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Index Dutch Bronze Age
Index first farmers in the Netherlands

Coins from the Iron and from the Roman age

Some replicas of mainly British Celtic coins

Celtic chute type gold stater, from Ringwood hoard

Coritani gold stater, showing a horse

Coritani gold stater, South Ferriby type

Coritani silver half stater, dated to 50 B.C.E. - 10 C.E.

Cantii gold quarter stater, a lovely little gold coin

Gold fractional quarter stater, of Atrebatii tribe

Cheriton gold stater

Tasciovanus bronze stater, extremely rare 25-10 B.C.E.

Eppilus vine wreath silver stater

Durotriges silver stater, dated 45-40 B.C.E.

Iceni silver unit, minted 1 - 25 C.E.. Anted monogram.

Queen Boudicca stater, minted 60-61 C.E., Andraste

Some British coins of unknown origin:

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