Extraocular Vision

If you use one of the ordinary five senses--sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste--for purposes that transcend their usual applications, you are doing something paranormal. For instance, if by touching an object you get entire messages or pieces of information that the touch of the object would not ordinarily be likely to give you, then you are having an extrasensory experience even though you are also using one of your ordinary senses.
Some individuals have the ability to "read" or to detect colors in the dark with their fingertips. This phenomenon is called extraocular vision.

Rose Kuleshova, a twnty-two-year-old Russian woman, was reported to be able to run her fingers over printed text and "read" a newspaper. She could also name colors after touching pieces of colored paper placed in opaque paper envelops. To prove this, she was tested with a spectronanomalopscope, a device used for testing color vision that generated all colors of the specitrum. Ordinarily, the person being tested puts his or her eye up to the eyepiece. rosa, however, was blindfolded, and she put her fingertip to the eyepiece. She then correctly named all the colors presented to her for indentification.

The Parasychology Foundation has conducted various investigations that have yielded additional data and identified a number of people with this ability. Those found to ahve "finger vision" were other wise normal people who merely had this additional gift, an extension of ordinary sensitivity.
If colors are a form of radiation--and most scientists will agree that they are--then there really is nothing so terribly remarkable about a person being able to register color or other radiation by touch. Aftet all, many human beings can register psychic radiation, which is a far more complex matter.
Unusual usage of the ordinary sensory organs is frequently found among those who are deprived of one of their senses, whether by nature or by accident. It is common knowledge that blind people often develop extremely acute senses of hearing or touch, for instance, and manage to perform some of the functions formerly done by this normally takes years, and the degree of alternate perception varies with the individual. However, it may be possible to accelerate the process. There is a Thai physician, Dr. Vichit Sukhakarn, who has used hypnosis to teach blind people how to see with their "inner eyes".
There is much evidence in addition to Dr. Sukhakarn's work to suggest that there is a duplicate set of eyes in the human makeup, jsut as there are duplicate organs for other functions. Since the etheric body is a complete duplicate of the physical body(although more sensitive than the physical body), it stands to reason that it contains eyes as well. According to Dr. Sukhakarn, certain areas of the head are highly sensitive to light rays when a person is hypnotized to so receive sight impressions. The left cheek is particularly sensitive to light rays. Accordingly, Dr. Sukhakarn instructs his pupils to "see" from that area. This technique works, and the doctor has been able to help many blind people to regain consciousness of the sight world.
In general, extrasensory perception tends to be greater when ordinary sensory stimuli are shut out. This conviction is behind the pracitice of yogic meditaion, and is also the underlying idea of the "witch's cradle", a device used by would-be occult prctitioners over the centuries. This is nothing more than a kind of straitjacket that deprives the user of all movement, no matter how small, and all sight and hearing, thus suspending him or her in a limbo of total quietness that allows the inner self to develop its powers freely.
There are also some stage magicians and mentalists who, although not blind, have genuin extraocular vision. A case in point was a Canadian woman known as "Lady Rhoda" Koren, who demonstrated her strange powers by driving blindfolded through the crowded streets of Ottawa one Monday morning. She supposedly discovered her "x-ray vision" when she was performing on a late-night television show as a magician, and a hood was placed over her head.
How does this work? Are those who can see through blindholds merely perpetrating a fraud, or do they have extra-sensitive eyes? I think neither explanation will fit. Some of those who truly demonstrated the ability to see while blindfolded where so closed watched that fraud was out of the question. And I do not think their eyes were any better than those of other people. However, they seemed to have a greater ability to use their counterpart eyes--their etheric eyes--and it was with that sight that they were able to perform the seemingly impossible. Lady Rhoda said that her unusual powers of sight existed only if her eyes were closed. The money she opened them, her x-ray vision was gone. This would fit my view, since shutting your eyes to all light(or as much as youare able to) is a form of closing out outside stimuli, and thus setting into motion psychic perception operating directly from the etheric, inner body--from the inside out, as it were.
Individuals who have the capacity of extraocular vision apparently have highly sensitive nerve endings in other parts of their bodies, and perceive through them. If we understand that objects, as well as living beings, all give off a form of radiation, then we can see that such reading is accomplished by making use of and interpreting this signal--much as a radio receiver intercepts, and then transforms into words, the signals emanating from a distant radio transmitter. It stands to reason that some of the most sensitive areas of the body are where most of the nerve endings are--that is, the fingertips, toes, face, and head.

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