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Index Dutch Bronze Age
Index first farmers in the Netherlands

Images of the past

Odoorn, about 2400 B.C.E., early Bell Beaker

Blowing a horn

Various flint tools, made by a professional Belgian flint specialist

Bodensee, Switzerland, Conical "basketry" straw hat made from bast fibres and sandal with a woven sole

Catamaran mesolithic canoo, an imaginary reconstruction

A reconstructed cooking bag, made from a cow's skin

A cooking bag, close up; it's better to fold the edge INTO the bag

Objects from a leather bag in a grave at Hvidegard, DK flint knife stiched in a bladder, bronze knife in a leather case, bronze razor in a wrapping, tail of a snake, small leather case with a jaw of a squirrel, bronze tweezers

Skinning a large rat to make a small bag (Eindhoven, 1996)

Skinning a rat (2)

A young boy, learning how to skin

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June 1998

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