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Psychotherapists want to drug your children

Psychotherapy has become a destructive cult which encourages its members to newly recall being victims of abuse and to blame parents!

last revised on August 01, 2003

Clinical psychologists now want to change the law so that they can prescribe dangerous psychotropic drugs for their clients. Apparently they want to bypass the psychiatrist or MD and obtain a piece of the lucrative pharmaceutical business while getting a quicker response from the client from the already suggestive therapy method.

Apparently it doesn't bother therapists that such drugs are poisons which affect the entire body. As we know, unproven theory and pseudoscience to a therapist is just as good as empirical science and therapist opinion is preferred over common sense and historically verifiable truth in determining reality.

Psychologists must think it no longer necessary for the doctors who prescribe drugs or who practice surgery to be required to go to medical school before being allowed to practice medicine.

Have clinical psychologists and therapists lost their minds?

We need to remember what retractors of recovered memory false abuse scenarios tell us. The combination of powerful mind-numbing drugs along with recovered memory techniques can render the client dependent, thus allowing the therapist to control that person, eventually dominating their decisions and thinking. The therapist can then manipulate their patients to do or believe anything the psychologist/therapist wants.

When psychologists are allowed to prescribe dangerous drugs such as sodium amytal or Prozac, which induce brain dysfunction, their clients will no longer need to go to psychiatrists for these medically dangerous drugs to be administered.

What happens, I wonder, should there be a serious complication or if there is an allergic reaction? Can a psychotherapist handle such a medical emergency simply by talking {or listening}to the patient?

Can a psychologist handle the very serious emergencies when a patient eventually tires of recalling ever more vile and questionable abuse memories and decides to take the entire bottle of such pills so to escape the therapy nightmare?

In Houston, an MD who watched such drugs as sodium amytal being adminstered to a therapy client told the psychologist that she had to stop such wild and crazy therapies while looking for recovered abuse memories.

That psychologist later was put on trial for malpractice. Had this therapist not needed an MD to help administer the controlled meds, there is no limit to the damage she could have done or continue to do to her patients while pursuing a therapy agenda based upon urban myth, albeit with the best of intentions.

The psychologist who was sued by her former client, successfully defended herself against her former patient by claiming the client came to her already misdiagnosed as "mental."

Apparently it is okay to continue to treat someone for a false malady if another therapist or psychologist has already made the false diagnosis.

Wonder if that works with auto mechanics also?

In my opinion, the case was lost by trying to prove the harm occured as the result of malpractice on the lunatic fringe of psychotherapy. "Expert" witnesses who support recovered memories came into the courtroom to testify that the therapy is valid and that it is being practiced all around the country. While not valid in reality, the method is common in the psychotherapy profession, and thus that tort claim failed because it was improperly defined in the claim for damages.

Because of this widespread opinion and belief both within the therapist community and without, any discussion of the harm done must speak to the heart of the matter, which is that this abominable therapy which harms marriages, families, and patient lives is no longer on the lunatic fringe, but within the therapy mainstream.

It is not just the untrained and incompetent therapists encouraging these destructive theories and methods, but also the PhD's and well respected psychologists and psychiatrists who are involved in such quackery.

This fact is evident from the growing number of formerly respected founders of the Recovered Memory therapy and MPD treatment and industry associations who having been sued have now fallen into disrepute within and without their profession. I cite two of these, former psychiatrist and founder of the International Association for treatment of MPD and Dissociation Bennett Braun. The other is well known pop psychology author Renee Fredrickson, who trained perhaps 100 therapists how to do recovered memory therapy before herself being found to be incompentent by her peers and perhaps a little crazy too.

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