In March of 1998, I attended a workshop called SACRED SCIENCE GEOBIOLOGY & EARTH ACUPUNCTURE TRAINING. Facilitated by Christan Hummel (a former FLOWER OF LIFE instructor,) the workshop taught a means to reduce pollution, decrease stress and improve personal and global health through the use of light, sound and sacred geometry.

Participants learned how to detect geopathic stress zones in the earth which have been shown to have negative effects on health and emotional/mental well-being. We were taught to identify and offset these negative zones through the use of dowsing and a process of working in harmony with the Devic Kingdom to permanently heal and transmute these harmful geopathic energies in our communities.

There were many things about this workshop that caught my attention. First of all, I had been very interested in learning the Merkaba Ascension Meditation, as taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek. I had a keen interest in Drunvalo and his work, as well as the Order of Melchizedek, in general. Drunvalo, along with an interesting fellow by the name of Slim Spurling, had successfully implemented the use of several amazing tools, developed by Mr. Spurling, in an ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING PROJECT. This was a grassroots project, that has now been extended on a global level, to heal Mother Earth.

These tools combine sacred geometry, vortex mechanics, tachion energy and the principles of resonance to clear the earth of many forms of pollution and negative harmful energies, including geopathic stress zones. The purpose of the workshop was to learn to work with these tools and become a member of the grassroots organization, doing the actual clearing work in our own community or wherever possible.

The thing that attracted me the most was the integration, by Christan Hummel, of the Deva process into the work. This was offered as a separate workshop to learn what Christan knew about working with the Devic beings. Drunvalo had been monitoring her work with the Devas in this process and was very excited and pleased with the results, as was Slim.

The work with the Devas was, by far, the most exciting part of the workshop!! This was a "hands-on" experiential field day that took place in my own community. Working with the Devas is, to me, a very sacred, wonderful opportunity that is being made available to all of us at this time!

As I have mentioned elsewhere, there has been some controversy about the legality of Christan using some of Machaelle Small Wright's information in her workshops. There may be some truth to Machaelle's claims. I do not know. I do know that neither Christan or Machaelle have legal "rights" to the Deva Kingdom. The Devas are willing to work with anyone who is in allignment with their own purpose of healing the earth and ALL, for the Highest Good!

I believe that you can discover your own way to work with the Devic Kingdom to help heal the earth. Reiki offers a very powerful way to do this. There are probably as many ways to do this work as there are willing people. INTENTION is so important in any healing work! An entire page could be written on intent.

I think it is always important to remember that no one really owns these processes. They are gifts from Spirit and I believe that we must be willing to share them with others. I also understand that there are such things as copyrights and one must be cautious not to "step on anyone's toes" in these matters.

On the day that Christan's class worked with the Devas, we successfully cleared the entire county of Alachua, FL. of all geopathic stress zones and other forms of negativity and pollution. The Devas were obviously with us and were very pleased to offer their help in the work that we were attempting to accomplish! Christan gave full credit to the Perelandra LTD. work, where due, and she recommended Machaelle's garden workbook for a complete study of Machaelle's process of working with the Devas to heal the earth. All workshop members also purchased and continue to use Perelandra's own Soil Balancing and Stabalizing Kit, which means a profit for Perelandra, Machaelle's own company.

In the workshop, we learned how to permanently transmute negative earth stresses into positive life energy by working with the Deva Kingdom. We learned how to call upon the Devas to create the energy of one of Slim's Sacred Geometry tools, the Harmonizer, without actually using the tool itself. Drunvalo had said that the Merkaba was like the harmonizer tool and that the same effect could be accomplished without the tool, using the Merkaba field with the proper understanding. To me, this was very exciting news!!

The group also learned how to communicate with the Devas and how to connect them into the Christ-Consciousness Grid by creating "Standing Buddhic Columns of Light."

Connecting to the Devic Kingdom was, for me, simply amazing work. I had always been aware of the Devas. Learning this simple "technique" made them all the more real for me. Our workshop group had a wonderful day, traveling throughout the county creating Buddhic Columns, connecting the major Devas of the United States to the ones in our area; setting up a communications link via a five- pointed star of Christ Light. One of the more exciting areas that we cleared was Paynes Prarie, a nature preserve which was once a battleground for the Florida Indian Wars.

The members of our group went on to create a statewide network to clear the Everglades and eventually, all of Florida. One of our major contributions was to help extinguish the wildfires of 1998 along the east coast of the state. After unsuccessfull attempts by firefighters to control the fires, the members of our group, with the help of the Devas and others, using the workshop teachings, were able to clear the area. The fires were brought under control within 12 hours and many people were able to return to their communities after having been evacuated days earlier.

One of the things that I remember about the workshop was something that Christan had said that Drunvalo mentioned. He said that using this technique, working with the tools and the Devas, we could bring back the pristine condition of the entire planet to what it was one thousand years ago, in approximately one years time! Imagine!

The main purpose of the workshop is to empower the members to do earth healing in any area where they feel the need exists. A small group of workers can heal a huge area of the earth, quickly and easily.

Below you will find links to the official home page describing the tools and this work, including updated information on its ongoing success around the world to heal the earth. Also listed is a link to Drunvalo's personal homepage. Enjoy!

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