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Here is where you'll find me most days - sitting in my rocker happily cross stitching, quilting or doing
redwork while watching the Red Sox play. I am a huge baseball fan and get so much stitching done
during baseball season. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Current Robins & Projects:

Looking for some inspiration? One of my favorite sites to visit is Vermillion Stitchery. If you don't know, she has been giving
away one free design per month, since 1998. They are so adorable. Go here:

click on free charts and enjoy! I have been in Round Robins with these bears as the theme.

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Please visit my eBay auctions by clicking on this link:

My items on eBay

My baseball page:

My "Most Wanted" page is designed to help locate charts and other hard to find stitching items:

My "Free Lance Stitcher" page.

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Click on the exclaimation point to visit some of my favorite stitched pieces.

Ok, now you've decided to take the plunge and join a round robin but you're stumped on what your first theme will be. We can help. Click here to visit the Theme Page:

Are you interested in joining a round robin but would like more information on just how they work?

! Click here to see the pictures:

How to Prepare Your Round Robin for Mailing - with Pictures!

Click on the TV to see some of my favorite links.

I also quilt and will be putting pictures of my quilted projects at this link.

I plan on putting new additions to the page in this area and moving them to the appropriate link after everyone has had a chance to see them. If you wish to be notified of changes to this page please sign up for the free service Netminder - the link is at the bottom of the page.

Friendship Squares Page

I want to say a deep and sincere Thank You to everyone who stitched a square for me
while I could not stitch. To view the wonderful squares I received click here:

A 6 person robin with a variety of themes. RR# 06-0799A

A band sampler robin is a robin that use towel designs, borders or other long narrow designs. You can either block a piece of cloth off in sections or send individual pieces of fabric around. For this robin I send individual pieces and when they come home I am going to make them into curtain tiebacks for my sewing room and our computer room. Click here to see the robins: RR# 12-0299A

The pictures at this link are from my first 12 person round robin. RR# 12-0598A

This 12 person robin has some great themes in it. RR# 12-0998A

An 8 person Patriotic/Red White & Blue Round Robin..

This link will take you to my robins which have come home.

A 6 person round robin with 2 months between mailing dates. RR#06-0199B

A good example of a "Single Theme" robin.

These round robin pieces were part of a 6 person robin. RR# 06-0898C

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Feed The Hungry

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Round Robins are a great way to:

  • Make new friends.
  • Expand Your Stitching Experience
  • Get those To Do Projects Done
  • Have a Personal Sense of Accomplishment