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Instructions for Quilt Block Squares

1) Please stitch one of the enclosed designs, all of which are 37 squares. I have enclosed extra patterns so everyone will have more than one choice. Each block has 2 color choices; please try to pick something that is muted or country if possible but don't worry too much about it. What I would like to do is have this bell pull in muted tones ans a companion one in bright colors to illustrate how colors are used in quilts.

2) To help make it easier I have stitched a single cross stitch every 10 squares on the cloth down the left hand side.

3) Please start your design in line with one of the rows of 5 cross stitches. Please align your edges with the square I have already stitched.

4) Please use only DMC floss, two strands for cross stitching & one for backstitching. Please make sure all your top stitches go in this direction: \\\

5) Please sign the name of the block as I have done using the alphabet I have enclosed. Choose a muted or light color thread (no ecru or white please) from the block you stitched. If possible please leave room at the end of the block name for me to add a charm, or you may add one if you like.

6) Please sign your name and state in the bottom part of the bell pull below the half cross stitches where I have already signed mine. I would like this part to be kind of random so don't worry about it being even and symmetrical as I will add to it when it comes home.

7) Also, please be sure to sign your name in ink across the pattern of the block you choose to do so there is no confusion when the project arrives at the next stitcher as to what has already been stitched.

8) Please email me when you receive this project. Also, please be sure to let the person know who mailed to you that you have received it. When you mail the project on please notify me and the person you are mailing to that it is in the mail.

9) Above all else HAVE FUN!!!

Thank you very much for stitching on my project. I hope you enjoy it. I am looking forward to stitching on each of yours as well.