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The Ultimate Flatland Page

I HAVE A NEW PAGE NOW!!!!!!!!! !! It is much better than this one but I will still be keeping this one up and still updating it so please go visit my new one!!!! Thanx


Hey Dudes!! Welcome to Scott's Bmx Page!!I bmx!! I hate ramping and I love flatland!! I have been biking for 1 and a half years!! My page has tons of videos for you to download and watch!! Enjoy the ride!!

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My Awesome Links!!

1. Eliza's Happy Homepage A very good non bmx related site!!

2.Jareds skate page A very good skate page!!

3. Tylers page "o" Stuff A cool page!!

4. Fat Wreck Chords!! The best Punk music page on the net!!!!

5.Piercing Mildred The absolute coolest page on the net!! you can peirce, tattoo, scar... Do whatever you want to cartoon Characters.... You get ranked and you compete with other people!! You win lotsa dough to work on you characters$$$ Please go to this page and play the game for 3 weeks or more!! Thanks!!

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