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Last Updated:DEC.09.00

Some people might or might not care about me, but if your here you must care some:) The picture you see above is an old picture of me and my fiance`. Ok so here I go cause I know your life would be a bit less complete without this!


January 5, 1980 Yes I'm a Capi.

I was born and raised in Orlando Florida


5'4 101 pounds

short blonde hair

blue eyes

Sorry guys I'm happily engaged to!

Fav. Songs

Wild Horses By: The Sundays

Near You Always By: Jewel

Bloody Kisses By: Type O Negative

Caught a Lite Sneeze By: Tori Amos

It's Oh So Quiet By: Bjork

Fade Into You By: Mazzy Star

Fav. Shows

Dawson's Creek

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Fav. Movie

The Crow

or any Pooh movies

Fav. Colors




Fav. Cars

Toyota Celica


Dream Car

Hemi Cuda


Purple velvet swirl interior

blue neon

And of course a nice system inside with lots of thump!!

Fav. Stores




Pomeranian: Heatherbear's Starlite Surprise

Calico Cat: Patches

Sugar Glider: Furby

My Fav. Belongings

all my Pooh stuff

all my beanies { total of 50+ }

and my green plaid cotton Cargo pants that I got at 579

My Personal Look On Love

Don't go looking for love, love will find you

The first time falling in love is for practice

The second time falling in love is for LIFE

If you let the second one slip away, your not meant to fall in love.

HeatherBear's Wonderful Land Of Pooh, Making Surfing Easier

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