CAUTION! DISCLAIMER! This plant is highly toxic and can KILL you. People frequently DIE from it, mostly teenagers mistakenly thinking of it as a harmless legal high, which it ISN'T. The problem with using this plant is that alkaloid content varies greatly among species, even within the same plant depending on time of day and season. Plants of the same species can vary widely in alkaloid fractions and amounts, depending on environmental conditions. The following is merely presented in order to further the understanding of some of the physical and mental effects of this plant.

Definition of Terms

Please Note!
(1)Through personal experimentation, some of datura's effects are becoming obvious. First, datura's effects, from the stage of physical intoxication (see below) onward, generally last 24 hours, and at larger doses may last several days. What this means is that ingestion of a low dose doesn't mean duration will be short.
Even at doses where hardly any effect was noticed, effects WERE surprisingly noticed the next day. Even at larger doses, effects may only become manifest the next day. This ties in to datura's relationship with sleep, which tend to kick in the effects.
(2)The classification below places physical symptoms before intoxication. At lower doses, there may be mental changes without physical symptoms.
(3)The foremost physical symptom seems to be an increasingly dry mouth. You may wake up during the night with an uncomfortable dryness. This dryness affects not only the mouth, but the nasal cavities and throat, so that swallowing may be painful.
The next most common symptom is increase in heart rate. At lower doses, this increase may only be noticed when the body is put into action. Your heart rate may be normal while you're sitting or walking, but as soon as action is taken, like running or playing hacky sack, the heart pounds harder, and in larger doses, faster. Also, larger doses may generate fast heart beat even at rest. EXCERCISE CAUTION EVEN AT LOW DOSES REGARDING PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. Dilated pupils doesn't occur at low doses, except if applied directly to the eyes.
(4)The most common mental effect is light-headedness. There may be giddiness and other deliriant effects, such as confusion. Thoughts seem to come faster, sometimes at breakneck speeds. Delirium generally produces anxiety and physical discomfort. (on top of datura's other possible painful physical effects). Contradistinctively, a profound sense of relaxation is possible at lower doses. Drowsiness usually takes over a few hours into the experience, sometimes so strongly that a state of pseudo-exhaustion happens. There may be lucid dreaming at this point, or a state of semi-consciousness where sleep and waking interlace.
(5)Closed-eye visions may occur at low doses, and last several days.

PS: Physical Symptoms.
This category includes dilation of pupils, drying of oral and nasal cavities, flushing of skin and increased temperature, and increased heart rate. It does not include alterations in bodily co-ordination, alterations in ability to speak, or any sizeable alterations of mental or emotional state(s). It could possibly, of course, present danger to someone with problems in those areas. (maybe heart attack, dehydration, etc.; respiratory failure has also been reported)

PhysI: Physical Intoxication
This category may include effects noted in PS. It includes bodily unco-ordination, dizziness, light-headedness, unprovoked laughter, anxiety, slight difficulty commmunicating effectively, and a feeling of drunkenness. We are approaching changes to the mental or emotional state at this level. This does not include out-of-body experiences, hallucinations or radical changes to relationship of one to one's environment. At this level, one is not incapacitated by the delirium.

SI, I, and ProlI: Short Intoxication, Intoxication, and Prolonged Intoxication
This category may include everything from the above categories (PS and PhysI).
This category is devided in 3 by a timelength factor. If these effects occured for only a few hours or less, they fit into SI. If these effects lasted until the next waking day, or for less than 12 hours, they fit into I. If these effects last longer than 12 hours, including up to several days (which is common with larger doses), they fit into ProlI.
This category includes significant changes in perception of space and time, visual, auditory or other types of hallucinations or visions, intensified dreams or a blurring of lines between dream and waking time, significant changes in perception of walking (such as wobbling legs or leaning of the body towards the ground), out-of-body experiences, entire shift into another "physical" dimension, encounters with people who "aren't there", reliving of past events, shift in perceived relation of one to one's environment (such as melting into anything, becoming One with the Whole, or feeling alienated from everything), or other experiences related to delirium.

This category may include any effects from the above categories (PS, PhysI, SI, I, ProlI) Reaching this category, one should get their motherfucking ass to a hospital, or in the case of the impossibility of this (such as unconsciousness, coma, or respiratory as well as cardiac arrest), have your sitter call an ambulance or get you to a hospital. Someone in this category has a good chance, or a perceived good chance, of dying. Effects in this category are: a resting heartrate higher than 180 bpm, cardiac or respiratory failure, and seizures. Although some may debate this, upon fainting or unconsciousness, your sitter should get you to a hospital. There's no way of knowing whether you're just tripping, or if your experiencing a coma...so that's my advice for that. The plant is still legal anyway, so don't worry about that.

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