UFO/Extraterrestrial Links: Nonsense or Fact?
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UFO/Extraterrestrial Links: Nonsense or Fact?

Let's Examine the Evidence

About me

Hi. I am a scientist with a great interest in science fiction and the potential existence of intelligent alien life forms. I have a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. My particular areas of scientific expertise are growth factor biology, oncology, and signal transduction biology. The thing which strikes me as most interesting from the objective point of view is the implants. They represent the only potential objective evidence that anything is happening, even though you can make a strong "circumstancial case" with reports alone. If you run across someone with an "implant", I would be interested in doing biochemical analysis of the surface of the implant, before the pathologist destroys the potentially biologically active substances on it. In Derrell Sims "analysis" of the implants, his pathology report says "there appears to be new neuronal outgrowth to the implant", which suggest something in/on the implant can cause new neuronal outgrowth(note:which normally does not happen in adults) However, standard preparation of a specimen from the pathologists' standpoint (i.e., fixation with formaldehyde)would destroy any potentially interesting biological molecules on the surface.If there is an "engineered growth factor" on the surface of the implant, and I can purify even a few picograms of it off the surface it is possible I could: 1)deduce the DNA sequence that coded it(i.e., since each amino acid is coded for a by a specific subset of DNA nucleotides called a "codon"), and search for it in families that suffer from abduction. If the sequence is different enough from any thing we make naturally, it would be evidence that abductees have been modified. However, I should note that just because "they" are putting a small "package" of this substance in the abductees with implants, doesn't mean they would have altered them to produce this stuff from their own cells, which would make detecting a genetic change in the abductees not work. So, my suggestion is just a stab at finding some physical evidence that would connect it all; 2)make an antibody to the "peptide" sequence of the engineered growth factor so we could screen the blood of abductees for the presence of the same growth factor. Again, it would be objective evidence that these abductees have been tampered with. These suggestions are a bit crude, but if you run into an X-ray confirmed implant, it would be interesting to try to settle this question of abduction permanently.


I would like to discuss UFO related subjects with others interested in rational study of potential extraterrestial artifacts. I am not a true believer, but I would be interested in collaborating on work with materials claimed to be of alien manufacture.

Email: mbioae@showme.missouri.edu
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