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          Hello there!!

          Do you think that your site deserves an award?? Lets see.....

          You MUST meet the following requirements to apply for my award:

          Family friendly.....NO pornographic sites!!
          You MUST have some content.....NO banner sites!!
          No sites that are strictly ads.....
          Your site must be easily navigated....
          and easy on the EYES!!!

          ...and, last but not least, I would really appreciate it if you would be so kind as to sign my guestbook. That way I know that you at least took a little time looking around!! Thanks!!

          I you think that your site can meet all these requirements....then PLEASE send me an email.

          Your site should be reviewed within one week of submission.....
          Once you recieve the award it must be in place within two weeks and MUST be linked back to this site!!!

          This page last updated on 27 Aug 00.