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FINALLY UPDATED... a bit... about bloody time :-)
Wow!! abit more of an update..... the sites not mega flash, but hopefully its informative. Show quality gems are nice, but i also cater for plane jane gems, like to see your car on the web? then email me some pix, but, i can be a bit slow at putting em up :)

Welcome to SPLATTS' Gemini World.

Please wait for the pictures to load, you will be GLAD you did!!!

The cover to the Wheels magazine, when the Gemini was first released in 1975.
FIRSTLY!! welcome to Splatts' GEMINI WORLD, I hope you like what you see while here, although I dont update this site as much as I used to, I still keep a watch for interesting new stuff to place here. Im looking for some pix of american chevettes, pontiac t1000's and buick opel by isuzu's, if you can help, email them to

Although I currently dont own one, this page is dedicted to the only Holden I have ever TRULY loved, the Holden Gemini. The Holden Gemini was based on the General Motors "T" car, the world car of the 70's, meaning that it was to be re-named and re-developed to suit every country in the world. In Japan it was the Isuzu Gemini, In the US it was a Buick Opel by Isuzu, a Pontiac t1000, and a Chevrolet Chevette, In Brazil it was a Chevrolet Chevette, and the Chevy 500 ( a small gemini utilty! ), In England, it was a Vauxhall Chevette, and in Germany it was known as the Opel Kadett, believed to be the grand daddy of all the "T" series cars, I have slso learned recently of the korean version, the Daewoo Maepsy.

Here in Australia, the gemini only came with one petrol engine, the Isuzu g161 sohc 1584cc 4cylinder, or a 1800cc 4cyl diesel. A common trick is to transplant the Isuzu Rodeo/Jackaroo G180 or G200 Sohc engines, which are a bolt in swap. Many people now, who like the Geminis' styling , but find it difficult to get breath taking performance ( its not that difficult, just a little expensive ) are turning to Mazda Rotary engines, especially turbos, as it costs less than a fully modded 2 litre, goes better and is nicer to drive in traffic.

George sent me in some pix of his Gem, looked pretty swish before the accident, hope you get it fixed!!! I never realised Gems had such good crumple zones! :) ** the badge under the pix looks vaguely familiar :)

Scott also sent me some pix of his pride n joy... Thanks dude!

John from england Emailed me this pic of his Vaxhall Chevette hatch, it is a GEMINI that Australia never got, immagine the cool TG hatch you could make outa one of these!!!! .

I have owned many cars, ( 21 in 11 years! ) and I have not found any as addictive as the Holden Gemini, I have known many people who have sold Gems to buy larger cars, and found themselves craving for another Gemmy!

Also, If you see any pix here from other sites, I may have STOLEN them, and I am sorry, but I have to get some input from somewhere! I must thank The Isuzu car club of Australia for letting me pinch some of theirs! Check their site out after you are done here, there is a link at the bottom of this page :-)

NEIL from America sent me pictures of his BUICK OPEL coupe!! its got a chev 2.8 v6 in it, a scoop from a mustang and a dash from a chevy Vega, cant wait to see it when its done!!!

ADAM sent in pics and a description of his SWEET Wagon !!!

My name is Adam DeRose, I am the owner/builder of a 1978 Holden TD Gemini Wagon. I must point out that the car has been built on a tight budget of less than $15,000, with all work carried out in the backyard by my father and I. I have also had great success in terms of earning trophies at recent major car shows as well - with all trophies being earned through a judging process. I have recently completed (I guess u never really "complete") the build up of my car, which was intended to be ,and still is, my everyday drive car. As a basic rundown: the car was purchased as a running wreck. It was fully chemically stripped and a series of extensive body mods performed. These include a custom steel spoiler front and rear, TR Magna indicators, VL Commodore door handles, no key locks, removal of side window centre pillar (one piece side windows) and recessed number plate into the rear pan with a keyless entry tailgate. The car was then painted in a blue pearl over black 2k. The entire car has also been seem welded. The trim has recieved a pair of 96 Celica seats, custom door trims and all has been trimmed in grey velour. Also a pair of retractable seatbelts replace the original rears. The accessories include the usual momo etc etc. Stereo consists of a Clarion deck, Clarion 6 disc changer, JBL 12", Boss 2 channel, 6" pioneer powerblade's front and 6" alpine 2ways rear. I have tried to keep the trim simple and neat with few colours while trying to obtain a "new car" feel. Steve from Cartech was called upon for the new mechanicals. A 2 litre block was purchased, as was a big valve 1800 head and these sit in a fully detailed engine bay. The bottom end was bored 40 thou, number 1 had to be sleeved. The rod bolts were then resized, and the pistons replaced with ACL Duralites. ACL also suplied the rings and bearings. The whole lot was then balanced. The head needed some welding here and there and was then sent off to Bob Sherry. He was cautious with his die grinder for fear of thin walls but was pleased when a final figure of 160 Hp was gained and a air speed of 301. The manifolds were also match ported. With flow figures in hand, Steve sat down on the desk top engine analyser and played with cam profiles. The best one for drivability vs power was a crow who also supplied the double valve springs. 284 deg duration and 425 thou lift. The block had been decked and the head also refaced so compression was a bit high - especially when fitting the 1800 head. Around 10.1 was the final figure which meant AVGAS for fuel. The carby of choice was a 34 ADM Weber off of a leaded XF. Overall power is 107Kw @ 6000rpm @ the flywheel. Wheels are 15x6.5 Auscar, polished, with Goodyear F1 tyres all round. I have had good success at recent shows. From 2 shows I have 4 trophies. Small Car Sunday 2000 saw the car earn a spot in the "Top 25 Judged" category. Of late, the Extreme Horspower Supershow in Adelaide was held in November. This show saw the car earn a spot in the "Top 30 Elite" class, "Top Van/Wagon" and "Top Small Car". Other contenders for some of these awards include cars such as Gary Myer's Mustang and Al "Bundy" Lucas' wild HQ Monaro. I have attached a photo of the car at the recent Super Show. For further detail, pictures and notes on the entire build up of the wagon please visit my website @

Bobby Haigh sent me pix of his beast!

This car belongs to Bobby Haigh, its a Tf Gemini, it doesnt just look good, its got a mazda rotary engine!! .

it looks like it was supposed to be there doesnt it!!! Great job Bobby!!.

This car Has a 2 Litre Izuzu Piazza engine and is owned by Simon Hatcher.

This is a 1988 Model Japanese Hatch ( lotus enhanced ). These rockets have the same engine as the new Lotus Elan!!! Ballsy twincam 1600's.

This this is what my old green coupe looks like now, it belongs to my friends, Mick and Chenoa.

Barry Jackson emailed me his GEMINIS', and Click HERE to see how cool they are!!!!!.

Pictures of my cars, my mates cars, and some that were emailed to me.

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This is a Daewoo Maepsy!!!

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