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Caesar and the Gallic Wars - overview

Date B.C.E. Name / Place / Tribe Armies involved
58 Suebi cross the Rhine Suebi (Teutons), Romans
58 Mulhouse war Sequani (Gauls), Romans
58 Helvetii invade the eastern part of Gaul Aedui (Gauls), Romans, Helvetii
58 Helvetii attack Bibracte (summary) Aedui (Gauls), Romans, Helvetii
57 Belgae, near the Sambre River Belgae (Gauls), Romans
57 Sambre River war (summary) Belgae (Gauls), Romans
56 The start of the conquest of Gaul Gauls, Romans
55 Teutons, Caesar crosses the Rhine Teutons, Romans
54 The Eburones surprise the Romans Eburones (Gauls), Romans
53 Vercingetorix, southern central Gaul Arverni (Gauls), Romans
52 Avaricum war (Bourges) Bituriges (Gauls), Romans
52 Lutetia Parisiorum (Paris) Gauls, Romans
52 Gergovia, Puy-de-Dome Gauls, Romans
52 AlÚsia, near Dyon (1)
AlÚsia (2)
The Roman siege
Gauls, Romans
51 After AlÚsia  
9 C.E. The Teutoburger forest Teutons, Romans
69 C.E. The Batavian revolt Romans, Gauls, Teutons

B.C.E. = Before Christian Era (formerly known as B.C.)
C.E.    = Christian Era (formerly known as A.D.)

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