The Four Types of Vampires

If you look in a dictionary you will find a few definition that relate to vampires. The definition of vampirism itself is interesting because it is often given as "the practice of preying upon others," or something similar. Does that necessarily have to mean preying on the blood of others? Some dictionaries go on to make that distinction, but a lot of books do not. Vampires, in reality, are those creatures who prey upon others for sustenance. The source of that sustenance, the method of obtaining it, and the need it fulfills are what distinguish the different types of vampires from each other.

Immortal Blood Drinkers

For the most part, immortal blood drinkers are the creatures we have been describing so far as "physical vampires." These vampires are the ones that are most similar to the undead found in popular fiction, although, of the several ethnic species in this category, no one particular type possesses even half the powers attributed by authors and screenwriters to their vampires. With that distinction made, the existence of immortal blood drinkers should seem more feasible, although there is a lot of evidence that seemingly supports the existence of this type of being, a lot of it is not completely convincing. For that reason, many might feel that immortal blood drinkers are the least likely type of vampire to exist. However, before you make up your mind, take into consideration the fact that their existence cannot be entirely disproved.

Mortal Blood Drinkers

Since the beginning of recorded history, common mortals have felt the need to drink blood for a variety of reasons. Those reasons range from ancient cultures' beliefs in the power of blood, especially the blood of an enemy; to a particular form of insanity, Renfield's Syndrome, which is named after the character in Dracula who is zoophagous(life-eater).

Unintentional Psychic Vampires

This is a type of vampire that most never find out about, including the vampires themselves! Unintentional psychic vampires are people who feed on the psychic evergy of other unconsciously. The reasons their bodies do so vary from case to case, but for the most part, they "feed" because they need the extra energy to survive some illness. Vampires of this type are often much older than their victims because, unfortunately, illnesses often set in as one ages. Those illnesses usually deplete a person to the point where his or her body feeds off younger individuals to remain vital. However, the unintentional psychic vampire can just as easily be a child, or within any other age group. The fact that vampires of this type feed without a victim's knowledge of their doing so makes them dangerous.

Intentional Psychic Vampires

Of the four types of vampires, the intentional psychic vampires are the ones that should be feared most. That is for two reasons: they cannot be destroyed or thwarted by any physical means(i.e., a wooden stake or a cross), and as two surveys show, about one out of five people are attacked by a vampire of this type during the course of their lives. Luckily, those attacks are rarely fatal. Intentional psychic vampires usually start out as individuals who drain other of psychic energy on purpose(occasionally under some kind of group guidance). When they master that, they move on to astrally projecting and feeding off the energy of sleeping victims. Eventually, like all of us do, those individuals die. At that time, they become earthbound entities that need to continue feeding in the previously described manner to survive; they use the psychic energy they absorb to keep their own astral bodies from decaying.

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