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The prehistory - books and articles

What can you expect on this page?

  • Books and articles about results of prehistoric experiments.
  • Books and articles about the neolithic period (Neo)
  • Books and articles about the prehistory in general
  • Books and articles about Dutch bronzes, copper and tin (NL)
  • Books and articles about bronzes, copper and tin in other countries (F)
  • Books and articles about ancient techniques, mining, forging, etc. (T)
  • Books and articles in the following languages:
Archaeology is a dynamic science; the opinions are changing when new discoveries are made. Therefore I've decided to order this information on year and language.
The 2-letter code in front of the year is referring to an internal data base.
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"R.O.B."="Rijksdienst voor het Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek"

Literature Franais:
PM 1993: Chronique Gallo-Romaine, P.- M. Duval / mots Gauloises, monnayage, rites, techniques
JD 1990: De la prehistoire l'Atlantide des megalithes, J. Deruelle / l'Atlantide, chronique, cultures(Neo)
MG 1988: L' Europe dans l' Age du Bronze, M. Le Goffic / la metallurgy, des objects, habitation, transports, habillement, bijoux, armement, harnachement (!), musique, rligions, art rupestre, ncropoles (F),(T)
DC 1987: La village Ruban fortifi de Darion - Archologisches Korrespondenzblatt 17, D. Cahen, J.P. Caspar, F. Gosselin, A. Hauzeur / Une example nolithique d'une village Belgique de vers 5000 a.C....(Neo)

English books and articles:
tzis last meals: DNA analysis of the intestinal content of the Neolithic glacier mummy from the Alps, F. Rollo et. al. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)(Neo)
RJ 2002: How the Sungod reached America, c. 2500 BC. A Guide to Megalithic Sites, Dr. R.M. de Jonge and  J.S. Wakefield 
SR 1998: Archaeology 1998: S.I. Rotroff / Thracians
LN 1997: Early iron Production (technical report no 3 1997), L.C. Nrbach / prehistoric and Roman age experiments with iron
PB 1996: Archaeology Sept / Oct. 1996: P. Bahn / Celtic grave, Germany
WS 1996: Through nature to eternity, W. v.d. Sanden / bronze age clothes
RD 1993: The end of the bronze age; changes in warfare, R. Drews / Mediterranian weapons, "changes in warfare and the catastrophe ca. 1200 B.C. in the Eastern Mediterranian"
CB 1991: The Celts, C. Bompiani / Lepontic alphabet
FK 1991: Thracian tales on the Gundestrup cauldron, F. Kaul / Origins, date, research on the famous cauldron
NR 1991: Images of the past, N. Roymans / iron age swords, situlae, other bronzes (NL)
JB 1990: Copper and bronze working in early through middle bronze age Cyprus, J. W. Balthazar / copper-tin alloys, models (F) (T)
MR 1990: Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia, M. Roaf / cire-perdue (lost wax- method) (T)
JC 1989: People of the wetlands, J. Coles / neolithic clothing, boats, paddles (Neo)
MC 1989: Swords and hilt weapons, M.D. Coe / flint dagger, halberd, carp's tongue swords Bavaria, Middle-East (F)
BR 1988: The Egyptian mining temple at Timna (picture), B. Rothenberg / About the earliest copper mine in (pre-) history, about 3500 B.C., the making of wires in various ways (T) (F)
CS 1988: Atlas of Archaeology, C. Scarre / start of Celtic history, schools of metalworking (F)
JM 1988: The linear pottery culture: diversity in uniformity, J. Modderman / about the first farmers in prehistory (Neo)
RT 1987: The early history of metallurgy in Europe, R.F. Tylecote / all about bronze and iron from all over the world, the smith, trading, smelting, fabrication, moulding, forging, wires, swords (T) (metallurgy)
RT 1986 / 1990: The prehistory of metallurgy in the British Isles, R.F. Tylecote / Everything about copper, tin, iron and alloys, from mining to casting (T)
HS 1983: The prehistory of Germanic Europe, W. Schutz / From the paleolithic until the Celtic era, culture, bronze, gold, bronze and iron age cultures (F)(Neo)
LA 1982: Thesaurus of British Archaeology, L. Adkins / British bronzes, including many details, glass armlets, torcs, iron tools (F)
TP 1980: The Celts, T. Powell / Danish - Celtic bullshead, owlshead (F)
WS 1980: A bronze socketed axe from Wijchen, Gelderland, W. v.d. Sanden / a Dutch bronze age axe (NL)
RH 1980: The Beaker Folk, R. Harrison / Copper and anvil stones in Exloo, Ede, Roekel, Soesterberg (NL)
JC 1979: The bronze age in Europe, J. Coles a.o./ Denmark, Wageningen, Sgel / Wohlde (NL)
CB 1978: Four linearbandceramik settlements and their environment, C.C. Bakels / A paleoecological study of Sittard, Stein, Elsloo and Hienheim (Neo)
RM 1978: Introduction to the bronze age archaeology of Cyprus, R.S. Merrillees / Many details about bronzes (F)
JL 1977: Pre- and protohistory of the Netherlands, J. Lanting / A timetable of prehistoric cultures (Neo)
SP 1977: France before the Romans, S. Piggott / The history of man from the paleolithic until Roman Gaul, gallic tribes, Hallstatt, La Tne, very detailed (Neo)
GV 1975: Six iron swords in the Netherlands, G. J. Verwers / Iron La Tne swords and bronze discs (NL)
MD 1974: The celtic realms, M. Dillon / Gaulish coins, art in gold, bronze, stone (F)
HB 1973: Archeologie en historie, H. Brunsting, J. J. Butler a.o. / A bronze knife from Hardenberg, the "Jutphaas inch" (NL)
MA 1968: History of warfare, M. of Alamein / Assyrian stone slingers (Dutch stone slingers)
LA 1960: A history of metals, L. Aitchison / furnaces, moulds (F)(T))
GB 1957: The testimony of the spade, G. Bibby / North-European bronze age, rasors, ships (early iron age) (F)
HC 1956: Notes on prehistoric and early iron in the old world, H.H. Coghlan / details of pre- Roman iron tools and smelting furnaces (also for copper smelting), meteoric iron, fuels, metallurgy of iron and bronze (T)
HH 1934: The rise of the Celts, H. Hubert / timetable La Tne, languages

Deutsche Bcher und Artikeln:
AN 1998: Antike Welt 1998, A. Nnnerich-Asmus / Die Iberer werden rmisch
UH 1998: Antike Welt 1 / 1998, U. Heimberg / Romanisierung von Kelten und Germanen, "einheimische" Kulturen, Glauben, Siedlungen, auch Hoogeloon, Empel, Elst, Nehalennia, Moergestel (La Tne!), Mehrum Krieger, Bataven, Cananefaten
BS1997: The child in the Linear Pottery Culture. Evidence from cemeteries and settlements in Central Europe, Beate Siemoneit / Burial rites, child graves, Danubian culture, settlement burial -with summary in English - Order this book (Neo)
TK 1997: Antike Welt 1 / 1997, T. Kissel / der "Jochstrafe"; Scham nach der Unterwerfung
JM 1997: Antike Welt 1 / 1997, J. Marzahn / ein bronzenes Schwert aus Babylon
EF 1997: Antike Welt 1 / 1997, E. Formigli / experimenten mit Bronze in Murlo, Italin (T)
HH 1996: Experimentelle Archologie in Deutschland, bilanz 1996, H. Herditz / Bronzezeitliche Kupferminen in die sterreichische Alpen (T)
LB 1992: Der Zeuge aus dem Gletscher, L. Barfield / Das Rtsel der frhen Alpen-Europer (Neo)
AV 1985: R.O.B. berichten, A. D. Verlinde / fibulae, Almelo, Eisenzeit (NL)
HB 1985: Archologische Bronzen, H. Born / griechische Autoren ber Bronz, Giezand, deutsche Bronzezeit, Cire- Perdue (T)
HM 1983: Erze und Metalle, H. Moesta / Anfang der Metallbearbeitung, Technik, schmieden, Kupfer schmelzen, Fu-Balgen Egypte 1450 v.C. (T)
TB 1983: Antike Welt 1 / 1983, T. Bechert / germanische Vlker um 50 v.C.
AW 1977: Antike Welt 3 / 1977 / Portugal: Kupfer, Schmelzplatzen um 2000 v.C.(F) (T)
GW 1975: Antike Welt 3 / 1975, G. Weisgerber / Timna (Isral) Kupferminen, Schmelztechniken um 2000 v.C. (T)
AW 1975: Antike Welt 1 / 1975 / fibula Hallstatt I oder II (F)
AW 1974: Antike Welt ' Sondernummer' / Sehr frhe Fibula (F)
EA 1973, 1991: Die Funde der lteren Bronzezeit des nordischen Kreises in Dnmark, Schleswig-Holstein und Niedersachsen, E. Aner / mehr als 350 abgebildete Bronze-Funde (F)
JB 1963: Nordische Vorzeit (Tl.3), J. Brndsted / Sehr viele Fotos von dnische Bronzen, eine Ringbrnne aus Eisen und Blasebalgrohr aus Holz, eine Beinhlle aus Stoff (F)
JB 1962: Nordische Vorzeit (Tl.2), J. Brndsted / Sehr viele Fotos von dnische Bronzen, u.a. ein Ambo, auch eine rekonstruierte bronzezeitliche Haube ("Sprang") und groe xte, der Kessel von Gundestrup (F)
SJ 1960: Metallanalysen Europa, S. Junghans / Analysen, Zeichnungen (NL)
RP 1952: Vom geistigen Menschenbild der Urzeit, R. Pittioni / Bergbau des Kupfers (T)
HO 1939: Der germanische Schmied und sein Werkzeug, H. Ohlhaver / sehr viele Abbildungen von Werkzeugen (F) (T)
WS 1937: Altgermanische Kultur in Wort und Bild, W. Schultz / Werkzeugen (T)
MJ 1916: Die Bewaffnung der Germanen, M. Jahn / La Tne Messer aus Eisen

Location of Timna, Isral

Timna location

Nederlandstalige boeken

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