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Jesse's home

world wide web

I hope you will enjoy my HOME...

This is my home on the world wide web check out my house, and tell me what you think.

My Rooms

  • Game Room "free downloads"
  • Bed Room "about the creater"
  • Library "resorses"
  • Office "free email"
  • Back Yard "out door activites"
  • Best friends Home Login to Zoro - Members Only
  • How to make a web page

    Well, first let's deal with where to put your web page because you can't create something and put it nowhere. Can You? Before you go out and buy server space, check with you internet access service. Many of them offer free server space to its members. America Online offers 2MB of server space to its members free with their 19.95/month subscription. It also has graphic support and form based page creation. CompuServe gives 1MB of space to its members with their 9.95/month subscription. It has grahic support but does not have form based page creation. Prodigy gives 1MB of space to its members with their 9.95/month subscription. It has graphic support but no form based page creation. Netcom gives 1MB of free space with its 19.95/month subscription(unlimited time). It has graphic support and a nice form based page creation. Other services also offer free space. The biggest of these are Geocities and Angelfire These are great services, but because they are free, there are some limitations to their services.

    where to start

    Once you have gotten your server space, you can begin. Some services offer a form or a template to make your own web page. If you have no experience with HTML, START THERE! You just fill in the blanks, click a button, and you have your own web page. Your name is now floating around the on information superhighway. After a little while, you begin to learn about html and you can edit the pages yourself. You just enter the HTML lines and it will update your web page. If your service does not have a form builder, then you have to enter the HTML script yourself. You can spend the time and learn about it or you can cheat. If you want to learn, good places to start are Yahoo and my page. If you want to cheat, you can get software that will edit your pages. Just highlight the text, tell it what size what color, where to put it..... it is very easy to use. Some examples are the editor in the Netscape Navigator, or you could go to someplace like Zdnet and search for a web page editor or HTML editor.

    Done! now what?

    After you publish your page you can 1) sit on your butt and do nothing but tell your friends that you have your own web page or 2) try to make your page one of the best on the net(harder than it sounds). If you are and individual, you will never be the best because there are many companies spending big bucks to have a great web page and they win every time.

    Making your page findable

    Once your page is on the internet, you will want to make it available to as many people as possible. First you can submit it to the top search engines on the net by visiting their web sites. If you have time and want to promote your page youself you can visit pages like this one, which lists 500 places you can list your web page on for free. If you do not have the time, you can have a company do the submissions for you. I have listed some good services below:

    There are many places to learn HTML. I have listed some below for your reference.

    cool graphics

    To make your site look better to your viewers you may want to add graphics, buttons, backgrounds etc... Below is a list of some sites where you can get these things to add to your homepage. Backgrounds, Icons, Rules and Clip Art: