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 It gives me great pleasure to announce the initiation of the long waited for International Association of Muslim Psychologists.

The blessed decision to establish this Association came in the final meeting of the International Seminar on Counseling and Psychotheraphy from an Islamic Perspective which was sponsored by the Department of Psychology of the International Islamic University, Malaysia and the International Institute of Islamic Thought. Distinguished representative Muslim psychologists attended this seminar from a number of Islamic countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Yemen and Algeria.

The main objective of this International Islamic Association is to form an academic body for Muslim psychologists to compare notes and to cooperate in research leading to the Islamization of psychology. To achieve this, the Association will publish a biannual Journal as well as a Newsletter every three months.

The full membership of the Association is open to all those who hold an M.A. degree in psychology or its equivalent or those, who secure a B.A. Degree and a minimum experience of two years in an applied field of psychology. The affiliate membership is also open to scholars in other related disciplines of human sciences and to postgraduate student subscribers.

This letter is a sincere call from the President of the Association to all Muslim Psychologists to join by paying their annual membership fee and the journal's subscription as well as any other donations which they can offer to establish our blessed work. 1 also call upon all brothers and sisters to send their research articles for publication in our refereed Journal.

May Allah SWT bless you all.


Yours in Islam,




MALIK BADRI, Ph.D. F.B.Ps.S., Hon. D.Sc.