 1971   Carlo Zuccoli    
T210-HU008 Ford 1971   Walter Lehmann    
T210-HU009 Ford 1971   Ecurie Evergreen (Swietlik)   Esso ?
T210-HU012 Ford 1971   Max Wilson => David Farnell (1971)  
T210-HU014   1971   Terry Crocker => Rolf Skoghag (1972)  
T210-HU016 Ford 1971   Hobbs, Haywood    
T212-HU017 Ford 1971   Scuderia Filipinetti (Elford)    
T212-HU018 Ford 1971   Ecurie Bonnier ... => Victor Myette Raced in Supersports by Myette
T212-HU020   1971   Zadra    
T212-HU021   1971     Eberhard Ernst Raced as T212/SL 212/21 in hill climbs by Ernst
T212-HU023 Ford 1971   BG Racing Team (Marko)   Sebring Schell Team, now owned by Richard Griot (USA)
T212-HU026   1971   Edwards   Team Phillips ?
T212-HU029   1971     ...=> Stephen Pontinwaltier ...=> David Lucy => Tom Atlas (10/1999) Raced in Supersports by Pontinwaltier
T212-HU032   1971     Bernt Andersson Raced in Supersports by Andersson
T280-HU001 Ford     Ecurie Bonnier    
T280-HU002 Ford     Ecurie Bonnier    
T286-HU010   1977 6   ...=> Jim Wallace 4th car built. For sale in 2000 (by Joe Hish)
T286-HU050   1973 B5   Ruedi Jauslin Raced in Switzerland, Interserie and hill climbs by Jauslin
T290-HU002   1972 B5   ... => Wolfgang Mathai Raced in Supersports by Mathai
T290-HU009 Ford 1973 B5 Pla   Lycra Team
T290-HU016 Ford     Dorset Racing Associates    
T290-HU022 Ford     Dorset Racing Associates    
T292-HU052 Ford     Team BIP Ecurie Bonnier    
T294-HU077         ...=> Source Racing (Pye)  
T296-HU086   /1979 6   ...=> Christian Brauer Raced in hill climbs by Brauer
T297-HU090 BMW 1978 6 Hans Affentranger   Raced in Switzerland, Interserie and hill climbs by Affentranger
T298-HU100   1981 6 Jean-Louis Bos Kurt Buess (1982) Victory in Europe hill climb championship 1981 by Bos, for season 82 sold to Buess
T298-HU102   /1991 6   ...=> Andreas Vilarino 4x Europe hill climb champion by Vilarino
T328-HU095 VW 1978 F-VW   ...=> Rolf Weiss  
T86/90-HU10       Motorsport International (Homewood)    
T93/50-17         ...=> Frank Schierig Raced in Interserie by Frank Schierig (CanAm car)

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Last update: 25.7.2000